it\'s all \'bout the benjaminsBahrain, anxious to join the WTO and under pressure from the US dropped out of the general boycott on Israeli goods It wasn’t much of a sacrifice since Bahrain is a rather small (680,000) nation. Furthermore, by the lights of economists (such as Doron Peskin), the ‘ban’ is a bit of a farce:

Israeli goods are entering the Persian Gulf in any case, and the boycott is not being applied if there is no “Made in Israel” tag on the goods…The authorities there are well aware of this, but they prefer to turn a blind eye.

Maybe we should tag our products ‘Made in the Homeland of Your Zionist Enemy Using The Blood Of Your Babies’ and see if they slip through the net.

Economics is one thing, however, and symbolism another. The move was immediately criticized by (aptly named) the Society for Resisting Normalization with the Zionist Enemy. But with a name like that, good luck! In any case, the trend as far as boycotts go look to be in the direction of ‘normalization’. While the Saudis steadfastly refuse to drop the ban. United Arab Emirates and Kuwait are both pondering the consequences of dropping the ban. Muffti is happy for that; though he supposes in the end that it’s a bit sad that it’s alway about the benjamins.

Hat tip to Kenny. Source: Globes.

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  • You mean you didn’t have a suitcase of money just lying around to take a photo of? You ARE Jewish, aren’t you?!

  • B: Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Turkey?
    T: Sure Bahrain, but how would I get into the suitcase if it was already on the airplane?
    B: No you idiot… We import Israeli merch for the sole purpose of getting in bed with the infidels, and then when they least expect it, we Try To Take Over The World!
    T: Troz!

    They’re Turkey, Turkey and Bahrain-rain-rain-rain-rain-rain-rain-rain…

    (for those of you who don’t get it, click here)

    But how long until they start importing “Drive The Jews Into The Sea” stearing wheel covers?

  • GM: “Made in the Homeland of Your Zionist Enemy Using The Blood Of Your Babies” sounds fantastic; it’d be worth a gazillion bucks just to see the reaction!

  • That’s great – but everything in Israel is now made in Turkey, Jordan, or China.

    Including the Israeli flag I purchased this last Yom Ha-Atzmaut.

    Oh, and the brass Hanukkah menorah – my guess is India.