Remember Sean Gillespie? In April 2004, he threw a Moltov cocktail at Temple B’nai Israel in Oklahoma City.

It turned out to be a bad idea. The synagogue’s security camera saw all, and he was charged with various crimes such as carrying a firearm during a crime of violence, damaging a building used in interstate commerce and having an unregistered destructive device. (Muffti particularly liked that last one). If that weren’t bad enough, Sean made things worse by attempting to send a letter to the synagogue, explaining that one of his motives was causing a holy war. His sentence is a whopping 39 years.

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  • 39 years? That’s 13×3. That’s the Jews getting together with the Christians. It’s a NEOCON driven conspiracy!

    And apparantly it’s not his fault. Damn Jewish caucus running the judiciary.

  • How can a temple be a building of interstate commerce? What are they, transferring donations from temple to temple?

    And secondly, what kind of destructive device DO you register?

  • So, this retard who threw the cocktail, he sent the letter afterwards? Why? Why in the hell would you do something like that and then bring attention to yourself? What happened to the good ol’ days of hiding beneath a sheet and burning crosses in someone’s yard before running off before someone saw you?! Is the median IQ of ignorant haters dropping?

    Oh, and I loved reading that link that Jason posted, but it did take away whatever faith I had left in humanity to have half a brain.