4th candle

Happy 4th night of Hanukkah. To hell with style guides. I’ll spell it any damn way I please. Today was fun-o-ramma for ck! I ate Ethiopian with Harry, Michael and Laya. Then we had some sfenj and sufganiyot – Yum! Afterwards we met some nice Nazis on Ben Yehudah street. They were reenacting the Warsaw Ghetto uprising as part of the city of Jerusalem Chanuka celebrations. I know Jewschool posted it first, titled Zionazis but we took the picture first. I know this cuz I ran into Mobius after I took the pic, whereas he was on his way to take the pic. So no bitterness, ok? Anyhow without further ado, here are the Nazis:

Nazis in Jerusalem

I also killed some Hellenist centurion dude. That woman and baby next to him may or may not be Mary and baby Jesus. I have no idea what they were doing there – in any case, I didn’t kill them. Really.

Death to Hellenists

So seasonal, eh? Well… chag sameach! That means happy holiday and no – there is no war on Hanukkah. Except by David Kelsey who may hate the Hasmoneans, but apparently no longer hates some of us. Woohoo! With all this ahavat chinam, can the Messiah be far behind? Will the 3rd Temple fall from the sky?? Hallelujah!

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