Jewcy Chanukah

Yeah, yeah, you may have heard about this party elsewhere but THIS announcement is both up to date and a little more fun. Why fun? Because we’re going to give away a pair of tickets to this awesome event to a lucky winner!! Yaaaay! Now laya says that we should have a Hanukkah Haiku contest and I say we need to make it easy. So we’ll do both – either send us your best original Hanukkah Haiku or limmerick or just send me a really good reason why you should win and you and a friend can go to this party FOR FREE!

Now let me tell you about the party … It’s the 1st Annual Jewcy Chanukah Benefit at Crobar. Entertainers include Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Saturday Night Live star Rachel Dratch, Hip hop provocateur Princess Superstar, Celebrated female rappers Northern State, The Cast of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, The Daily Show’s Eric Drysdale, Actress/comedian Jackie Hoffman, Comic genius Judy Gold, Funnyman Todd Barry, Comedian Rebecca Drysdale and many more of today’s most celebrated Jewish artists … including Perry Farrell (aka DJ Peretz) who will DJ between acts and perform on stage. Wow.

This extravaganza, a benefit for Natan will take place on Sunday, December 11 at 8 pm at Crobar, 530 W. 28th St., New York, NY. Now even if you don’t win, you should still go. It’s for a good Jewhipster-friendly cause and ticket prices start at only $25 and are available for purchase online by clicking here. If you are counting on winning, better get a move on … we announce the winner December 6th. Send all contest submissions to [email protected].

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Jewcy Chanukah event sounds like its going to be a belter of an evening. But if any Jewsters are in the Cornwall area of Britain Jewcy Bigalow is having a Chanukah party in St Austell alongside a few other top Dj’s from London down at the venue in Cornwall. Look out for flyers and adverts in Jewish Papers and see you all there for the Festival of Lights.. Jewcy Bigalow aka The Israeli Deejay Gigolo.

  • I’ll be at the Jewcy event, too, if that’s an incentive to anyone…

    I was going to post it here, but CK beat me to it. (Damn you…damn you straight to hell!) Oh well. I’ll get my homies over at my blogs.

  • Tovya: $8,000 in this respect is such a small difference that effectively, we’re pretty much tied. The dollar figure is based on how many sites link to you according to Technorati – we currently have 235 and Jewschool has 221. The real news is that if we’re such bad asses, why are we not at the very top of the JBlogosphere as measured by technorati wrt to the keywords Judaism (#6) or Jewish (#5) or Israel (#12). Really, if we’re as bad ass as we say we are, we should rank much higher. But we don’t and clearly there’s much work to be done.

    esther: Don’t forget to mention the contest!!

  • The answer, Mr. ck, probably lies in the fact that we’re insular. We don’t travel out onto the big, huge, gargantuan Internet and mingle in order to promote ourselves. Take a look, for example, at our blogroll. I’m sure that were we to become more generous with listing other sites, the gesture would be reciprocated.

    I also think that none of us is posting enough to make this site as active as it could be. We miss a lot of interesting news as a result.

    Third, I think we have some pretty frank and sometimes brutal conversations here and many people have left us – some permanently – because they have been hurt by things that were said.

    I’m sure there are some other points but I’m a little tired right now…

  • You could expand the Jewish blogs list, and add some more links under “other blogs we like,” or something like that, which could help connect to the “gargantuan” internet. There might not be room for the list of Jewschool posts, but is that really necessary?

  • Good point abel. Why IS that Jewschool feed still there? I notice Jewschool has linked to you a few times in their comments lately but you are still not on their blogroll and the feed they had was never restored. What’s that all about?

  • ck — will you also pay for my plane ticket from stl to nyc? i could win that haiku contest, no problem… : P (and dude, answer your frickin’ jewlish email…)

  • Maybe, Middle, it’s because we’re scared of nipples! How bad ass can we really claim to be when we are basically FCC compliant?

  • Muffti, to remind you, we actually lost visitors because of the boobs.

    But yeah, ck, why is it we stil offer the Jewschool posts link when we don’t even merit a spot on their blogroll? Aren’t there other sites out there where the partnership can go both ways?

  • Well, that just shows that being popular and being bad-ass aren’t co-extensive.

  • love you guys, but the site…she is too damn slow. Watched the Hung Up video 3 times in the time it took to load the comments section here.

  • I agree with muffti that being popular and being bad-ass aren’t co-extensive…Bigger does not always mean better (well, acually muffti might disagree with that, when it comes to, umm, certain things.) But maybe we should have a group email going discussing these things behind the scenes, no?

  • Also, there’s no way to know the net nipple gain or loss. Just because one person announces he is leaving (which I don’t remember anyone specifically doing) doesn’t mean we don’t gain 5 more. Beware of judging numbers by comments. Beware the silent quivering masses. mwahahah. No just kidding about that last part. I think. I need to sleep.

  • Are any backstage passes gonna be up for sale? You should do an Ebay auction. Know what’s really going on between the scenes, who’s sleeping with who, who’s got the biggest drinking problem. You know, the stuff that matters.

  • Thanks Laya. Muffti thinks, at least 🙂 Muffti will email no nipple shots or otherwise.

  • Esther will be there to make sure Muffti doesn’t get into any trouble to enjoy the antics of all these fine comedians, so look for her. Crobar only holds a few thousand people, so she should be real easy to find.

  • Muffti is gonna (attempt) to be there to get Esther into as much trouble as possible to take in the same antics, so look for him and bring him a drink.

  • Back to the original post:

    Contemplate New York–
    vastly far from where I roam–
    ….wish I could. Shalom.

    Or this one—–
    Too old for Birthright.
    Too far from the Jewcy benefit.
    —need rural outreach!


    Diaspora vent:
    Aliyah——first to New York
    ….then, keep flying east.

    Hahahah, obviously I’ve got a narrow focus right now……the fact I have to ship Chanukah cards into town because there aren’t ANY in my town is irritating. I didn’t feel so bad when I visited my inlaws in Florida (land of really old Jews) and went into a store with a decent size (ie existing) Chanukah display, and they didn’t even have cards!

  • Nice one, Ruby. And I think you know the answer to that piece of pondering. Good haikus, Ziva, keep them coming…someone will judge them eventually…