I knew that little dipshit drama queen couldn’t stay away. The former Jew rapper found Jesus and shut down his stupid Web site. But then, like Jesus rising from the dead, Fifty Shekel hath returned. He has now been re-christened and has gone from being a bad rapper to a truly terrible Christian trance/electronica… uh… singer dude. I mean lets put aside the bullshit Jewish messianism stuff for a sec. This stuff is REALLY awful – highlights include Call Him, a remake of Blondie’s Call Me, with the sexual innuendo taken out and replaced by this homoerotic fill me up with your holy spirit O Holy father bad electronica shtick; also avoid the Techno-remix of Bette Midler’s Wind Beneath My Wings – the worst techno remix since Achey Breaky Heart.

Now there’s been some rumblings. Folks feel I may have been a bit harsh on poor Aviad. He’s obviously a very confused boy who had it rough because he’s a Cohen and had he stuck with Orthodox Judaism he’d have to date only never married Jewesses who have never had sex with a non-Jew. Now I admit the extreme hatred I aimed his way was rough, especially given the whole Jewish holidays thing and the avoid sina’at chinam (blind hatred) thing. And I did feel bad. For about a second. Just as I was about to turn the other cheek though I realized that my hatred was not blind and that I am not a Christian. The dude’s involvement in messianic Judaism is an affront. Anyone that chooses to go down that road should know that if they do so, they will catch shit. However, should Aviad ever come to his senses and give up this Jews for Jesus crap, I’ll be more than happy to invite him over for shabbat or I’ll buy him a beer. He’ll still be an awful musician. But he’ll have a beer. Now seriously, is that blind hatred?

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