not as good as ckOk, not such a catchy title, but nonetheless apt. Peres, long, long, LONG time member of the labour party (61 years, 46 of those spent as an MK) resigned his post at age 82. The apparent cause? Disgust with party politics and a strong desire to back political rival and personal friend the fat manSharon and his newly formed party, Kadima. Peres said:

I found myself faced with a contradiction between the party of which I am a member and the realities of the political situation…Without ignoring the deep connection that I have to the party’s historical path and its members, I must prefer the more urgent and greater consideration.

Interpretation: I (Peres) am angry with labour and in no small part because I lost the party leardership to Amir Peretz (they sound the same but are different names!)

Peres then joined with Sharon, claiming:

In the current political structure, advancing the peace process is possible only through a coalition for peace and development and in my view the man best suited to lead such a coalition, based on proven results, is Prime Minister Ariel Sharon…I spoke with Mr. Sharon and I am convinced that he is determined, as I am, to continue with the peace process and restart it immediately after the elections. He is open to creative ideas for achieving peace and security. I decided therefore to support his election and cooperate with him to realize these goals.

This is a serious coup for Sharon who (rather ungraciously to Muffti’s mind) claimed:

Peres has joined us, not the other way around, and he has to accept our platform.

Interetation: We ain’t no labour lefties. We’re tough and firm and even labour’s main man is disgusted to the point that he rather join Kadima than stick it out under some morrocan guy.

Likud, still recovering from Sharon’s departure, went on the offensive even mentioning the ‘O’ word:

I have no doubt that Likud voters will prefer the nationalist, security path of Likud over a list that includes Peres and former ministers Haim Ramon and Dalia Itzik, who were among the leaders of the Oslo process and the path back to 1967 borders.

Those words, spoken by Mofaz, capped the sentiments of likud towards Kadima and their ol’ Boss.

Labour had some sharp words as well:

Labor is the peace party, and Peres saying he left Labor for peace is pathetic…It’s unfortunate that, after Peres did so much for the state, he will be remembered for abandoning his political home for a party of careerists and people with personal interests.

Tough words, MK Paz-Pines! Offensive as a hint o’nip on Jewlicious!

Not to be left out, Meretz chimed in with the following:

Peres was right to leave the ideological supermarket of Labor, but he made a grave mistake when he joined the new supermarket of Sharon, who is selling only goods whose expiration date has passed.

Never let it be said that Yossi Beilin can’t extend a metaphor.

Muffti is pretty excited. With the dissolution of PM Martin’s governement in Canada, he has two dirty, mudsligny elections to look forward to (though both will get little coverage in the US press where he lives. Thanks a lot, ZOG media manipulators!)

How does Kadima look? Comprehensive polls taken last week suggest that they looking pretty good. Kadima (according to one poll Muffti saw) stands to win some 33 seats, while Labour takes about 26. The big losers? Likud. Of course, there is much time left to go but the ball seems to be in the fat man’s court, just where he likes it.

Thanks to and CNN for quotables. Sorry about the graphic. When it comes to graphics. Muffti is no CK.

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  • Its not just differents names, Peretz is not just a other labor name, its the confirmation of the radicalization of the labor party in israel while labor/socialist parties in europe are following the Blair’s steps and removing all that rancid communism.
    A man who said that “if we have no choice, we’ll declare war on Israel’s millionaires… the ground burns so fiercely that this country’s rich shouldn’t be surprised if they’re beset by groups who will charge their houses and simply chase them out of their homes, or if their daughters will no longer be able to walk outdoors.” )is not just another politician. That’s a terrorist speech! he is a fascio!
    if i was a militant of that party, i would leave it, its a disgrace to the israeli democracy.
    if that man wins the elections, he will destroy de country, and that will be forever.

  • sorry for the repetitions, i have problems with my connection.
    please delete them

  • muffti, great post. I like how you organized all the small but effective quotes, one from each party, and when they’re all on the table, that’s some great political infighting right there. you are the cut and paste king my friend. hollachmaboy.

    and the pictures are, not that atrocious. really! their heads look so disfigured it’s actually funny.

    and I got 10-1 with a 15 vote spread that peretz takes it all. i’m half eastern european. time to put these guys outta office. T

    The State of Israel needs someone Moroccan, especially hairy, good at making up with rival Jewsites, enjoys online Nazi bashing, fails to send Everything is Illuminated prize packs for the love of God…I know it’s specific but I think we can come up with someone, or something…

  • Are you implying who I think you are would make a good president? And does this mean you’re no longer on my presidential platform?

    Bitch, we are SO OVER.

    But seriously, with ck president, Israel would skate on the precarious edge of utter disaster at all times, only pulled away at the very last minute by what seems to be divine providence.

    But I guess that’s sort of what it’s like already.

  • sweetcheeks I’m just making things interesting. Sun Tzu tells me that all warfare is based on deception. the plan was to work as his campaign manager too and tell him to order really ugly stickers and pins in black, red, and white.

    i just emailed u btw at the gmail account

  • Thanks, EY! Michael, we can all agree that CK would make a fine PM: we just can’t ever, every, EVER let him be housing minister…

  • What right do people in Labor have to complain about Peres’ departure? After he nobly declined to drag Labor into a voting irregularities scandal, Peretz retorts by offering him the 120th position on the party list! And where were all of these Labor politicians; did they run to Peres’ defense then? Peretz is acting like a bull in a china closet, and it was his actions that drove Shimon out of the party, and into the waiting arms of Sharon. If Amir truly wanted to co-opt Shimon, he should have kept him in the party, where he could wield some influence over him. If you want to have a voice and make a difference, there’s no honor in sticking it out, languishing at the bottom of the Labor party (and thereby out of the Knesset) after years of distinguished service. He deserves to be an active leader in the Knesset, regardless of what party.