everything is illuminatedIn order to help promote the Warner Independent Pictures film Everything is Illuminated, which opened this past weekend, I have 3 very sweet Everything is Illuminated prize packs. Each pack contains one copy of the novel by Jonathan Safran Foer, one CD of the official film soundtrack featuring songs by Eugene Hutz’s critically acclaimed gypsy punk rock band ‘Gogol Bordello,’ a movie t-shirt and a handy dandy travel pouch.

So what do you have to do to get your paws on this sublime swag? Simple! See, in the book, Jonathan Safran Foer has this thing for collecting tchochkes (stuff in Yiddish). What we’d like to do is collect some digital tchochkes. Send us your most Jewlicious photo (whatever the hell that means) and we’ll award the prizes to our three favorites! Send photos to jewlicious @ with “illuminate me” in the subject line- good luck! And go see the movie and/or read the book! Winners will be announced in one week.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Aw man – do I have to submit rules and stuff? Can I enter?? I’d love some of that swag myself, especialy since my deadbeat x-roomate made off with my copy of the book … oy. Everyone is elligible ok? Except for friggin me. Sheesh.

  • I think Laya should be disqualified too, beccause she’s semi-professional as a photographer and because you’re co-founders.

    Did you know that sometimes, when people want stuff and have upcoming birthdays, they create this exotic thing called a “wish list” with Amazon?

  • Gogol Bordello?! Okay. Now i’m pissed. I had a chance to see Everything is Illuminated for free last night and didn’t go due to immense work guilt. If I had known GB was doing the music….Eugene Hutz is amazing.

    Anyway, haven’t read the novel yet, but can recommend the one by Froer’s wife, Nicole Krauss, called The History of Love.

  • I hung out with Gogol Bordello last fall back in New Orleans. They were kinda weird. But I suppose I should have expected that from Russian Gypsy Jewish Israeli punks.

  • Well you all know me…. Mention the word “bordello” and I get excited.
    Anyways, check this link out. I think that it should be filed under “slutlicious” or perhaps under “entrepreneurlicious”

  • Hot!

    I’ve entered the contest, but already own the book. It’s simply amazing, a truly must-read, and that’s why I’m not seeing Schreiber’s adaptation, because frankly, I don’t think it can cut it. There’s no way I won’t be sitting there, comparing the film to Foer’s novel, and from the reviews–which haven’t been outstanding–I think I can just skip this one out…But sheesh, a travel bag? 🙂 Does it come with a small, sick travel flashlight that shows you the way to your hostel when you’re intoxicated?

    I so wanna be illuminated…

  • Um…this is kind of complicated. Let’s see. Last year, I lived with a very good friend of mine. Sometime in October, I think it was, this friend had a visitor: the girl who had, the previous year, shall we say, caused him to become initiated in the ways of the woman, a fascinating young lady with a variety of nicknames, including “Hoover” (so-named for her propensity to leave terrifying hickies) and “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em” (so-named for her propensity to punch people she didn’t like in public). Anyway, in addition to the carnal pleasures, she had introduced my friend to Gogol Bordello, who I came to be familiar with as “that band that sounds like nightmare carnival music sung in an unknown half-Slavic/half-Semitic sounding tongue that my roommates plays all the time.”

    So anyway, I guess Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em somehow (and I don’t really want to know how) knew at least some of the people in Gogol Bordello, because she invited us to hang out with the band, who I guess had had a show that night and afterwards were chilling out at the Dragon’s Den, a funky little spot over a Thai restaurant in the Fauborg Marigny built to look like an opium den. Against my better judgment, I went along (story of my life).

    So anyway, to make an already overlong story somewhat shorter, I wound up sitting on a balcony for about an hour or so with a few members of Gogol Bordello and a groupie or two. Who mostly just smoked heavily. But I can tell you truthfully, out of all the Russian gypsy punk rock bands whose smoke I’ve inhaled for an hour, they were the coolest.

  • Oh, Michael’s Dad…what you must be learning about your son from this blog. I know my parents read my blog too, but I’m always surprised when they make reference to it. I wonder what they’re learning from my blog…

  • esther… Well, one thing I’ve learned is that he’s a very good writer. I always encouraged him to write but I guess he needed to live a little first.

    If my parents ever discover my blog, I’ll plotz. They’re liberal Democrats who I try to keep in the dark as much as possible. It would just make them unhappy if they knew too much…

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