I’ve read dylan
I’m reading people now
Because it is much more chilling

So Muffti has a puzzle he’s been mulling.

Say that you knew for a fact that if you didn’t keep kosher for one day, then Muffti and two other jewish atheists would for the rest of their lives. You also knew that if you did keep kosher during that day, Muffti and two other atheist jews would never keep kosher at all. The puzzle is wether or not you ought to keep that deal.

The reason Muffti asks is because he is curious about the notion that gets floated here once in a while regarding all of Israel being responsible for one another. Muffti’s case is one where the dependancies are clear: your keeping kosher entails Muffti and co. not every day in which you didn’t keep kosher, you would cause 3 more jews to see the value of kashrut and start keeping kosher. Muffti is willing to go 2 for 1 with you guys: every meal one of you who keeps kosher eats bacon, he’ll refrain for 2 meals. Any takers?

Any opinions? Muffti doesn’t know the halacha on this kind of thing at all and would be curious to know.

(incidentally, this trick is useful to use on self righteous vegetarians. Next time one of them is going off about how they don’t eat meat coz it is cruel, tell them that if they eat a steak, three of you will eat vegetarian that meal. The overall gain in utility is thus 3:1 for the veggie eating a juicy steak. See if they’ll do it and when they don’t point out how unethical they are being…)

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