What a strange story. Muffti was intrigued when he saw this in Haaretz and thought he would share it with you guys. A homeless fellow, Sergei Dvorkin, was listed as a murder victim last December. He was allegedly burnt to a crisp in a Tel Aviv bus station. However, in a strange turn of events, the murderer was revealed as none other than Sergei himself.

Police had originally arrested a (homeless) man named Pavel Smirnov for the murder, to which Pavel confessed. All was well until the police realized, through DNA sampling, that the deceased was not Sergie. The charred corpse didn’t match Dvorkin’s sisters DNA at all. Pavel, in the meantime, complained that police had “… forced him to confess to the murder while he was intoxicated.”

Meeshtarah suspicions then turned to *ahem* Nikolai Boner, who was in prison for four similar murders in Haifa. Boner admitted to being in Tel Aviv but denied committing the murder. Finally, things came back to Dvorkin. Dvorkin confessed to the murder yesterday. Like Canada’s famed mounties, the Jerusalem police finally cracked the case. No matter that it took a li’l while, right?

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  • I was really surprised to see so much vodka being sold in a way that it never was before. Those little airline bottles at every kiosk in sections of Tel Aviv, by the Ocean in the Tayellet area. Imported vodka as well.
    I believe there is a need for more AA type meetings in Israel. I hope very much to make my annual trip this December, it depends on the airline miles thing working out. You can take me out to dinner, lol.

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  • Alice in Chains! It’s been too long. (Once again, I miss the point of the actual post…)

  • Miss the point? What do you mean?

    Glad you liked the ‘chains.

  • You know just being lazy. Only reading the headlines, ignoring the actual content. I apologize cause like I’m sure you have many wonderful things to say.

  • Tiff, I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but here at Jewlicious, we totally support your right to miss the point of our posts. I mean, everyone else does.

    And on a related note: boner…heh, heh.

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  • Sorry Jobber. Muffti didn’t mean to fail the Jobber test for strangeness. Why don’t you share one of YOUR strange stories?