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A little sick of hearing the All American Rejects whine on the radio about their dirty little secret? Wish you could hear some music with a message? Made by people who were in it for more than the chicks and the benjamins? Stuff that isn’t produced and sung by sorority girls in clubs while they swill down cheesy pink drinks and get fooled into thinking they are getting drunk?

Our second winner of the hate site of the weak is the place for you. Resistance Records has been around for a while, dealing in only the best of hate music. There are many facets to this site. You can find such classic white power bands as RaHoWa (short for ‘Racial Holy War’, Muffti is told), Skrewdriver, and Johnny Rebel. You can find newer, kinder songs by our fav little racialist twins, Prussian Blue. You can read thoughtful reviews of the albums such as:


Newbies can buy sampler records to dip their toes into the best of white power music.

But that’s not all. The fine race warriors at Resistance Records also run a prolific message board, and provide links to a news service that reports on such tidbits as rise in immigrant crime and charges against holocaust deniers. They also provide mp3 samples on their main page that you can download to try before you buy. (Muffti listened to a few…Cut Throat are pretty wussy but Angry Aryans provide some under-produced punk-metal inspired riffs. The sample from Skrewdriver was a bit dissapointing. Dresden was fucking lame. Check them out for some of the lamest hate music you could ever not want to hear. Muffti confesses to seeing the most promise in a band called Vaginal Jesus who sound a bit like GWAR until you remember they aren’t intentionally being funny. Worst band that Muffti sampled goes to New Storm Rising whose sample sucked so hard that nothing could possibly suck more than it. Oh well.)

Not interested in music, aryan-interest news or posting? Resistance Records runs a store for products ranging from magazines (i.e. Final Conflict), books (i.e. DACHAU: THE HOUR OF THE AVENGER) and clothing (remember those cute li’l happy face Hitler t-shirts Lamb and Lynx were wearing? They sell them here in case you need an outfit for your next innapropriate costume party).

But seriously, Jewlicious readers; there is some sick shit here. And there is lots of it. And it’s well organized and easy to buy at reasonable prices. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that all haters are incompetent loons who just drool and rave day and night about ZOG and the travails of the white christian Aryan in an increasingly multicultural world. This site shows that with some effort, they can be organized and efficient at least on the marketing end of things. We can only thank hashem that the music and apparel sucks so hard that no normal person would ever deign to buy it. Though, at their best, the music still beats on the All American Rejects and everything by Bon Jovi.

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  • So this is the idea… Let’s start a rumour that Resistance Records is owned by Jews and that the money is going to ZOG.
    That’s right. Resistance records out of business.

  • Good job brainiac. And lets keep it secret because white power nutbars NEVER read Jewlicious. Sheesh. I hope you’re a better pimp than you are an evil zionist plotter. No wonder you never got that phone call from the Elders …

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  • Comments one and two are obviously part of a Jewish conspiracy to hide the fact that a Jewish conspiracy controls Resistance Records.

  • National Socialism will rise again.
    And people will see the serpents for what you really are and send you back to hell.

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          The numbers are just a way of identifying you. Anybody who hates Jews enough to have contemplated and rejected killing them might reconsider.