Hey it’s almost 5 am. And I just found this California yid band called Netzer. They have a track called Mayim (yeah THAT Mayim) done in a Thrash Punk/Reggae/Jewish Rock style. I dunno. Maybe it’s the odd hour or whatever, but this cover is strangely compelling. Especially the Reggae part. Listen to it by clicking here. Dude’s photo-rich Web site is here. Check out their concert pics!

UPDATE: The guy whose Web site this came from is a messianic Jew. Thus I no longer feel I have to hold my tongue. This track is the biggest piece of crap ever. So crappy in fact that it had to be shared with the world. Please feel freeto heep scorn upon Jews for Jesus and this awful, awful track.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • First of all, dude seems to be phonetically making up the words. Mayim mayim bessessoo. Part of the reggae section reminds me of some NCSY bands I’ve heard back in the day, with some lead singer who couldn’t sing on key–or who deliberately sings off-key to make some sort of musical counterpoint. Other than that, “great” cover.

  • That was absolutely the worst shit I have listened to in a long time. AWFUL.

    Jobber is right: what a waste of time -jeez.

    Good shabbes people -cheers.

  • Well everyone seem to dislike this one but I think it’s fun to mix punk and holy 🙂
    Shabbat shalom from a french punk orthodox

  • CK, Muffti is worried about you. If you find this shit compelling in anyway, you clearly are either on drugs (and not good drugs) or you are simply delirious. Either way, sleep it off, dude.

  • muffti – what would you have me do? There was no way I could let this thing slide – I HAD to share it! Heh heh hee …. and people? Try to be nice ok? These are all really good kids.

  • Well as we all know, good kids don’t always make good musicians…

  • Something about poorly done hebrew reggae and punk is really endearing. Perhaps it’s just knowing that he’s putting out the happy-jew vibes, regardless of the voice, the guitar, or the work on drums and poor pitch/tempo/musicianship. Yeah, rock on jews!

  • Well, there’s Christian rock, adn there’s Jewish rock — so I guess it makes sense that people are making Jews-for-Jesus rock.

  • CK, I’m glad you shared it. Because (like drinking alone) if you were holed up, listening to this on repeat all day long, that would not be healthy.

    Yes, these guys get a “good show, chaps” from the more British side of me. Besides, there’s a real need in music for more Anthrax-meets-Marley-meets-Sex Pistols-meets-kibbutz. And now, back to the countdown…

  • CK or any other Montrealers, I want to plan to drive up to Montreal for US thanksgiving weekend at the end of November, is there usually heavy snow then ? Or normal fall weather dry?

  • I, too, was alarmed until I checked out dede’s link which revealed this band to be punks for Jesus. Big sigh of relief. But as Jews by birth, I still find it alarming that their parents didn’t spring for better music lessons.

  • Most of our other songs are typical hard rock, but people really like Mayim when we play it live. How did you find my blog CK? I don’t really publicize it.

  • Here’s what I think is funny: you hated the song so much, yet didn’t mention it UNTIL you found out that “Dude” has different beliefs than you. If you really thought the song sucked, you would not have advertised it, without criticizing it in the first place; you even said it is “compelling.” Whether it is the late hour or not, that is what you thought. You shouldn’t criticize a song just because the people in the band have different beliefs than you, considering there is not one single thing about Jesus in that song. I would also like to point out that there is no link to “Dude’s” blog on the Netzer web site, so you obviously went out of your way to read more about “Dude.” If you didn’t care at all, you would not have spent so much time on that.

  • I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU GUYS SAY, I LOVE THIS BAND, REGARDLESS OF THAT ONE TRACK, if you listen to the other songs, or hear them live, your opinions will change

  • Ouch, you guys are harsh. True, the track was a bit lacking, but kudos to the guys for tryin. I think I’ll stick to Matisyahu and The Makkabees for my Jew fix though.

  • Yeah Jami. You’re right. Netzer totally rocks. They’re awesome and the only reason I was mean was because they are Jews that love Jesus. Other than that tho, wooo momma!

    Uh… yeah.