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Every year (unless you’re a member of my family), you get the same old Rosh Hashanah cards in your mailbox, with apples and honey and shofars and pictures of Israel and wishes for a happy and sweet new year yada, yada, yawn…

(Esther falls asleep…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…what? No, that’s okay, I’m awake…)

But according to a press release I just received, this year, Hillel’s throwing down some New Year’s cards with a new attitude…urging students, to, among other things “Bite This”:

“Bite this” is not a traditional Rosh Hashanah greeting, but tens of thousands of Jewish college students will be offered this edgy message when they arrive at High Holidays services at Hillels this year. Hillel’s Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Learning has produced more than 140,000 High Holy Day cards that tell students to “Bite This!” (apples and honey, the traditional Rosh Hashanah treat), “Don’t Eat This” (a bagel, or anything else, on Yom Kippur), and “Shake This!” (the lulav of Sukkot).

With their “in-your-face” attitude, the cards aim to go beyond superficial explanations of the High Holidays and help students find new meaning among time-honored traditions.

“Many students are already familiar with the most popular customs, such as eating apples and honey on Rosh Hashanah or fasting on Yom Kippur, but these cards offer additional rituals and perspectives that will be new to many of them,” said Meyerhoff Center Director Clare Goldwater. “We hope the cards will encourage them to learn more and find ways to celebrate that are the most meaningful to them.”

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