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And welcome to the Bible quiz…[Muffti, start your engines…]

From the press release/email I was sent earlier today:

The, free, online Bible Quiz contains more than 3,000 multiple choice questions about the 5 books of Moses. Choose a chapter and timer setting, then the fun begins. The quiz, randomly, selects questions from its database, thus no two quizes are alike. There is, also, a database browser for reviewing and printing the Questions with the correct Answers. Adults, as well as children will find the quiz entertaining and very educational.

Here’s my issue. I hate multiple choice tests. I’d rather just come up with the answer myself, because people who create multiple choice answers do so intending to confuse the quiztaker.

So, either I’m REALLY bad at multiple choice tests, or ten years of yeshiva renders me a Bible moron. Or at least a C-student. The questions are random, so it’s possible that all of the “trick questions” happened to cycle in at the precise moment that I requested…or maybe it’s that I actually know A LOT of Bible stuff, but the infernal, Devils’ spawn answers confused me.

Anyway, try your hands, Jews and Jewesses, Christians and Christines, and men and women of all faiths. Feel free to post your scores and discuss these quizzes here, or crawl under a rock with the shame of what you thought you knew but didn’t.

[Yes, there’s room for you under here. I chose a really big rock.]

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  • hey esther! what is the required score to be admitted to the Under-the-rock club?

  • Spam, by definition, is e-mail that one doesn’t like receiving.

    Esther liked receiving that e-mail.

    Therefore, that e-mail is not spam. Q.E.D.

  • I was getting 8s and 10s, mostly. And I didn’t even go to a cheder, much less a yeshiva. I went through the first few chapters of Bereshit. Got hung up on the names, mostly.

  • I only got that email once, and it was something I actually found interesting, so I posted it. Plus, we have a muffti here who claims to have been some sort of Bible champion when he was a youth, so I thought it would be of interest.

  • I was also a Bible champion in my youth (First Place, Canadian Zionist Federation National Bible Contest, Sunday School Division, 1980). Unfortunately the rules at the time didn’t allow Sunday school division winners to go on to the international championships in Israel. Oh well, now they can.

    Muffti, which contest(s) did you win?

  • I got an 8 out of 10 on Bereishis, which really is shameful. I shouldn’t have done so poorly.

  • Muffti hates to dissapoint but while under the influence of various stuff he only scored 48% on bereshit. But, in all fairness, he’s an atheist who hasn’t read this stuff since CK made him in Savannah…

  • I scored 70% on Bereishit (which shoulda been 80% ’cause I accidentally clicked the wrong dot on one question). Which just goes to show you: a few years of afternoon Hebrew school is superior to a yeshivah education. You heard it here first.

  • Hee hee. Judi, I can’t comment on that because in the CZF contest I wasn’t competing with yeshivah kids, only with other afternoon/Sunday school kids. I like to think I would’ve mopped the floor with the day-schoolers too, but then their quizzes (written and oral) were entirely in Hebrew, which at that time wasn’t a strength of mine.

    Oh, and yesterday I scored 100% on Beresheet. But I shouldn’t pat myself on the back so much; I imagine I wouldn’t do nearly as well on, say, Terumah or Tazria.

  • Well, I averaged 80% on really familiar parts of the Torah (my bat mitzvah portion, parts of bereishit not involving the word “begat”, and anything covered in the haggadah), and 20% on everything else. Note that there is a 20% margin of error to cover random guessing.

    What does this say about me? That I still know my bat mitzvah portion by heart, and that I REALLY pay attention every pesach.

    Hooray for the Day Schools of Toronto!

  • Yep, 80% on Bereshit, not so hot on other areas. Torah study, anyone?

  • 72& on Chayeii Sarah. Man are there a lot details. Muffti is a big picture guy.

  • omg ! so I am an idiot.
    cool, I can’t believe I try to explain this type of faith to people all the time.

    in fact i found this site, by googling bibleogy.

    great job on the site.

    and HELL YEAH (cause that’s like totally ok with him)
    Rock with Him thru Life bibleogists!

  • so thanks
    : lchayim

    can’t be happy having what u are by choice..eh

    so misery loves company delete the damn email and get on with Life.
    and we always say ” holy crap and then it hits ya.” wow that’s a mess!