Vote Yes for Prop 2Hey! You there, you live in New York? You registered to vote? There’s an election on Tuesday and one of the things you can vote for is Proposition 2. Proposition 2 will allow for $2.9 billion (plus matching Federal funds) to be used to repair and improve New York’s trains, roads and bridges – this includes the completion of a new 2nd Ave. subway and new environmentally friendly buses as well as badly needed repairs to roads and bridges. Frankly, I don’t live in New York, but I visit often and am always annoyed by the traffic and dirt. Proposition 2 will serve to diminish these annoyances and make ck happy. And what’s good for ck is good for the Jews. I thus declare Proposition 2 Jewlicious! You can read more about Proposition 2 at Straphangers and at I know that often times, when you all are trying to make a difficult decision you ask yourselves, “WWCKD (what would ck do?)?” Well, now you know.

Oh and uh… there’s a municipal election in Montreal today. I don’t care who you vote for. The Mayoral candidates acted like childish idiots in their last televised debates. Neither impressed me and either way, I am so outta here! Uri Lupolianski, better watch your ass, ck’s comin’ to town …

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • I live in New York City and I’m voting No on proposition 2 because the MTA is a lying organization that cannot be trusted!

    You didn’t write about how it’s going to put our state in greater debt. You did write that the bond act will borrow 2.9 billion dollars from taxpayers, but you neglected to mention that the amount of funding needed to pay for new subway cars and buses and a new line and east side access is estimated to cost 200 something billion, so where is the rest of the money coming from? More spending by our legislature? The MTA raised fares to 2.00 sayign they’re in need of money but they had a secret surplus which they’re now splurging on consumers for special holiday fares. You cannot trust anything the MTA tells the public. It’s a corrupt state agency that will screw the straprider everytime.

    Please don’t advocate something when you don’t have to live here with the consequences. I mean I haven’t advocated any Israeli policy in any way because i don’t live there and i’m not taxed there.

  • If we don’t get off oil, the Arabs will continue to retain a firm fist on the West’s sack.

    This is not borrowing money to pay your shopping builds. This money is not going to social services. It is creating a new critical subway line in a very dense, well-to-do, terribly underserved area of the Vertical City which will help the economy of New York tremendously. The rent and sale of properties on the Upper East Side will skyrocket, as will the corresponding taxes. Additionally, $4 billion in matching federal funds will be lost if this proposition is defeated.

    And this doesn’t even begin to address the issue of East Side Access for LIRR commuters, and the numerous ways that will benefit New York’s economy.
    Do you need that explained, Gary?

    Yes, the MTA has problems, but the city and suburban rail is the most comprehensive in the nation, so let’s work with what we got, and crack heads if and when they don’t perform properly.

  • spoiled long island brats can’t take the shuttle from Penn Station so they want East Side Access…ok alright maybe that’s not fair. I just don’t trust the MTA and anything it says so this is more like a “fuck you” vote to the agency. I’d probably vote for it if I thought it was in danger of not passing. I’m just REALLY upset at this agency and there really is no guarantee they’ll do with the money what they say they will.

  • Gary,

    There is a real danger. It didn’t pass last time! Upstate is not sympathetic. Please reconsider – this might be a tight one, and it might not pass.

    When have we built a subway or metro line and regretted it? Most of the time, we are very happy to have it.

  • Also – Spitzer will take care of the MTA once he is in power. That’s the way to take care of the MTA. Not by scuttling new transporation infrastructure!


  • Know what else is messed up about NYC elections? On the ballot they all but hide the third party candidates by listing their names all the way to the right. A friend of mine couldn’t even find Gloria Mattera on the ballot.

    In any case, proposition 2 passed, but I don’t think you should assume that Spitzer will win or that he will act in the way you want him to. Where was he when they raised fares in the first place pointing out that it wasn’t necessary?

  • Spitzer looks pretty secure for the position. At least as secure as he can be at this point of a year before the election. That’s a good question about the fare hike. I’m sure there is an answer, though.

    If elected, I think we can expect at least a different type of leadership than Gov. Pataki, who seems very tired at the end of three terms and not terribly innovative. And the MTA is in his hands.

  • I completely agree with you about Pataki, and to tell you the truth I have made the assumption about Spitzer too, but people tell me “Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. In any case, the MTA under Pataki has resulted in poor management and distrust by the public. I cannot wait until he’s gone.

    I don’t think he has a shot with a Republican presidential nomination, either.

  • if you don’t live in NYC then mind ur fucking business. Don’t tell me what to vote for

  • Congrats on this, and thank you again for your support. It’s a major accomplishment for NYC, and will hopefully trigger (in a good way, not in a SJW way) more rail infrastructure development both regionally and nationally.