They were beggin\' for it!
Dude! They were beggin for it!

Well Israelis are understandably upset at the burnings of Synagogues by Palestinian mobs in Gaza. However if you’d like to parlay your righteous indignation into a little stint of arson, better think twice if you cherish your immortal soul. I say this as Chief Sephardi Rabbi Shlomo Amar reportedly contemplates the possibility of placing into Cherem (ban) any Jew that damages mosques in retaliation.

‘What right do Jews have to hurt the places of worship of other faiths?’ he asked. A Cherem would prevent a Jew from joining others in prayer or in meals and other Jews cannot come closer than about six feet from the ostracized.

Wow. Given some of the really silly stuff that’s been coming out of the Sephardi Rabbinate, it’s refreshing to hear something, you know, reasonable. In any case, if you really are pissed off, please direct your anger at the people who are really to blame – namely … *sigh* … the Jews of course. See, leaving the synagogues there was nothing more than a nefarious plot by the Jews to make the Palestinians look bad. The clever Jews knew that the Palestinians could scarce be expected to control themselves and respect houses of worship. The burning of the synagogues was inevitable, just like when a cute chick walks down the street in a skimpy outfit and shit happens… just like the synagogues, she was, you know, asking for it. Thanks for that explanation Mahmud Abbas. Good luck with the nation building. In the meantime, the search for Muslim condemnation of the synagogue burnings has netted scant results.

Oh hey! Remember those greenhouses that a bunch of American Jews paid $14 million for and then transferred to the Palestine Authority? Good start to a new economic base in Gaza? Nope. Looted. Whatcha gonna do. Former World Bank President James Wolfensohn, who brokered the deal, and put up 500,000 dollars of his own cash to buy the greenhouses would have been better off using the cash to buy us a Jewlicious club house. Dang.

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  • James Wolfensohn put up a half mil of his OWN MONEY for that?

    Sorry, I just can’t help myself. What a stupid motherfucker.

    Do you know how many yeshivas he could have supported, how many orphans and widows he could have fed, how many Katrina victims he could have helped, etc., etc.?

    Instead, he pisses it away on a bunch of uncivilized savages who have no more sense than rabid hyenas. They destroyed infrastructure that could have provided >20,000 jobs. I mean, these people are sick. There is no other way to describe this kind of lunacy.

    And so some stupid Jew decides he’s going to have a rachmanus on them and give them money instead of using it to help the Jews who were displaced. Smooth move, Ex-lax. Oh, gotta show the goyim how moral we are, yessiree! Gotta pat ourselves on the back and congratulate ourselves on how non-tribal we are, you betcha! Somebody else will take care of the Jews! We have a duty to the poor Paleostinians to help them in their plight! Quick, give them money!

    Stupid, STUPID, STUPID POS. Why, why do some Jews feel they have to aid the enemy when their own people are living in tents after being uprooted from their homes?

    Regardless of how one feels about the disengagement, to give that kind of money to the enemies of the Jews is not just stupid, it is evil.

  • Wait just a motherfucking minute.

    ALL $14 mil was Jewish money?

    WTF is the matter with people? It’s like donating to the Nazis.

    G-d, I wish I had a baseball bat and those people in a closed room. There wouldn’t be a whole kneecap in the place after I was done.

  • Seriously Ephraim, don’t hold back… please tell us how you really feel. Yeah it was a bit of a boneheaded move, but keep in mind, the cash went to the settlers who owned the greenhouses, not to the PA. It was meant to help ease their economic burden. So yeah, it didn’t help the Palestinians any, but it helped those Israeli farmers a lot.

  • Oh. OK, that’s different.

    Never mind, then. I take it all back.

    But still, you gotta wonder about the sanity of people who shit in their own nest like that. I mean, the Paleos were handed 20,000 jobs on a silver platter and so what do they do?

    “Hmmm, let’s see….how best can we use these assets? Should we keep them intact so we can employ Paleostinians to grow Paleostinian vegetables to feed Paleostinians? Or should we tear them down and carry all of the broken pieces back home on our donkey carts so we can patch up our hovels and make a few bucks selling the rest to Achmed? Hmmmm….what to do, what to do…..Yep, obviously the only answer is to destroy them and peddle the junk for building materials. Down with Zionist oppression!”




  • Not to worry folks, the Europeans will give them all the money they need including some to, you know, buy some weapons.

  • thanks for the link on the looting, what a poor shame, and yet every liberal fool i know will defend them and say that the jews are raping them left and right

  • And the Jewlicious commentor morality police will descend upon the un-tznuah image in 5…4…3…2…

  • all i can say is respect to the sephardic rabbi who is the first religious authority in longer than i care to remember to say something that sounds rational, logical and incredibly dignified. if only he didn’t represent a minority of people who thought this way…

  • ck, please catch me on msn AS SOON AS POSSIBLE regarding our buddies in long beach…

  • ck, admit it: you have the recent comments block set up to not display work-related comments, right? i.e., please see previous comment…

  • Yet another example of the fact that the jews are to blame for palestinian actions and resulting consequences problems.
    The green houses handed over to the palestinians were a clever plot to gather intelligence. Why, they were bugged with invisible gadgets. As Michael said in a previous post, they are capable of diabolical genius that can defeat the best gentiles. So, ofcourse the greenhouses had to go.

  • What I can’t believe is that Jews bought the 300 greenhouses from Israelis,, and then handed them over, free of charge, to Palestinians! I understand altruism, and this is one huge, risky sacrifice, but doesn’t the Torah teach to protect your own tuchus before anyone else’s?

  • Only one of the synagogues was architecturally distinguishable as Jewish – the famous one in the shape of a Jewish star. The rest were all easily convertible into schools, community centers, factories – as was done to many Jewish buildings in Europe.

    Not pleasant for a Jew to speak of these things, but… it still shows the level of depravity among the Palis.

    The truest words reported about the greenhouse looting was the offhand remark in the NYT to the effect that many Palis assumed that the goodies would wind up in the hands of the cronyocracy, so they wanted to rip off what they could get before the well-connected mafiosi moved in.


  • What Urban said. This is a Jewish site and we have our expectations. Well, not me, in particular, but y’know,… the guys…

  • It’s not a tznius attire that. We prefer to discuss what is tznius and what is not. It is also about character, and values, Tznius, not just clothes.
    Rabbi/Cantor Jobber,
    Available to lead small congregations for High Holiday services, will travel anywhere in North America.

  • Re: The greenhouses.

    Just goes to show that some people can’t have nice things.

  • Come on guys you KNEW this before it even happened – didn’t you?

    I and my Rabbi sure did!

  • But as Jews, we’re cursed with that pesky never-ending faith in humanity, and hope for the best. That’s why we’re so screwed.

  • Ephraim I agree whole heartdly, These Jews committed a tremendous Chilul Hashem. Not only they side with those hell bent on destroying us, THey have them MILLIONS!!!! And Grace, don’t confuse faith in humanity with stupidity. They’ve made it obvious how they feel about us, even when where dumb enough to give them money.. With Jews like that… G-D help us all.

  • Well, it turned out I jumped the gun; ck straightened me out. (Is there a sheepish grin emoticon anywhere?)

    If I understand the situation correctly now, the $14 mil went to the Israelis who were forced out of Gaza; the greenhouses were then donated to the Paleos by Wolfensohn and the others who had bought them from the farmers. Probably the best that could be made out of a bad deal. They would have been demolished and the farmers would have gotten nothing if Wolfensohn hadn’t gotten the $14 mil together; so in that sense he did a big chesed to the farmers.

    And you gotta admire, in a sad and pathetic way, people who still, in spite of all of the evidence, SEEM TO believe that the Paleos might show themselves to have even a modicum of common sense. However, I strongly suspect that everyone involved knew what was going to happen.

    I guess Zionist greenhouses just aren’t hallal.

    In other dog-bites-man news, the Egyptians are allowing terrorists and weapons to flow into Gaza completely unhindered. This isn’t even smuggling; they are just standing back and waving them through.


    In other news, Arafat is still dead.

  • Epraim, If this wasn’t one of many reasons, to stay in Gaza, the sad thing is many here who supported the withdrawal did so knowing this is exactly what would happen, why did u support the withdrawal again?

  • Epraim, I didn’t mean you, I’ve read many of your posts in the past, and could see you wouldnt’ support something foolish and detrimental to Israel’s existence. I was asking the question rhetorically

  • It doesn’t matter either way, if Israel would stop being so prissy about enforcing its will, there would be a new middle east. W/ Gaza, W/out Gaza, just put these people on notice, quietly. Car bombings 5 of their major streets. they’ll understand that there is consequences. Right now Israel’s retaliation is too wise guy, targeted assasinations, wow, look how gr8 the fancy IDF is. Bull. Blow them up like in Iraq, that is what these people understand, brutality. Prissiness they understand also.

  • Oh you poor people. Im black and african yet i feel sorry for Israel. Global warming, environmental pollution, poverty in Africa- blame the Jews! What did you guys ever do to the rest of the world to make them hate you so much?

  • Wow…Where to start?

    Controlling 30-40% of the world’s wealth-

    Killing Christian boys and using their blood for Passover Matzah-

    Parasiting off of natives and foreign countries-

    Controlling your media-


    And my favorite, from

    Jews herd stupid Americans like cattle against one people after another and then sell weapons to the enemy to kill Americans in order to profit from spilled blood.

    that’s why.

  • It’s only 30-40%? That’s weird. The report from the last Elders meeting indicated it was closer to 75%, which is better, but still short of projections. We’ll have to discuss this discrepancy at our next meeting. I’ll draft a memo.

    Only boys? I thought we did the little girls too.

    Learn something every day, I guess.

  • Just checked my sources. According to the eminent Saudi expert Dr. Yasser F. Camelschtupper, the girls’ blood is used on Purim for hamantaschen.