Large social gatherings combined with nuptial induced social-anxiety disorder and an open bar are a dangerous combination. The closer the friend, the more I drink at their weddings. If I was a more mathematically inclined person, I could probably figure out a formula, but it’s suffice to say I was properly smashed at Simone’s wedding (so were most people actually, blame the assortment of good imported scotch).

Simone, my real life Penny Lane, the talented writer, with whom I have crashed while homeless so many times they started calling me the fourth roommate, the only person I know who can appreciate and laugh at the natural drama of life as much as I do, who almost wore fairy wings to her wedding, has up and got herself hitched.

I was so sad to see her go, but if the past few days is any indication, I think she and her rockin new husband Yoni Liss (of the JReport) will still be the funny dramatic, hilarious party people I love (they are taking their honeymoon in Amsterdam, after all).

As hard as my friends getting married, is I love the informality of Israeli weddings. Almost always outside under the stars, with hand made wedding dresses that cost a few hundred dollars, guests wear sandals and nice but not fancy clothing, assigned seats are rare and wedding crashers are expected, cause at the end of the day, everyone here is family. At a fraction of the cost of American goyisha style weddings and 10 times the simcha (from what i’ve experienced) there’s just nothing like it, even when The Grateful Dead is half the music set.

So Simone and Yoni, here’s wishing you the biggest biggest mazel tov in the world. Mamish a gevalt, you guys are the best, mamish.

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Laya Millman


  • Mazel Tov! I don’t really know Yoni so well, but Simone is Awesome, and if she’s any indication, this couple is going to do some great things for all of Am Yisrael and have a lot of fun at the same time.

    May we all, even you Laya, merit to meet our B’Sharit, and have the intesity of relationship that I know these two must have had. (Laya, you’ll get to “pounce” your guys someday too.)

  • Wow. So nice. Laya thanks so much! You are welcome at our house anytime (but no longer to sleep over, sorry! 😉 ) anyway i’m realy suppossed to be working now so i’ll go. ps. who is purim hero again?

  • it broke my heart to miss the wedding (sniffle) you kids have fun now, you hear (~sob~ aw..)

  • I’m the guy from Bat Ayin who never knew that your brothers, who I new from Har Sinai (NCSY) had a sister, but recognized you non the less, some 2 years ago.

  • LAYA FOR CHAIR of the wild new Jewlicious Wedding on the Beach Initiative! She really has the feel. With her charm, lining up funding will be no problem. Who could refuse her anything?

    Goal 1: Jews should get married and have babies.
    Goal 2: Diaspora money should flow into Israel.

    Bang! That was the starter’s pistol. Go, Laya.

    (There is Socialist Zionism, Secular Zionism, Religious Zionism, and every other kind of Zionism. How about Romantic Zionism?)

  • As you know i can totally relate and this post made me love you more than i already did…thought it was impossible, huh? I cant wait to see you all and to yoni and simone MAZAL TOV!

  • So purim hero, of course I know who you are! But i wasn’t sure if this was your e-mail now. thanks for the blessings. God bless to all!

  • The old lady in the background is beautiful, too. What a wonderful picture.

  • well mazal tov to simone funny how you hear these things sometimes , i look at jewlishious once in a while after i was reffered by leah once while passing her in the street . she is def a great girl .
    mazal tov again and hi
    moshe feifer

  • I just had shabbos dinner with Simone’s parents. They deffenetly were still elated a couple of weeks later… They both send their love…