Lamb and Lynx having fun being being young, talented and pretty.
What do you call cute young girls who play in a band and have aspiring music carreers?

If you guessed Hanson, you were close, but no cigar. This time the right answer is Lamb and Lynx Gaede (don’t be appalled by the names: their new sibling is named Dresden). These girls play guitar and violin and sing tunes for their band Prussian Blue. What sort of pre-teen angsty topics do these girls cover? Well, here’s a sample from ‘Aryan Man Awake’:

When the man who plows the fields is driven from his lands.
When the carpenter must give away what he’s built with his own hands.
When a mother’s only children belong to her no more.
And black masked men with guns come bashing down the doors.
Where freedom exists for only those with darker skin.
Where lies and propaganda will never let you win.
Where symbols of your heritage are held with such contempt,
and benefits of country ‘cept tax are you exempt.

Here’s a bit from ‘Victory Day’:

Well sit down and listen, to what I have to say.
Soon will come a great war, a bloody but holy day.
And after that purging our people will be free,
and sing up in the bright skies, a sun for all to see…

Yep, the themes are clear: playing ‘mom’, boys (the farmer and the carpenter), their totally favourite country, singing, bright skies and sunshine! How cute.

Despite these happy go lucky themes, some half-empty types have focussed on the more controversial aspects of their lyrics, detecting a hint of white power. An ABC interview excerpt reveals that these folks might be right:

McFADDEN: And what’s your opinion on Hitler?
LAMB: I think that he had … he wanted to preserve his base.
McFADDEN: He had 6 million Jews executed.
LAMB: I think that’s an exaggeration.
McFADDEN: You do.
LAMB: Yes.
LYNX: I hardly believe there are even that many Jews alive back then.
McFADDEN: Is Hitler someone you admire or someone you don’t admire? … You think he was a great man?
LYNX: Yeah, I think he did a lot — he had a lot of good ideas.

(transcription ‘borrowed’ from: CJR Daily.)

At a different point in the interview:

McFADDEN: So the term ‘mud,’ what does that refer to?
LAMB: A non-white.
McFADDEN: What does it imply?
LAMB: Instead of saying, you know, saying a racial slur, it’s just like oh, ‘mud.’ They call us ‘cracker,’ we call them ‘mud’.

C’mon, guys, who is going to find that offensive? They don’t mean anything bad by ‘mud’: it keeps them from saying nigger, spic, bean bandit, chinks or anything nasty like that!

In all seriousness, though, these cute little tykes are part of the white power movements new attempt to appeal to the kiddies. As Erich Gleibe, operator of Resistance Records puts it:

Eleven and twelve years old…I think that’s the perfect age to start grooming kids and instill in them a strong racial identity.

*sigh*. Lamb and Lynx have been compared to the Olson twins, and Muffti isn’t completely clear about which group is being insulted. Muffti supposes that it depends on what sort of offensive behaviour you hate most. In any case, they are quite popular and are being shameless used by the movement. Even David Duke, one time jackass KKK grand wizard, uses them to draw a crowd. As Gleibe puts it, somewhat morbidly:

“We give them a CD, we give them something as simple as a stick[er?], they can go to our Web site and see other music and download some of our music…To me, that’s the best propaganda tool for our youth.”

Ugh. It’s hard to make Muffti cringe but that just did it. Anyhow, you’ll be glad to know that according to their site, when the girls aren’t being all ‘we’re tough racialists’, they:

…splitting their time …between music lessons, home schooling, studio work, interviews for various mainstream press organs, and just having fun being young, talented and pretty.

Cute li’l crackers…

Don’t forget to look on the bright side: at least we don’t have to listen to ’em!

p.s. if you are curious about the band name, check their blog for a confusing chemical explanation..

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  • Have you seen the male counterparts of their movement? Expect these girls to grow up to be tattooed young single mothers.

  • Once again home-schooling churns out two well-adjusted and socially-adept members of society. Good thing these bright lasses never had the chance to have their minds poisoned by public school! “Just wanted to preserve his base” LOL….I think these dumb bitches have a promising career in international diplomacy if this music thing doesn’t work out. I wonder who’s REALLY behind these stooges? Since I refuse to ever click on any links or visit any websites associated even slightly with the white-power morons I guess I’ll have to wait for someone else to find out…

  • It makes me sick to know that these “base-preservers” and their backers are getting airplay, and it’s no longer limited to a stinky Confederate apartment in Maine or one of the Dakotas. (No offense, Mainers or Dakota-ers)

    Muffti, I got a question for ya. If posting on a classy, trafficky site like jewlicious raises attention and gives immediate PR to a subject or person, why bother giving it to these Aryan types? Is it because news is news, and you’re trying to warn us of the [potentially dangerous] imbiciles that are out there? Because on the other hand, you’re creating an unnecessary brouhaha for a hate group.

    And yes, part of me jsut wanted to use the word brouhaha. And no, I’m unconvinced these girls are gonna come after me and my cousins when we sleep at night, but it IS their crazy uncle who I’m worried about.

  • I totally hadn’t heard about these chicks until the story got picked up by both Jewlicious and Jewschool. I really don’t feel like they’re mainstream, by any means, so what’s the point of giving them this much publicity? Do we need further proof that neo-Nazis/white supremacists/etc are hateful and backward? I’m thinkin’ no.

  • It’s all over tv too… I saw commercials for at least one if not two news magazines in the past week that were doing stories on them.

  • HELLO POLAND! Any chance you’re near Bilgoraj? I need some help tracking down some documents.

    I feel sorry for those poor girls. Brainwashed from birth, they don’t stand a chance. If they were born in Paleostine, they’d be suicide bombers by now. Teaching children to hate should be classified as child abuse.

  • hehehe…Muffti really likes you EY. Why does Muffti post such things? CK and Muffti have always been firm believers in the expose rather than conceal method of doing things.

  • Grandmuffti: Don’t worry about the chemistry, that’s what I’m here for. It turns out that Zyklon B has as a synonym “prussic acid”. And yes, this is related to the chemical known as Prussian blue in that simple exposure to a chemical acid will convert the Prussian blue to Zyklon B.

    This makes sense, since the pigment of Prussian blue is extremely dark blue; it’s not in any way a reference to their eye-color… These people are messed up…

    On a lighter note, I just went to the unveiling of a Holocaust Torah that was brought back to life. 🙂

  • Mufti now your backing up neo-nazis…The white racist hate group really wont give rewards , they will enslave you….Your really jackazz now, if you turn hat way, well go ahead…I know them well enough than you do, iam not talking about cyber shit, the real world.They will naver win, they justified to kill you…Heads cut off or beaten to death by them hate group…Torture is a way for them to get you crying, ouch!! What awful way you turn against your own kin.

  • ungh!! Am stumped for words. Do they actually believe that nonsense? Apparently they do! Incredible. I actually pity them: they’re identity is so precarious that they must have enemies real or imagined to enforce it. They’re incorrigible, which is pretty sad really!

  • wow taltman. thanks for exposing another aspect of why these two little girls and their handlers are so SO fucked up.

  • Taltman, thanks for the explanation: it actually did make them seem slightly less bizzare. The Unknown, uh, Muffti thinks that you missed the point if you thought muffti was endorsing this shit. Joy, the ABC interview suggestes that nurture was solely to blame: their mother and father andn strict nazi-wannabes. The poor girls didn’t have much of a chance. Like Grace said.

    And their poor damn sib is named ‘dresden’! Why would your mom name you after a city that got firebombed?

  • Taltman, thanks for the explanation: it actually did make them seem slightly less bizzare. The Unknown, uh, Muffti thinks that you missed the point if you thought muffti was endorsing this shit. Joy, the ABC interview suggestes that nurture was solely to blame: their mother and father andn strict nazi-wannabes. The poor girls didn’t have much of a chance. Like Grace said.

    And their poor damn sib is named ‘dresden’! Why would your mom name you after a city that got firebombed?

  • taltman, great story! Very Indiana Jones-esque, the way students on a March of the Living trip discovered the Torah in a Warsaw antique shop. Wish I was there…

    muffti, I don’t think dresden is such a terrible sounding name, once you get past the whole, you know, firebombing issue. Though on second thought, perhaps you’re right. I’ve yet to meet a Japanese chem student named Hiroshima.

  • The firebombing of Dresden is often cited by those sympathetic to the Nazis as an example of a war crime committed by the allies against the German people. It would not be that strange for someone with Nazi sympathies to name a child Dresden.

  • Muffti realizes that Dresden was both regarded as (and in all fairness, probably rightly so) a war crime mr. ‘site admin smarty guy’. Nonetheless, Muffti maintains that it is strange to name people after a war crime. Muffti can’t see jews naming their child ‘Auschwitz’.

  • the other option is to change your name to grandiosemuffti. but i jest, do not take me seriously. in this particular instance.

  • Theese poor kids are already raped. Their brains are washed out, and they are going to realize the horrible facts in a few years.
    Message to all men: PLEASE RAPE THEM, BEAT THEM UP OR BOTH!!! (as the german soliders did to young girls here in the fourties). Maybe they will wake up then. Hope i never meet them, i’ll become a criminal. Scum girls, scum parents. Burn their house, mob them at school, don’t give animals like theese food. Piss at them. I dont hate them, i just want them tortured and dead. Bjarne, a norwegian man.


    I’ve always wanted to do that. =) …Ofri, is that short for Ofer? Or is it short for Ofri? Just curious. I know that as of late Israelis tend to unisexify names, which I dig. A lot. Too bad that doesn’t work too well in the States. We’re stuck with Sam, Kelly, and Tyler.

  • I was sent the newslink about these girls by a friend…and I am absolutely without words. I then stumbled onto this site to read more… This is such important dialogue! Keep it going! I feel so incredibly naive when I see this kind of hate garbage – and am surprised by it… And these rotten little twits actually have their own website!!

    Speechless speechless speechless, in Canada.

  • Yikes! I guess white supremicists are not the only racists. It seems that you have your own racist demons to worry about. I see comments like “Rape them, beat them up…” And this is good? It seems all here identify themselves with one paricular race – fiercely! The way that looks to a couple of 12 year olds may seem to justify their own racial pride. They, at least, aren’t talking about raping and beating up Jews. They have a slight edge in the moral high ground based on the hateful discussion I see going on here.

  • One guy who probably isn’t Jewish says that, so white supremacist preteens have the edge morally on the Jewish people? Hmmm…speaking of racist demons…

  • Martin, I have no idea who Bjarne is, nor do I agree with his ideas of how to deal with 12 year olds any more than you do. It is an open forum here and what anonymous people post as comments rarely if ever represents the views of the blog, or the jewish people at large. As much as I disagree with white supremicists, I find the idea of raping 12 year old girls severly severly offensive no matter what they are singing about.

  • No, the little Eva Braun-omatons shouldn’t be raped, but their parents definitely deserve a righteous beat-down before their vacuous little wind-up nazi dolls are shipped to the furthest stark and desolate orphanage for immediate re-Nedumacation.

  • As repulsive as what Bjarne said is, I think a bit of context could help understand where he’s coming from as a Norwegian:

    Nazi Breeding Program in Norway

    In short, in the pursuit of furthering the ‘Aryan race’, the Nazis rounded up women for German soldiers to rape in Occupied Norway. The generation of children from this sick program suffered tremendously after the war, unwanted by the Norwegians and the Germans.

  • came here by search for some lyrics of those 2 if they are really that bad

    I really would like to write that things have complitely changed here since “then” … but sadly that wouldn’t be true 🙁

    but the objects of hate have changed (probably ’cause there aren’t many jews left …)

    would be n1 if the hate is only located in some countries and not all over the whole planet

    … and you can’t force people to stop hating ’cause it be the same problem it wants to stop

    … whatever … dunno what else to write …


    someone (austria)

  • Don’t worry about them. Sooner or later, one of us brothas will hit their p-nannie and they’ll love themselves some Black. I’m willing to bet they’ll even style their hair in cornrows.

  • Watch out at the smorgasbord, girlies! Better test your Blonde/blue eyed honey’s DNA or you might get the Aryan porked right out of you.

  • i am shocked. how sick is that. i’m from germany and these creepy kids should come over here and LOOK with their own eyes what it does to people, racism, and this aryan bullshit. i am “aryan” in every possible way and this white power shit never brought anything good. only bad. my boyfriend is black, it’s a coincidence, but..aawww, i could be so mad right now. but what good does it do. i’m just scared. right now it’s just silly songs, but it may very quickly become reality. if anyone hurts my bf’s little nephews i’m gonna kill them!!!

  • i was really angry at these twins when i saw a program on them. What i did was find out more about them. I went onto the internet and searched it up. I went so far as to email them. I think that they ARE racist but they arent as racist as everyone says they are. Im not supporting them or anything because i am chinese and i stand up for my beliefs but somethings they believe in arent really that racist.

  • Vivian what did you have in mind? Muffti admits that their lyrics are more innocuous and ambiguous than most of the nastier, RaHoWa style bands.

  • *Are you serious??? these girls have been brainwashed with CRAP!!! I know everyone is entititled to their own opinion but C’mon wha da hell of an opinion is that…they are just as BAD as Hitler if they supposrt him!…HOW CAN U SUPPORT SOMETHING LIKE THAT?? he MURDERED more than 6 million innocent people!!!! not only including adults but innocent babies just begining to LIVE!!! doesnt that break your heart? h0w would you feel if u was trapped in a train in the cold for hours and when u got out they told you Men to the right women left and thats the last time you saw your father or mother and then to know that u were going to be tricked into a room where they were going to release gas and suffocate you untill you died…and all of this without your consent!…So I feel that if you think these two little girls are CUTE?? they are anything BUT cute i dont and i can never support anyone who supports the death of innocent people…

  • *Ohh and Purssion Blue its also a sick name..because it stands for this….”AFTER the gas was released to suffocate the women and children that gas leaves a purssion blue hue wherever it is!….So those girls and her family KNOW EXACTLY what im talking about….You people Make me Sick…I dont wish anything Bad upon anybody but…How would you feel if you was in Auschwitz, and they did all of that to you?? I can only wonder…

  • i agree, it is highly offensive to gas people WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT! the indignation!

  • finaly som1 ho is true about his origin
    good thing ty speak up keep it up GOgoGOgo

  • Hi, i recently came across the twins in a magazine article and I became curious about them so I went on the net and came upon this forum. I am neither jew nor Aryan, in fact I’m Asian, from the Philippines. I just wanna say, that it is right to be proud of who you are, your heritage so to speak but not to the extent that the girls are. Because the ideas that they promote are manufactured by their mother, by someone, by them to convince people of their cause. I also think that these views they have are greatly influenced by relative,ie their mom, grandpa, etc. I think they should see how the other half lives don’t you, but don’t give them any weapons, if you know what i mean. To some extent, yes they are being brainwashed and they don’t know the facts, ALL of the facts so they shouldn’t be judged for their one sided views.

  • wth? A race is heritage and skin color and stuff, I’m “white” with mwxican blood as my dad is mexican, but i appear white and live with a white mother and step father, and yet, none of us give a damn about races. It’s not going to give you powers or kill someone, it doesnt mean anything dumbasses. “white power movemnt”. Stupid hookers. A white power movement con’t win or lose because theirs nothing to win or lose. Why not just act like regular people, people. Or are you actually stupid enough to be afraind of a skin color that can’t even touch you, especially since NO human is really BLACK or WHITE. Equality and power is deduced by physical and mental strength. The fact the you could possibally be incredibly intelligent is all at waste if you are prejudice because it’s simple and you still don’t get causing you to have less power and authority over the ones you hate and it’s only because you hate them. It’s too much energy and time of your life to make yourself feel a feeling you don’t like over something you don’t like when you could just stop feeling it. If you dont like the way you feel then stop. And you CAN because I know you don’t like disliking thing, why would you want to not like something?

  • I think that people with blue eyes and blond hair should be respected a bit more. Do you know how few are their numbers. there are plenty of brown eyes and curly heads out there. But a true blue blond woman with eyes clear as the summer sky thats rare. And of course they are most wanted in the JEW owned porn industry that abuses them (of course they are willing to do allmost anything in right circmstances and when some pennies are thrown at them) I live in blond rich enviroment of scandinavia where people are respected and everyone helps the fellow man (and woman) where schools and healthcare are free and same for all. where allthe people are not motivated only by moneyand power and there are no homeless people. Every one gets plenty of food to eat and sun shines allways and it rains happiness down on our goyim heads.

    ps. What does “Tob shebbe goyim harog” means?

    Have a very nice summer.

  • Dear Laura, clearly all that free education in your blond-rich environment has not helped you overcome your stupidity or general ignorance, nor the black kernel of hate that resides inside your heart coloring everything in your life in the color of your rank stool and turning even your sunniest days into vile, morbid days of darkness.

    Have a lovely summer.

  • “Kill the best of the Gentiles.” – Talmud, Sanhedrin 59

    I use it wetted, to wipe my ass in the morning! Like corn flakes and milk, they go together.

  • These girls are not about simple ‘white pride’ – they are, simply, living racism. They do support Hitler although it’s more the fault of their parents than of themselves, as they’ve been trained to think that way. It must be awful having to live life with so much hate for ther majority of the world’s population. Ans also the ignorance to believe that the death of 6 million Jews is an exaggeration.. and I’m white too btw.
    I read a magazine article about them and their interviews sickened me.
    There’s no way that Prussian Blue can ever go mainstream if they maintain that view on things.