hillary clinton at western wall

With a tip of the hat to Yoni Miller for the insider tip, ck and I made it down to the Old City this morning to catch Hillary Clinton making her kotel appearance. Even without the constant entourage, I have to say, the woman has presence and gravitas and an air that is almost, dare I say it, presidential.

Making it a point to let everyone there shake her hand and say a few words, she left a good impression, but the question remains, does kissing the kotel make up for kissing Suha Arafat? The world has yet to see, but Yoni tells us she got 100% of the vote in New Square, home of the square-er-er rebbe.

Hillary arrived sans hubby Bill and daughter Chelsea who may have been tuckered out from their previous evening’s helicopter visit to Amman. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, who is also in town, was nowhere to be seen. If you want any high res copies of these and other Hillary at the kotel pics, send email to laya [at] jewlicious [dot] com.

Hey! ck got in on the action too. Click on more below to see his pics and commentary.

Hillary at the KotelHillary at the Kotel
The ladies section of the kotel was fenced up a bit, allowing Senator Clinton easy access past the throngs of worshippers. The ground was swept and polished as well. I got up close and had my Canon Powershot ready to go, just in case Hillary tripped on the shiny polished rocks. That didn’t happen. But I was really close. Hillary did indeed look regal and her female Secret Service crew? Hottness! Hillary put a little prayer in the wall, which I am certain included her wishes regarding a victory in the next Senate elections as well as maybe a request for some divine guidance with respect to her 2008 political aspirations. Fun-o-ramma!

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  • What happens to all the male photogs and reporters? Did they patiently wait outside, or get bodychecked by the dodot who make sure men stay clear?

  • the woman has presence and gravitas and an air that is almost, dare I say it, presidential.

    I think it’s the hair.

  • She still is a carpet bagger in my mind.. She is a NY’er like Arafat was from Palestine.

  • Hill, like Bill, will do/say anything that gets her votes. Don’t trust her, she’s evil.
    Laya I think your gorgeous and I want to marry you, please say yes πŸ™‚

  • “old” is not a synonym for “stately” or “presidential”.

  • Laya – were you really close or does your camera just have a good zoom? Your photos are great either way!

  • Josh: I was in the men’s section standing amongst the male photographers. They had pretty much equal access to Hillary, although she did have to pose towards the male photographers and then towards the female photographers. My shots are ok, but laya’s are better because she did have the better Camera (Canon EOS Digital Rebel, 8.1 megapixels with an 18-55mm lense to my dinky 2 megapixel Canon PowerShot with 3x optical zoom) and she is, like, a real photographer. A good one too.

    Clark, you do know that the woman with Hillary is not laya, right? You can see laya in the about us section or by simply typing laya into the blog search box.

    Stacy: Laya had an 18-55mm zoom and actually shook hands with Hillary, so yeah, she was pretty darn close.

  • Yes well I am sure most Americans wish Bill were back as President, not this obscene moron we have now.

    I am not saying that Bill was the best moral character person, but as far as the economy was concerned I was able to enjoy many prosperous years when he was the boss.

    Now this monster we have has made this war in Iraq that will either never end or we will leave the job unfinished, or to some extent it is OK that we just leave, the insurgency might end, since they want us out.

    How many Trillions of dollars this imbecile wasted?

    And as far as outsourcing, he might have moved a bowel at least.

    A recent Gartner report says, Outsourcing must stop.

    You think you have a cushy job and it won’t affect you, guess again. As we speak the great assholes at IDT are setting up law firms in India for outsourcing of Para legals, lawyers, all that stuff. Next in line they have accountants, marketing, you name it.

    Get a broom and learn how to mop, soon those jobs will be scarce also.

  • When exactly did Chelsea get so hot? Guess wine isn’t all that improves with age?

  • You know, I wouldn’t entrust my accounting or legal work to anybody who lives in another country. If they’re going to do document review work, I guess that might be fine, but putting aside bar membership requirements, I’d have to think it is not very wise to entrust too many important things (and legal and accounting advice count as extremely important for most of us) to a foreigner living in a foreign land. Even if they are geniuses.

    Outsourcing is definitely bad for all of us and will harm us all in the future because many middle class jobs are portable, but not everything can be exported. To this day the US still manufactures 80% of the goods it consumes.

  • Laya- The first photograph is really good, especially considering it must have been pandemonium. Very nice.

  • I appreciated it too. I was awed by your mastery of pop culture! When are we going to Ta’ami? I am jeaalous that the waiter already knows Michael – surely that means only one thing – I need to go to Taami more often.

  • “Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, who is also in town, was nowhere to be seen.”

    She was actually working. While Hillary was having another good hair day, Condoleeza was getting an agreement between Israel and Palestine for more ‘gate openings’ between them. Hot sweaty thankless useful work. Something Hillary could learn from, but already knows it all. Ouch!

    Hillary may be President in 2008, but only if Condoleeza decides not to be. You heard it here first. πŸ™‚

  • If Condoleeza Rice is President, who’ll be the first lady? Or first mate or whatever. I think Condoleeza has some scary skeletons in her closet. She will not run in 2008, or ever. You heard it here first.

  • harry – high five
    hmm – that’s not Chelsea,
    elon – thanks
    clark – you’re my kinda guy πŸ˜‰

  • I don’t think she’ll run but not because she has skeletons in her closet. I think she is still young and pacing herself and wants to establish a solid track record for herself. Plus, she is probably waiting for a more worthy opponent than Hillary to run against.
    If you are implying that she is unqualified to be President for lack of a significant other, you are WAY out of bounds. It is legitimate to cricitize her if you suspect she did improper things for the sake of the Bush administration, but not because she may or may not be having a relationship with a man, a woman or an inanimate object. For that you’d want to look at Hillary first.

  • Yeah a solid track record as a disturbingly sexless drone, obsessed with her boss, GWB, who she once reffeered to, in an unguarded moment, as her husband. Democrat, Republican or Independant – I don’t care. That shit’s just creepy.

    And Harry? You’re on. Hummus at Taami. I’ll call ya. Shall I bring Michael? Laya? When’s Mobius back in town?

  • All of a sudden everyone gets on the moral high horse.
    Condoliza never impresses me as a high intellect. I suspect that if she were merely an average white girl, she wouldn’t have any glory.

    I still think most Americans wish Bill were still in charge.

  • Laya, sweetheart, I take that as a ‘yes’ πŸ™‚
    I’m ready to write the T’noyim. So when are you coming to NY? I’ll pick you up from the airport.

  • BC, thanks for pointing that out! That’s great for the Jewlicious hat company. If only he had mentioned the word “blog,” or the words “other tremendously talented writers,” we’d all be swimming in the fame and glamour that CK’s experiencing today.

  • Somehow referring to the President as a “husband” which is a synonym for “boss” is not as creepy as getting blowjobs while your hand is on the red button.

    A woman in politics will be criticized for being sexless, undersexed, or oversexed no matter what she does, including letting her husband have oral relations with interns. A woman’s makeup and wardrobe will be mercilessly picked apart no matter who she is. For example, if I wanted to be catty, I could say something like Hillary’s attempt at wearing blue, one of Israel’s national colors, and her psuedo-tallis look pashmina were an overtly obvious choice at trying to look like she stands in solidarity with Israel, but we all know she is hiding a hijab undearneath.

  • slow down there cowboy, this girl is not quite ready to settle down, makes it a point to not accept marriage proposals from strangers on the internet, and won’t be moving to metropolis anytime soon. Sorry clark, you got three strikes against you.

  • I can’t say I wouldn’t vote for Hillary, but I can’t say I would either. It depends on who’s running against her.

    She’s certainly better than John Kerry, personality wise. Although I haven’t heard many of her stances on issues.
    Although its clear this visit to Israel was obviously meant to grab the attention of well, us, the Jews.

  • Decent woman, but her politics are INSANE!!! She would turn this country into a Soviet Russia.

    But if you New Yorkers love her, that is okay. Just don’t make her affect innocent souls over here on the west coast.

  • Hummm, you sure do know how to let a guy down easy…
    I guess I’m gonna have to keep searching. LOL

  • Fivel- You mean the west coast that houses Berkley and my hometown Eugene? My friends and professors in New York used to call my home state the “Peoples Republic of Oregon”..

    I hardly believe that you believe that her politics would usher in an era of American politics that resemble SOVIET RUSSIA. I know, overexaggeration is fun….but let me just pose a question:

    What about her politics are so insane?

  • Ok… so if the girl in the picture isn’t Chelsy, then who is she?

  • Yeah… ok… but what is she doing with Hillery at the Kotel… Is she campaigning for her? Moving into politics herself? Or was she just randomly there and decided to share in the media spotlight?

  • “Condeliza never impresses me as a high intellect. I suspect that if she were merely an average white girl, she wouldn’t have any glory.”

    Nice Jobber. Speaking of intellect…

  • While she looks like Erika Christensen I’m guessing she’s just a tour guide…

  • The Republicans have nothing to say anymore, just the old wheezes, change the subject about the difference between how men and women are perceived, the zaniness of the Clintons…

    They want to pretend that bush and the Republicans neo cons didn’t screw up big time. We have not trained an Iraqi army at anywhere near the point where we could leave. Yet as long as we are there, we are feeding the insurgency. Nice quagmire, great going bush. The money wasted in Iraq, the stated reasons for the war, WMD, now they say, oh well, he would have gotten them soon enough, everyone knows that. The terrible planning for this ghastly war of theirs.

    Bush should go to the U.N., get down on his knees, admit that he screwed up, he hasn’t got a clue what to do now, beg for their help.

  • That tour guide is probably going to try to convince Hillary to stay at the Heritage House and take a class at Neve to make a big play for the Orthodox vote.

  • You have these aish robots all over the plaza area they agressively accost innocent foreigners and ask them to come to aish to take some dopey class. 74 ways to wisdom’ or some such nonsense. And idiots go w/ them, probably bec. they are so jet lagged and tired from the unfamiliar hot sun, they figure, yeah ok some A/C, some cold water, what the hey. Before they know they are brainwashed, hooked, spend a year or 2, go back to the US, work in kiruv, move to Lakewood or Passaic. They usually really work on those who they shrewdly perceive as either rich, or w/ the potential to be. They always, always check out what college you went to, what was your major. Aha, Aha. Their greedy eyes light up. It’s just a job mill that whole industry. I am sorry to admit I also spent a few mornings there at aish in the old city. I went for one class, went for a few more and also Yom Kippur. Thankfully, that is as far as it went.

    I empathize deeply w/ those Americans who fell in their trap.

  • OK Jobber. Now if you could do as good a job explaining your non-white ‘Condoleezza comment’ as you have your political bias.

  • No political bias Jim. U may have one. All I am saying is that I don’t see what the attraction of Condi is all about. I hear her talk all the time and she says nothing.

    She is just a mouthpiece for her boss, the dope who got us into this mess in Iraq.

    Sorry if you took offense at the black white thing there, I perceived that many are madly in love w/ her as a gr8 stateman (stateswoman?) which I don’t get for the aforementioned reasons.

  • Actually I have rethought my position on this. What she says or doesn’t say on a TV int. is bogus, she is there to do action, not to speak well on TV per se.

    Probably I don’t like her bec. she is a bush person. This is wrong of me and I apologize to the group for my statements re: Condy.

  • Elon

    A little exageration I’ll admit.

    But she gained prestige as a first lady by being extremely supportive of universal health care. That is all I know about her, but it shows that she is an irrational person. A lot of European countries have universal healthcare. Not only is the wait extremely long, but the quality of healthcare and medical doctors there are a lot lower than America’s.

    This isn’t bias. It is economics. (These facts were taught to me by a foreign exchange professor in economics from Europe where they actually have universal health coverage) And I’m not being a spoiled rich kid for I grew up in a working-class town.

    Hopefully you won’t ask me to explain economics to you because then it would be an extremely lengthy lesson.

    And I’m not Hillary bashing. Oh wait, I guess I am in a polite way.

  • Fivel-
    That is silly. Seriously. You are basing your opinion of her politics on her support of Universal Health Care as the First Lady?

    And even so, as your economics professor would be forced to admit there is no consensus on UHC, and it’s validity as an option here. To say that it is ineffective because of bureacracy is bull as private health care providers spend upwards of %30 on administration and profit compared to Medicare’s %3 on administration. This doesn’t even take into account that more and more Americans are unable to afford sky rocketing premiums. Also, to say that our health care is better than “a lot of European countries” is also blatantly false, despite the claims of your professor from Europe. Access is down, service costs are up for hospitals and offices, and private providers are covering less…explain again how our system is “better”?
    I wonder, how many times have you tried to utilize a European health care system? I will tell you this, I lived in a country with Universal health care, payed 75 Euro for a YEARS coverage, and was never denied care ONCE. I went to the doctor a few times in that year, recieved my perscription for free and got better. I now live in the U S of A, and can’t afford coverage at all…so wow, things are going great for my health care needs.

    What i’m getting at here is this, UHC is not that irrational, it hasn’t even been tried here for g-d’s sakes and you are writing everyone off as soviet sympathizers for supporting it!

    I think your incredibly cursory grasp of what Universal Health care is, and your labeling of Clinton’s politics as “insane” based on that is silly for a number of reasons. The chief reason being, this is one issue of many, and she might just have a point!

  • I have to question the rationality of any member of the working classes supporting the Republicans. As for UHC, I’ve lived in Europe and Canada and the US and in my humble opinion and experience, UHC, even with its attendant weaknessses, is better than what’s going on in US healthcare.

  • Well, that is until you need a specialist to do a specialty procedure. On that front, the US system is much more flexible and, uh, fast.

    About the rationality of working classes supporting Republicans, the joke is that in some ways the Republicans have succeeded in painting Democrats as elitist, wine-sipping, well-to-do pseudo-intellectuals who get their soft hands buffed at the manicurist when they are not out golfing after driving out to the range in their Volvo right after the abortion procedure was concluded by their devil-worshipping gay doctor.

    They’re lots of people who wouldn’t vote for folks like that when they can vote for a folksy, dyslexic, ranch-dude who feels more comfortable in jeans than a suit and gathering hay than talking to reporters. Oh sure, I could have a beer with that guy, let’s make him President.

  • Medicine has got to remain prestigious and profitable to attract and retain the best and the brightest into the system. That’s Democracy at it’s best and the American way. If the U.S. ever switched to UHC, the phrase “My Son/Daughter, The Doctor….” would lose all is cache for Jewish Mother’s.

  • Doctors in Canada do pretty well. It’s true they don’t do as well as in the USA, but they still do pretty well. In the USA, the fact they can make as much as they do is part of the problem – when you take the issue of health and treat it as another product in a free market, then of course you’re going to have many who cannot receive treatment.

  • Health care in a purely profit making capitalist environment will drive up health costs because the whole idea behind business is to market your product(drugs) and/or service(office visits) in order to increase profits.

    In the USA, prescription drugs are marketed ‘directly’ to consumers using aggressive mass media techniques consisting of describing what the conditions are a drug is design to treat, the symptoms of the conditions on might have, and a suggestion if you feel any of these, go visit your doctor and ask if this drug could be for you. Classic drug/doctor business incest.

    I have personal experience of grand parents making serial visits to doctors offices at the doctors request, not theirs, creating a suspicious demand for customers(services).

    Is there any wonder Medicaid/Care and Medical Insurance is out-of-control. Medical services do not lend themselves to private profit making where the Medical Products/Service are SOLD to the patient, instead of the patient seeking them out when the need arises.

    HMO run medical companies may be an exception to this where they have an incentive to reduce demand for health services. This is a good compromise IMO to fix the problem of selling of health services while retaining the customer quality and service of a privately run profit making business. Any gov’t paid for health services(free) need to be managed by profit making HMOs. If you want choice, then you would pay for it by buying your own private health insurance.

  • The poor can receive treatment through government assistance. If it is not equal to what the rich can afford, that’s unfortunate, but the rich are paying taxes which subsidize the care the poor receive without contributing equally into the system.

    Healthcare is not treated as another product in a free market, it is a very heavily regulated industry.

    If Pharmaceutical companies are not allowed to make a healthy profit, what is their incentive for spending money on the research and development of new drugs which save lives? An award certificate? After they invent the drugs and patent them, why shouldn’t they be allowed to market them and profit? If they make a good profit they can then sell life saving drugs to countries that wouldn’t have the ways or means to invent them on their own.

  • Chutzpah, we know all these arguments well, and yet, it’s possible to make and sell drugs for far less money. Most of the expenditures go for marketing purposes, not R&D.

    Also, part of the problem is precisely what you state – the poor can get treatment. Well, not exactly. What happens is that the individual who goes to the hospital insured, will have his insurer pay, say $4000 on a $17,000 bill. The poor sod who comes in without insurance, regardless of his income level, will pay $17,000 for that bill. That $17,000 might be the amount covering an operation and a couple of days at the hospital. Why should it be so expensive? Beats me, but I’m guessing the uninsured person is the one subsidizing the insured one.

    Canada’s system is far from perfect. However, ours is also far from perfect, and our shitty infant mortality rate and lower longevity than Canada’s are serious red flags, especially since we spend more on health care as a percentage of our GDP than Canadians.

    The ideal system would combine elements of both systems. But at its foundation, everyone would be insured so they can go to the doctor and prevent what could become much more expensive treatments later.

  • Because of the high cost of doctor’s insurances their earnings are not as high as they once were. So the motivation to become a doctor is not strictly financial.

    Chutzpah is wrong about her gung ho capitalism anyway, China is the true capitalist country. THere they have no provisions for sick days, holidays, social security. In the USA there is a concept of fair play, and preventing unbridled capitalism. You do have safety nets for people who have fallen through the cracks. You do have government programs to assist the non upper crust, those who use their connections to get their kids jobs and so forth. Bloomberg for example in NY instituted a program of taking bright minority teachers, people from the hoods, and grooming them to become assistant principals, a very successful program.

    I am constantly amazed at the hard line people take on the less fortunate. It’s certainly not a Jewish basis. In Jewish thought we are deemed to have compassion for the less fortunate, not pound our chests w/ pride at our so called accomplishments.

  • Also getting back to Condi, I am less than ecstatic over what she did here. She orchestrated a situation whereby Israel will be out of the loop in monitoring traffic between Gaza and the West Bank. This is a potential huge problem. So it is her faulty or bushes?

    Is anyone concerned about this at all?

  • I must be missing some information here because I thought everyone who is legally in this country has access to some form of medical treatment. People that are working get insurance from their companies, people that are unemployed can continue there prior health coverage under COBRA. People who are self-employed take a percentage of their earnings to purchase insurance. The disabled are eligible to receive medicaid, disability, medicare etc. so if people are falling through the cracks, it’s probably because they are on it.

  • So we have 43 million people on crack and that’s why they are uninsured? COBRA doesn’t last forever. Self-employed people have to pay a small fortune to be covered. Many companies no longer (or never have) provide health insurance as a benefit. Medicare and medicaid only care for specific populations and lots of people do not qualify. The system has been relying upon laws that prohibit hospitals from turning away people who come to the hospital for an emergency.

    The thing is, you can be plenty sick before you go to the emergency room. Even then, you are likely to get a huge bill and the hospital will do their best to get you to pay as much as they can.

    43 million out of 300 million have no insurance whatsoever, and of the remaining Americans, many have inadequate insurance.

  • Cobra is only for 18mo and u pay well for it, $1100-1200 a mo for a fam. Jobs like in fast food, Wal mart don’t have health care that’s the issue.

    Yes most jobs in a decent company have health care, w/ a contributory part, but many jobs just dont, many type of temp jobs for example, when I was unemployed I did take a temp job at a major pharmaceutical company, but no health of course, I had to leave this when they wanted me to work on Sat. but a fellow temp there I am still in contact w/ is still there 2 years later, still no health. No many manage bec. the spouse has a job w/ health but there are still millions who don’t. In the so called richest country in the world, this should not be.

    Conservative love to say that it’s bec. they are all on dope and booze and buy designer clothers and wear jewellry, but this is not accurate.

    There is a book by Barbara Ehrenreich, a brilliant book called ‘Nickeled and Dimed’ wherein she went ‘undercover’, attempting to live as a either waitress, Wal mart worker, maid, etc… w/ the rent and food and all. It will open up the eyes of anyone to read this book. There are many copies of this on that famous auction site, no need to give them an extra plug eh?

  • Kepp your eye on the 8 ball and you become a valuable source of good info. Yes! Nickel and Dimed is a great and important book. I am also looking forward to reading Barbara’s latest, Bait and Switch.

  • BTW – I know the person next to Hillary! Heh Heh – boy is she gonna be surpised tomorrow to find out what people are writing about her!

    Thanks guys – you made my day!

  • Aw, my friends.

    I am sorry if I have upset you for I didn’t mean to.

    The Middle, marketing costs a lot more than R&D? That is far from true buddy. Not only is there a lot of R&D put into finding a right formula, but then there are years of R&D that pharmaceutical companies must do before their product enters the market. Then, consider all of the failed experiments and products in R&D. These are huge financial losses that we’re talking about. So each medicine R&D company is taking on a HUGE risk for attempting a worth while medicine. Then you have to balance these huge given R&D costs and the financial risk with a nice size reward if everything works out. You need to give these R&D companies an incentive to do what they do. It is not a given.

    Once again, I’m not going to give you an economics lesson. But some of you just don’t seem to understand what I’m getting at.

    You know how I mentioned how there are extremely long waits and lower quality health services to the patients. Just in case you can’t understand this as an economical case, then I’ll simplify it for you. There is a long wait because everybody gets “free” healthcare. If a person has a minor illness that us Americans would just stay at home for, a person with UHC may would go to the doctor since it is at no cost to him/her. Also, if a person has a more serious illness/injury, he will have to wait in line behind the people that really should’ve just stayed home.

    It is lower quality because they need MORE doctors to attend to all of these people. In Britain it is around 5-6 years of college where in America doctors need to have 9-11 years. American doctors are therefore more educated, but this works for the British because 9-11 years of schooling would be too much of a deterrent to potential doctors. So the UHC countries exchange quality for quantity.

    As for questioning my rationality for being a working class “Republican.”

    First of all, I’m an independent, not a Republican.
    Then I wish to say that it should not be irrational if one feels personally responsible for others. I think that the government is full of idiots. Republicans, Democrats, they’re all looking to promote their personal agenda. They always want to look good, which makes their decisions always for the short term, not the long term. Politicians keep the working class down. Conservatives make it a free for all without leveling the playing field while Democrats make the lower class feel more comfortable “down there.”

    All that I’m saying is that if you truly care about the less fortunate, back it up with actions. Don’t rely on the government to fix it because they only fix one problem by creating another problem. Rely on yourself. Care for your fellow brother/sister on the left and right of you whether you are related or not. Make a lot of money in your professional career so that you have more potential to help others out. Just fix the problem yourself instead of relying on the “out of touch”(politicians) to solve the problem for you.

    Elon, it IS irrational for UHC. Once again I apologize if you are a fan of this woman. Go right ahead. Just understand that I understand where you are coming from, but I still disagree.

  • Fivel, there are many sources that belie your claim that R&D at Big Pharma costs more than their marketing. Take a look at the chart on the second page of this report:


    Then Google the topic a bit and you’ll see that my claim is correct. These days, not only do these companies advertise incessantly on tv, radio and the Internet, but they also have very sophisticated sales programs directed at doctors.

  • No, she is not Julia Stiles nor the girl from traffic – she is a good friend of mine (and available if I may add… ;))

  • Well, Grandmuffti, Michael, ck, Mobius, Encino Yeled and the guys from Judapest are also available. This being the Internet, if you tell us a little about her, we can figure out who the most eligible bachelor around here might be.

    Heck, it’s better than JDate.

  • Fivel- It’s fine to disagree with me, but c’mon mate honestly your explination for why UHC is irrational is as my british friends would say “bollocks”, which makes your “attack” on Clinton incredibly weak.

    Instead of providing anecdotal evidence, why not some numbers? The problem is, according to your logic, if i need open heart surgery done I may have to wait in line because the health care in UHC countries brings out all these people with colds and flus who need to be examined? You do realize that sick people don’t always go to hospitals right?

    This is not to mention that I will take Health Care, even if I had to pay a small co-payment for visits and deal with a bit of bureacracy over my current situation whereas i can’t afford health care at all.

    I’m not drooling over Hillary….i’m just shocked by your original claim that she would turn this country into soviet russia and your complete lack of ability to back up this contention.

  • Well Elon,

    You don’t see the world as I see it.

    As I said earlier, I’m not going to teach you an economics class.

    As for not getting “numbers,” I don’t feel the need to get them. All that I could tell you, as an honest man, is that I swear to you that I read about this stuff in my textbooks. Not just an economic textbooks, but a business ethics textbook as well.

    And could you really not afford your medical bills. A large percentage of Americans are satisfactoy covered. This is because of economics. They need to make a profit so they can’t over charge for their services.

    And no, I didn’t say that a person who is about to die would have to wait “in line” behind routine appointments. But because it is a first come, first serve, both routine and more serious complications have to just WAIT when it should be a lot more efficient.

    As for Clinton, I told you that I exaggerated “a little” about saying Hillary would turn us into the USSR. But her economics would be somewhat similar to Communist Russia, and over time this would have dramatic consequences.

    Seriously Elon, I would even vote for you over Hillary for president any day.