So it turns out, perhaps to no one’s great surprise, that Israel and Pakistan have had a relationship for years. 10 to be exact. And yet, after 10 years, do they recognize us? Well, word from the Pakistani foreign ministry is:

If Israel is moving forward in this connection and the dream of a sovereign Palestinian state comes true then Pakistan can also reconsider its decision regarding Israel recognition.

10 years and that’s what we get. *sigh*. Pakistan is like the stud of all countries: how many guys out there have managed to keep a partner interested for 10 years without ever acknowledging their existence?

One might actually wonder if they are all that interested at all. According to, #6 on the lists of signs that ‘he’s just not into you’ is:

He’s not clear about your status with friends and family:
Does he tell you that you’re his girlfriend but say something different in front of friends and family, like we’re just close friends?

Hmmmn…notice a similarity? Muffti hopes Israel won’t stay up all night waiting for Pakistan to call as well.

Alternatively, perhaps Pakistan is just a little insane. Having an imaginary friend is not per se a sign of insanity, but having one for 10 years straight is a little weird. According to ‘Ask the Expert’:

…Although we know that even normal children may develop such imaginary companions, this is usually regarded as pathological in adolescents and young adults.

But there is one shining light:

However, one study (Seiffge-Krenke et al, J Adolesc 1997 Apr;20(2):137-54) found that socially competent and creative adolescents with good coping abilities were particularly prone to create such a very special friend.

So perhaps we are just a coping strategy for Pakistan.

In any case, it’s nice to know that you can do good things, even if your partner pretends you don’t exist. Luckily for Israel, her self-resepect never depended on what others thought of her. For more on the story see Jpost, Ha’aretz and

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  • If India were pointing dozens of nuclear weapons at me and Al-Qaeda ran entire territories of my country, I think I’d need to create a very special friend.

  • Very interesting analogy. What’s the global relations equivalent of Friends-With-Benefits?

  • The Jews are such pathetic pushovers.

    To put a bit of a twist on Muffti’s analogy, any normal guy would, after 10 years of being ignored, pick up on the fact that his imaginary GF is schtupping someone else. He would then go drown his sorrows in a beer or two, curse her for being a bitch-who-doesn’t-know-what-she’s-missing, and then get on with his frickkin’ life.

    Only the Jews can look at someone saying “I think I’ll stop shitting on your head if you behave ytourself” as being an encouraging development.

  • It may just be me and my browser, but the Jdate face appearing in my main jewlicious window looks like a weird cross between Freddy Mercury and Ben Stiller. Disturbing.

  • Disturbing indeed. Especially since we do not advertise for JDate. I think you meant JMatch. BIG difference.

  • Sorry. I find a Freddy Mercury/Ben Stiller hybrid frightening on any Jewish dating service, though.

  • Whatever. They’re a Jewlicious advertiser. And they are better and less patently offensive than JDate. Support them!

  • Yes, grandmuffti, its true, everything you say. And it pains my heart! To think I can’t even bring her home to a nice family dinner. And to have to tell you in this way, it’s so, well, impersonal. But yes, Israel is my girlfriend. And why not? She’s pretty, she’s smart – heck, her cute toys even saved my life. Plus, we’re the same age – we really understand each other. But if everyone knew that not only do I sleep with her, I also love her dearly, well, my enemies, who are her enemies also, well they would surely have my head! So please try to be kind. I know my people are weasels but what can you do – we don’t pick our families, nu?

  • GM: Maybe he(Pakistan) likes her(Israel), but cannot tell his parents for fear of disapproval because of religious and racial differences. And he won’t tell friends b’coz they might let onto the parents! Bottom line: This just might be a star crossed lovers thing. Then again maybe the guy’s an idiot who wouldn’t know what’s good for him if he stumbled upon it. Or he’s just an imbecile who can’t hold more than idea in mind at a time.
    Ps: Looove the post.

  • Excellent and accurate analogy.

    Leftie, pro-Palestinian Israelis are basically suffering Battered Wife Syndrome. “He doesn’t mean to hurt me, it’s my fault… let’s just go home and try again…”


  • Bechira: Some of Abe Lincon’s people were weasals but he dragged them kicking and screaming out of mediocrity. Pandering to idiots gets you no where!

  • Glad all y’all liked the analogy. Muffti guesses he forgot to add that Israel has had the good sense to do some dating on the side. It may well be that her trysts with India led to Pakistan’s jealousy and willingness to be a bit more public.

  • Hurray, he likes her, albeit with conditions! Some time back i commented muslims were caught up in a time warp, and some people disagreed. I feel so vindicated now that Musharaf said more or less the same thing. Mahatir Mohammed said it as well but it must have been forgotten.