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Free speech implies the right to speak, not to be heard. Since people sometimes say nasty things, it is often best to ignore them. For example, when Nazis, Klansmen, Aryan Nation members and the like put up sites, we should ignore them as much as possible to avoid lending them legitimacy, right?

Wrong. Well, at least ck and Muffti are convinced it is wrong and have been so convinced for a long time. So we’ve decided to shine a weekly spotlight on some lucky bastid’s website and award them the soon to be much vaunted Hate Site of the Weak award.

Q: Why the f*&k are you doing this
A: Let Muffti answer in the form of a multiple choice quiz:

a) We strongly believe that hate should be dealt with, or at least understood. And then, when you’ve accomplished that, time to ridicule and make these people feel stupid. As the great skeptic Sextus Empiricus wrote:

For, after our solid arguments, we deem it quite proper to poke fun at those conceited braggarts, the Dogmatists.

Replace ‘Dogmatists’ with ‘haters’ and Muffti is happy to be in line with the good ol’ Sextus.
b) Why do we do anything around here? Why do we let Laya go on about her hatred of babies, allow Esther and ck to duel it out over who can present more humdrum Madonna-Kaballah stories, permit Michael to rant about how much cooler Jewlicious commentors are than the posters, tolerate the Middle’s middling ways and indulge Muffti in his atheist rants? We just don’t know.
c) We want to prove that, though the gratuitious boobies are here to stay, we are neither narrow nor safe unlike what some *chuckle* anon would have you think.
d) We’ve finally lost it. Fully completely.

Of course, these are all true so let us move on to the task at hand. Our first HSW winner is a lovely little site known as the National Socialist Movement of Oregon (aka nukeisrael.com). Let Muffti say up front: the site did not win the award for it’s design. It’s pretty ugly. It’s too flashy and hurts your eyes. Most of all, it has a bad picture of Hitler on the background with the words ‘The Boss’ (?) written underneath. It’s also not very effectively organized: there are links without any natural grouping, their news is listed without links, and the front page scrolls on forever (a big no-no unless you are a blog!).

So why does the site win? Well, it has LOADS of material. For example, they have links on:
Jews rule media, Jews control Hollywood, Famous Jew Boy Fags, Faggot Marriage, Faggot TV, Nigbonics, Nigger owners manual, Turn in the Spics, Cops & Commies…
And the list goes on. What Muffti finds really amusing, however, is how indignant they get about Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. For example, they write:

Despite the fact that there are many Palestinians with Israeli citizenship, the Zionist state is a Jews-only state because only Jews have full rights. Palestinian Israelis have the right to vote in Zionist elections, contest for seats in the Knesset, and even become members of the Jewish parliament but they do not have the same legal rights as Jews – which surely indicates the relative insignificance of democracy to Jews.

Now, Muffti is not one to use the fallacy of tu quo que without being up front about it, but here is what the NSM main site says in their ’25 Points of American National Socialism’:

Only members of the nation may be citizens of the state. Only those of pure White blood, whatever their creed, may be members of the nation. Non-citizens may live in America only as guests and must be subject to laws for aliens. Accordingly, no Jew or homosexual may be a member of the nation.

So, let’s get this straight. First they accuse Israel of being an apartheid state despite allowing its arab citizens to vote in elections. But their platform for America is to deny the vote to all non ‘pure’ whites? Is there any wonder these people don’t get taken very seriously? Not to mention how hard it is to admire any concern for arabs issues from fans of Hitler and the Third Reich. What a joke.

What’s the vision of a perfect America for Portland National Socialists?

In a perfect world, the Confederacy would have succeeded by completely destroying the Union. All the niggers would have been shipped back to Africa, the jews racially purged and Hitler’s glourious empire alive and well.

Muffti can’t imagine a bleaker view of utopia nor a more distorted picture of history: since when were the Confederacy fighters engaged in a war to send slaves back to Africa?!?

The NSM of Portland, however, don’t advise violence. Well, at least not yet. They suggest:

we advise that the current campaign should be only an educational, psychological war directed towards enlightening fellow Whites. The time simply isn’t right to attempt military action against the Jewish controlled US government… If our revolution will ever have a real chance of success the White public must learn about their glorious racial destiny. You must bring more white people over to our side. Educating the masses is your primary duty, not beating up stupid niggers, no matter how much fun it is!

On a practical level, what should NSMers do?

We recommend Jogging and weight lifting, a minimum of five days a week for least one hour a day. Better yet: 6 days a week, 1.5 hours a day.
Martial Art Kata’s (forms) will help to train the mind as well as the body and are important part of any skins preparation for war … Paintball is a lot of fun and will teach Aryans skills needed to survive in a firefight. Practice at least monthly … Get out and train regularly with the real guns of your choice; live fire exercises are best.

Muffti agrees! Go out and play with all the live ammo you want in your excercises!

Muffti could go on for a while, but let him close with a funny remark in the NSM’s own words. Paranoid or insightful? You be the judge:

These Jews, drunk with power know that the Whitman is the only force in this world that could stop their domination. Proud Whites, with pure Aryan bloodlines, could follow Hitler’s lead and put a swift end to Heb reign and existence. However, just A few generations of race mixing with Mud people genes and we will never be able to stop them. With the Whites bred out of existence the Jews will easily rule a twisted collection of stupid, subhuman, coffee-colored trash. This is the future the media Jews promote and the same future we fight against.

Congrats NSM! You’re our first winner of the hate site of the weak!

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  • Sir, as a concerned member of the White Nation, I’m not sure I appreciate your attempts to delegitimize the just cause of White Nationalism. Surely, as a Jewish Person, you are concerned with the survival of your own race and culture, so why can’t I, an Aryan American, be concerned with transmitting the hallmarks of proud White American culture to my children, time-honored traditions such as slavery, smallpox blankets, cockfighting and NASCAR? I’ll take up my rifle and die before any nigra-lovin’ Jew takes away my Constitutional right to watch cars drive in a circle 200 times while shotgunning Pabst!

  • Not to pick a historical bone with the oregon folk, but the Civil War was never about crushing the Union, it was about trying to succeed against Lincoln’s enforcement of the clause in the Constitution which begins “No state shall succeed…” Lincoln once said “If I could end the war without slavery I would, if I could end the war with slavery, I would.” The war was much more about the south (who believed they had the divine and lawful right to own slaves) beating back a more industrial (instead of Agrarian) civilization. The issue of slavery really didn’t even come up as a wartime issue until 1864, when Lincoln’s advisors told him that if he freed the slaves on the Northern side (and yes, there were still slaves on the north side whilst the “War Against Slavery” was going on) that the slaves in the south would leave and come to join the ranks of the union. I know it’s semantics…it just really bothers me when someone (like the Oregon folk) have their own take on history, and it’s so skewed as to blur what really happened. I love the blog..read it every day. Keep up the good work.

  • Thing is, Jews DO control the world — well, the part of it that counts: Freedom, Human Rights, Democracy, Capitalism, Rule of Law: In short, Torah values. If they don’t like it, tough. Let ’em come up with something better. As always, good work, Jewlicious!

  • Of course, as long as we’re being unduly generous with crediting the Jews with every good thing ever, Jews also control puppies, Girl Scout cookies, sunny days, raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.

    But seriously. The Torah also has no apparent quibbles with slavery, trial by ordeal, slaughtering Benjamites and taking their women, etc. It’s the laws and history of a fiercely tribal people in an unfriendly region, not a paradigm for a golden age where the Mighty Jewish Forces of Democracy and Capitalism finally crush the Dreaded Red Menace.

  • Joel

    I think it’s just fine to pick a bone or two with the Oregon folk, but A.) the word you are looking for is ‘secede’ not succeed and B.)there is no clause in the US constitution stating that “No state shall secede…” The clause that you cite, is actually part of what became known as Vallandigham Amendment (proposed to the 36th Congress, 1860-61) upon which the Congress never actually took any action whatsoever.

    I do not take issue with your assertion that the war was not about slavery, however I’d like to suggest that the situation and reasons for war were far more complicated than “the south…beating back a more industrial…civilization”.

    That said…
    Muffti, I am not yet sure that I agree with your reasoning for wanting to present hate sites in just that context. I have generally though that one is only asking for trouble in giving these sites a wider audience; however, being offered the opportunity to ridicule these fools publicly on a regular basis is rather attractive. So…thanks for the opportunity.

  • Michael, let me answer your quibbles in order. 1. Slavery was an accepted norm and such people were happy to be employed; it was a mutually beneficial relationship in an economic reality that is difficult for us moderns to fully comprehend. Slavery then was not what we think it was. Shabbat can be thought of as the first labor law and it included slaves, animals, and all members of the household. There are many Torah laws that pertain to “slaves”, all for the purpose of establishing and maintaining their dignity. 2. I am not sure what you mean by “trial by ordeal”; 3. the specific laws regarding the taking of women in conquest is provide an excellent illustration of how advanced the notion of Jewish justice was, as well as the value that we ascribed to women, their integrity and their choice in the matter of conjugal relations. I could refer you to several excellent essays on this subject as I cannot do it justice in this forum. Jewish laws are not the laws of a “fiercly tribal people” as you suggest, but rather are the laws of a people who are striving, often under great duress, to express the will of a caring, kind and compassionate G-d”, a G-d in whose image we were created, and, we believe, for the purpose of carrying out His will.

  • I am finding alot more Anti semitism and hatred out there. We are yelled at from cars on our way to shule and back. (if this happens to you, it is a bias crime in many states. React quickly by getting the license plate number and remember it, don’t both yelling back in anger, just get the #).

    I personally attribute this to the era we are on of terrorism, the war in Iraq, that we are losing, in the sense, that we have Americans and others, killed daily/weely, over there, and we have no defined exit plan, we have not trained an army there to take over. it is a kind of a stress that people feel. It is also due to the poor economic situation of many, and they see the usually ostenatious Jews w/ their big fat houses and stomachs, the men usually, and take out this frustration by evolving into anti-semites.

    Fortunately, it looks like the American people, the sane ones, are beginning to get tired of the monster bush and his Republican neo cons, who are responsible for the Iraqq mess, and to some extent by not improving the economy since bish has been in office, and so it looks to me, that the people will march them out of office as they deserve in the next big election. We saw this past elections more Dems were voted in. I am not saying that I am such a lover of Dems, but in this case, we must get rid of bush and his buddies.

  • I don’t understand why the supremecists think that Jews should be nicer to Palestinians. I mean, they’re “darker” than we are, right? By their own standards, we should be wiping the Palis off the map.

    Now, if a white supremacist wanted to pay my way to make aliyah, and give me a nice house in Israel, I’d pack up myself and a bunch of my closest friends and we’d be out of here tomorrow. Someone should suggest to them a “Jews Go Home!” fundraiser to get us out of “their” country. 🙂

  • Grace – your comment is hilarious because it’s true: It must make them crazy that we have the power to destroy the palis and yet we don’t do it. It’s a moral universe that they will never understand nor inhabit. And as for us, we’ll make aliyah anyway – with or without their bake sales – who would choose to live among such emptiness?!

  • You Jews don’t really have a clue! But It is simply amazing how you twist our writings to mean anything… Jews are the masters of deception, the master of the lie and professional BS artists. Get real! Even some jews don’t believe your dog and pony show!

  • Hey Jim, The point is your writings don’t mean much of anything except perhaps to show how easily deceived YOU are. I suppose if we all thought the same like your friends the Islamobots you’d think we were cool. Get real dude. Find a worthy cause.

  • I don’t understand why Jim isn’t more grateful for the traffic we’re sending his way. Hmmm, this reminds me of another website where we’re not even mentioned any more.

  • Probably because he just gets off thinking he’s being radical by promoting the views of a cult headed up by a Bavarian faggot momma’s-boy. He should join the US Marines and find out what true heroes are made of — if they’d have him.

  • Poor Jim. Perhaps, along with a worthy cause, he could use a girlfriend. The site does do some good. I have to say I am very proud to see all the Jewish gay rights activists we have out there.

  • Great feature, ck and mufti! I don’t think anyone else is doing anything like this. Keep it up.

    Bechira, I think we should be very careful about saying things like “Jews DO rule the world.” Yes, one can make a good argument that most of the core modern values we take for granted come from the Torah. But politics, business (including media and finance!), and culture are firmly in the hands of the dominant religious group, wherever you go. Jews are sometimes more prominent than their numbers would predict, but this has to do more with
    the millenia-old Jewish emphasis on education than any power that the Jews as a whole exercise.

    Why do people believe racist filth? It’s complicated. But people are frustrated. It’s hard to find a job, especially in certain regions. The world is a confusing and chaotic place. Christianity is unconvincing, as are the major political parties. Then someone comes along and tells you it’s all a conspiracy, that any problems you have are caused by an evil cabal. Of course the world is never this simple — personal and social problems have all sorts of complex causes. But they don’t teach you this in school. So the conspiracy theorist manages to convince you. Voila — your adolescent or young-adult frustration has an outlet. You learn to suppress contradictions and inconvenient facts, and it really seems to make sense. You feel like a righteous radical fighting for truth against the odds.

    But you can grow out of it. You can realize that what the Christians and Jews and most of everybody else have been saying is true: people are people are people. Every individual has worth and sanctity. Our “glorious future” doesn’t depend on killing off some segment of humanity, but on respecting each other, and working together to solve our common problems.

    Making fun of hate sites, and pointing people toward the good anti-hate sites out there, is one way we can help people grow out of hate.

  • Muffti wrote: Not to mention how hard it is to admire any concern for arabs issues from fans of Hitler and the Third Reich. What a joke.

    Oy, GrandMuffti, how could you so quickly forget your namesake?! The irony wasn’t lost on me. The Nazis and the Arabs were peas in a pod in WWII. And the Grand Mufti Amin al-Husayni of Jerusalem was a personal friend of Hitler, lead efforts to liquidate Jews in the Balkans and worked to recruit Muslims to fight the Allies. He was a certifiable war criminal, having been found guilty at the Nuremburg Trials along with his high-ranking Nazi peers.

    Yeah, so no surprise here. My only question is whether these neo-Nazis realize that, or whether they were just being hypocritical like you point out.

  • grandmuffti hypocritical side huh? Navermind palestinian people…they dont hail hitler or nazis…there just being palestinians period…But you hail racist fuckers named neo-nazis….Who you calling mud people? or niggers? You turn around other times and act diverse person which really you aint….Look at indians and chinese…There billions people, China is rising power to advance superpower nation…Little neo-nazis and hypocrite semite like you is no where compare them…Just point out regular European who non-racist competing jewish leaders, that makes sense…But not neo-nazis….

  • The thing about mocking hate sites: They’re too easy a target, so obvious and nearly self-parodying is their message and medium. I’d rather see mockery of more subtle forms of hatred, such as we see in some Western academic and media environments, and even in Western governments.

  • Easy target? Obvious and nearly self-parodying? hmm, do you have any idea just how lazy we are? That’s why that shit’s right up our ally!

  • Nicely spotted, Taltman, as usual. But Muffti is a GrandMuffti, not a GrandMufti. There is a distinction there that makes a difference. In any case, the Grand-Mufti is my namesake for the sake of parody, not respect.

    The Unknown, Muftti thinks you missed the point of the post. But he’s not really sure what you are getting at.

    Jon, thanks for the compliments.

    Esther, Muffti thinks you are lying but he’s too tired to go back and do the research.

  • “These Jews, drunk with power know that the Whitman is the only force in this world that could stop their domination.”

    Who is this Whitman guy? I’d like to meet him. He sounds pretty powerful. Maybe we can get him on our side.

  • Jim, I feel sorry for you, but sorrier for those in your company, for having to listen to such filth on a daily basis.

    Though this does give me time to kinda speak with an Anti-Semite. I’m just looking for some information. How could you acutally HATE an ENTIRE group of people? I don’t discriminate against an entire race, just against those who want to kill me or my friends.

    Mr. Ramm, I’m Jewish. If I met you, I wouldn’t attempt to kill you, or rape your sister, or spread disease around you, or control your newspaper, or kill your son as use his blood as my special ingredient in making Matzah. I just wouldn’t do that.

    I [probably] wouldn’t do any of that.

  • Jim! Don’t you see? We’re not really trying to convince you of anything. Mostly, due to the average white nationalist’s limitless stupidity or deep seated hatred, that would be an excercise in futility. We respect your right to freely express your otherwise vile ideas, but we don’t want to lend credence to them by actually debating issues like “Jews want to take over the world” or “Niggers are subhuman.” So what we really wanna do, is show you up for the irrelevant little pissants that you are. Keep you all marginalized so that you’ll never get a good job, know the love of a great woman, get elected to any kind of office. That sort of thing. You know what I mean – you’re living the life, fun fun fun! Eh?

  • Oh my God, that is sickeningly funny. Oh wow, look in the hate mail and not too far down the page is a chain letter (you know the if you don’t send this to 15 people in 5 minutes you will have terrible relationships forever). How this is a threat or hate mail I don’t know, but whatever. Then take a look at their leader photos, they are all overweight redneckish looking people.

  • The NSM of Portland doesn’t like milky milky cocoa puffs (hat tip to The Black eyed peas)?! Oh well, there’s no accounting for preference or stupidity.
    Aren’t Aryans, blacks, Asians.. all guests in America. Don’t the good people of The NSM of Portland know where they come from. I suppose they do: History must have been altered by, who else, the jews to perpetrate the lie that good white people slaughtered Native Amerians and grabbed their land. Aryans people were the natives of the Americas. A little known fact, of course!

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