Rosh Hashanah: a holiday that kicks off a season of repentance and new year’s resolutions that possess a certain timelessness, like “be nicer to your fellow humans,” “respect your teachers and parents,” and “party in a socially conscious and Jewish continuity-concerned manner.”

Now, on October 13th and15th, 2005, nine different cities across Russia, Ukraine, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, and California will participate in Apples ‘n Honey 5766, a big-ass party an international celebration to ring in the Jewish New Year.

A’nH, a project sponsored by The Forest Foundation, is intended as a vehicle to promote Jewish awareness, and allow young adults between the ages of 18 to 30 to engage in a fun, social atmosphere while celebrating their Jewish identity. The events also provide a unique opportunity for Jews to network and meet each other, on a scale like never before. Festival organizers in each city, armed with a stipend of at least $2,500 from the Forest Foundation, are currently working on procuring large-sized venues and publicizing the events to the entire community. Revelers will have the chance to enjoy the A’n H drink, and as per Jewish custom, enjoy apples dipped in honey, for a truly “sweet New year.”

What’s in an A’nH? 2 parts apple juice, one part vodka, and one part honey, warmed, then served on the rocks, poured from a spanish wine bota, a goatskin leather bag used by matadors. No joke, really. Appletinis and honeydew melon shots will also be available…

“Our mission is to provide new, fun outlets for young Jews across the globe to celebrate and appreciate their identity,” says David Cygielman, the 24-year old Executive Director of the Forest Foundation. “We’re providing outlets for young Jews to be social and Jewish at the same time.” Cygielman notes that “many university students leave college with little professional experience, working jobs that pay the bills but lack meaning. Why not provide both?”

For Apples ‘n Honey, full-time staff members traveled to each city and handpicked individual students committed to improving their respective Jewish communities. Rather than distributing blank checks, the Forest Foundation engages in rigorous screening of all its employees, seeking out potential leaders and developing them into pillars of their community.

For more information about Apples ‘n Honey, please click here.

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  • Btw, the one in Santa Barbara is THIS wednesday, Sept 28th.

    All you Los Angelinos, ck included, holla and I’ll get you on the $5 guest list!

  • Ooh, I am SO trying out that recipe! Anything + Vodka is good in my book. 😀

  • Can’t wait for the party tonight! It’s gonna be epic, I’m mobbin deep with all my peeps!