We’re doing it again


You know the deal, if you are Jewish, between 18-26 and have never been to Israel before on a peer based trip, we’ll take you to Israel for 10 days, for free.

Not only is that a helluva good deal (your bubbie would be proud) but you get to do it with us, your Jewlicious bloggers, and IsraelExperts. Do we really need to convince you further?

Registration is now open.
Do it now.

(this trip is a gift from Taglit-birthright israel.)

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Laya Millman


  • As a survivor of their previous Birthright extravaganza, I can personally attest to the fact that Laya and Dave sold us all to Israeli sex industry slavers and cackled gleefully while doing lines of cocaine off deep dishes of creamy hummus.

    Um, what I’m trying to say is, you couldn’t pick better madrichim. And if you try, Dave will beat you up.

  • michael, ixnay on the ocainecay ummus-hay, and besides, some of you made a little extra money working the streets. Where’s the gratitude? sheesh.

  • ah, well now that makes sense. now, someone talk about birthright!

  • I’ll talk about birthright.

    I’m finally going. Doing the Winter All-Alberta trip. Kinda lame, but it’s what the J-Crew is doing up here. CK and Laya, I expect to have the pleasure of running into you at the big event like litui (Aron) did. Put a Jewlicious face to the Jewlicious blog.

    And, I hope this trip feels like an actual vacation, as opposed to an emotional recharger like Israel was after the MOTL. Speaking of which, shouts out to Coast To Coast. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Hummus!

  • i’m doing the madrich retreat thing up at cbb this weekend, all the canadian staff, as well as some israeli and cuban madrichim will be there, total, about 130 ppl. should be loads of fun.
    the question is though, why didn’t they send us canadians to cuba for the retreat?!

  • Laya and Dave kick ass! I have been trying to think of a way that more articulatly describes them and the trip- but that did it most bluntly and truthfully. It is life changing. I learned so much…from my fellow indentured prostitutes after they sold us out for their hummus fix…it was great!

  • I hope ck and laya sell twice as many young Jews and Jewesses into slavery this trip…

    But I have to say that I prefer to take my cocaine as a seasonal spice, sprinkled atop a lovely lafah full of felafel with a little bit of harif sauce…

    Let the media blitz continue!

  • Would Jewlicious Birthright like to come visit us at our little Obstacle To Piece? Our village/settlement hosts many groups – we are well-situated to show the geographical relationship between the West Bank and the coast.

    – and I’d love to finally meet y’all.

  • While that may indeed be interesting for the chilluns, Birthright has a strict “no shtachim” policy.

  • I second Amy’s praise! Birthright with Dave & Laya was an awesome experience, and if they manage to get Ronny as the tour guide again it’s guaranteed to be very informative and very humorous, even if there are never pictures posted to prove the trip happened… ( I had planned to drop it Dave, but figure this was my chance for one last shot…).

    Anyway, if anyone is thinking about going on the Birthright trip or specifically the Jewlicious trip and wants to talk to someone who has been feel free to email me at [email protected]

  • themiddle you are so slow! i was waiting for that hello poland for a week in warsaw. i couldnt wait anymore and moved under the blue star.

  • I’m signed up, registered if you will…I have my interview on the 18th. Wish me luck, and ck if you could put a good word in with the good folks at Israel Experts i’d be grateful, very much so!

  • Elon – No need to worry about the interview… it’s just basically a recap of the application, over the phone. I kept waiting for the touch questions and they never came.

  • Elon, yup, as long as you fit the guidelines you should be fine. One piece of advice- keep a journal. I kept putting it off because there was always something to do. But there are so many experiences and memories that you will never want to forget…or at least ever let fade. And like Stacy said, if anyone has any questions from a past participant feel free to drop me a line…of coke… no, no, or about Israel. [email protected]

  • ck, i’m signed up for the Jewlicious trip, there was never any question about that. Depending on the dates of the trip, I am still REALLY trying to extend my trip so maybe as the time gets close we can continue our conversation of a month or so ago.

    stacy,amyb- thanks for the advice.

  • Is this Winter birthright? Elon, you’re invited to wherever I wind up staying in Jerusalem if you extend your trip and need a place to stay.

  • wow , would love a 26 and over Birthright Israel trip or are we all called chaperones ?

  • Michael,
    I truly appreciate the offer and if I am able to extend my trip without losing my job i will take you up on it! Also, i remember you stayed in Israel after your trip for a while, if you have any tips on planning i’d be grateful for them..the email is [email protected]. thanks again.

  • Ck, Laya,

    I don’t know if this is a mistake or what not, but IE seem to have already cancelled the Jewlicious trip?!?! According to the site
    here. I hope this isn’t the case.

  • IsraelExperts has not cancelled the trip. The trip dates will be confirmed once we recieve additional flights from ELAL and birthright. All participants will still be considered for trips on a first come basis. See you soon in Israel.

  • I still have not seen the pictures but the trip was fun except for Dave he smells but at least he killed jesus.