OK, technically this doesn’t have a direct connection to Jewish issues, but it’s about neo nazis, so….
Truth Be Told, I Don\'t Want the NSM In My Town Either...The NSM (National Socialist Movement) planned a rally in Toledo to protest ‘black crime’, specifically, black gangs in the town. 80 members showed up, though according to the group, some would-be (would-be, since the march didn’t happen) marchers tried and were unable to join the group. However, they cancelled the march when when hundreds of counter protestors showed up. In particular, 20 members from both the International Socialists Organization and One People’s Project showed up, and some handed eggs to African-American residents to throw at the Nazi marchers.

In any case, things got ugly. Riots broke out. The crowd, annoyed at police protection of the NSM marchers, at some point began throwing rocks, eggs and whatever they could at the police. By 3 p.m. a two story building was set on fire. Video was obtained of large groups attacking a gas station. The NSM claims that the police orchestrated things by re-routing the march to bring them face to face with protesters. According to the NSM website,

As we were finishing the press conference and beginning to march the police suddenly threw up a line of officers and started pushing against us, trying to push us back. Our members started pushing back — these were our security guys and they had been ordered not to be physically moved by anyone. The police announced “you’re not marching,” but stopped the pushing….Without going blow by blow, the police ordered us again to leave, and since I was under orders to obey the police, I told our men to leave.

Police fired tear gas and a curfew has been set up. Bill White, NSM spokesman left Toledo for Columbus for a press conference. According to him:

Fox has already said they would rather cover the avian bird flu than the race riots — i.e., the cancelled. I don’t know if I’ll be on any other stations.

No members of the NSM were arrested. 30-40 arrests of rioting Toledo counter-protesters are expected. At least they left Skokie alone this time around.

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  • Neo-nazis are big time anti-jew and all other races besides themselves….Is this how to protest black crime? by spreading racism….”Oh i guess the white american tired of black crime, the nazi savior save them white american”…Thats lame and bullshit excuse…..Oh yeah its gonna be tough being around those neo-nazis as jew and other people.I have alot of ambition to fight them, i know how i previous exprerience conflict with them.

  • We’re proud of it too, Stacy. We’re very proud of a name that self applies as a predicate. Or maybe that’s just Muffti.

  • The truth is that many Jews develope Nazi tendencies , in word and deed. This is something that no one ever talks about. In some shules for example, this one will not talk to that one, and worse situations occur. Some families that divorced cannot even agree on one Bar Mitzvah celebration for example, thus dragging their poor children through the mud.

    If the Jews as a people are so special, as they claim (Mi KiAmcha Yiroel), why do these angry elements hold the day?

  • The marchers obviously knew that there would be a riot… they come out more to cause an uproar than to spread their message. Not to mention the fact that their beliefs scare me shitless. How can people still think like this in 2005?

  • “The truth is that many Jews develope Nazi tendencies”

    WTF are you talking about? you think that a split in a family through divorce is an aspect of Nazism? lmao. are you mentally deficient?

    you think that a family dispute is Nazism? oy… that’s retarded.

  • “why do these angry elements hold the day?”

    being angry is Nazism? i guess that makes every human being since the beginning of time a Nazi then.

    i could get angry and call you names… but i guess that would make me a Nazi? lol, what a foolish thing to say.

  • I dunno David – getting all angry at Jobber Avigdor is an easy thing to do. For my part, while I think the comparison to Nazism is a bit over the top, it did give me pause to think. For instance, it allowed me to contemplate the fact that Judaism considers public humiliation akin to death – ie someone who publicly humiliates another, it is as if he killed them. Another place that comes up is in the discussion of the laws of martyrdom. If someone is publicly humiliated for being a Jew, something the Nazis were certainly adept at, that person is considered to be a holy martyr, for although he or she did not die, it is as if they died. Public humiliation is of course not unique to Nazis and I was thankful to Jobber Avigdor for perhaps inadvertently reminding me of that law – Especially since I myself have been guilty of transgressing it. So Nazi-like behavior is not limited to gassing and incinerating Jews. Just a thought for you to contemplate.

  • hey redheaded jewish girl – why shouldn’t people think like this in 2005? i mean obviously people shouldn’t think like this ever at all, but I bet in the 30s people were like, god, how can people think like this in 1937?! I recommend Theses on the Philosophy of History by Walter Benjamin. this assumption that so many people have that progress is a function of time is really problematic, i think.

  • “and since I was under orders to obey the police, I told our men to leave.”
    How exemplary they are: ever so law abiding. They’d never break the law, no, it’s beneath them: it’d make them no better than the uncultivated gangsters they must battle in the name of aryan values. Instead they change the law to justify their actions in the ever so noble pursuit that’s the war for aryan supremacy.

  • It’s true that progress is not a function of time- otherwise we wouldn’t have neo-Nazis, right? I want to say “Why didn’t anyone learn from what happened around 1937?” but that would be opening up the whole don’t-forget-the-Holocaust subject, which is so tedious to those of us who have been raised Jewish. What I want to know is this: What IS progress a function of if it isn’t time (which it obviously isn’t)? Evolution? Education? Who knows.