Frequent commentor Ofri suggested that EV (of Jewschool) looks like Geoffrey Rush. When Muffti heard this, he naturally asked ‘who the f*&k is Geoffrey Rush?’ Anyhow, Muffti presents some photographic evidence for your edification.

Geoffrey Rush

EV of Jewschool

Muffti doesn’t really see the close resemblance. Any dissenting opinions? Ofri?


EV the dirty nun

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  • Hey PSL,

    Muffti has no control over the hosting and technical aspects of jewlicious. You’ll have to go to the big man for that.

    Peter MacNicol?!?

  • I don’t see the resemblance to MacNicol, if that makes you feel better, GM.

    But I agree about the slow page loading.

  • Muffti, better you should spend your time figuring out why your pages load so incredibly slow. I’m sick of staring at your wallpaper and the chick in the tee-shirt for 40-seconds before anything else comes up (and yes, I’m on broadband).

    More importantly, if you’re going to do it to EV, you should do it to yourself as well: try Peter MacNicol, a.k.a. Dr. Janosz Poha in Ghostbusters II.

  • i really don’t see the Peter MacNicol resemblance. but he was way cute on Ally McBeal.

  • hahahha…that was funny, EV. Muffti should explain: he wasn’t saying that EV looked like Geoff Rush. He just read Ofri’s comment and looked up Geoff Rush coz he had no clue who GR was. When he saw it, he didn’t see the resemblance but thought he would open it up to commentors to do their best squinting.

  • You guys are funny. And PSL, you probably won’t be surprised that Janusz Poha is a punchline in the family that bred me. Besides, better Poha than Viggo the Carpathian. But still better, Viggo Mortensen than Viggo the Carpathian. I believe that I need sleep.

  • That’s cool, GM. I just wish it was a better, less schickered, blotch-faced and greasy-browed pic that you’ve created as my permanent cyberspace ID… Maybe I’ll send you one, and then you (or Ofri) can compare it to every British actor on the planet. Or you can just use it as a screen saver.

  • IIRC, Geoffery Rush is the POS that wrote “My Name Is Rachel Corrie”, in honore of the deservedly late Miss Terrorist Worm Food, 2003.

  • ZOOL!

    Muffti, I only have those couple of photos to go by that you posted the other day. If I ever see you in 3D I might come up with a different celeb. Not that there’s anything wrong with Peter MacNicol. As for me, take your pick.

    (Okay, actually more like this, at least in 1986…)

  • ephraim, it literally took me like two minutes to figure out what iirc and pos stand for. how much time are those really saving you? not two minutes, i bet! and the “pos” you’re thinking of is Alan Rickman.

  • My dissenting opinion: you should know who Geoffrey Rush is. He’s only a great character actor who was in soo many films and tv series including the upcoming Munich.

    What’s even sadder is I knew his voice from watching the trailer even though he’s not credited on the trailer.

  • Right, Rickman. My bad.

    I hereby withdraw my comment about Rush and transfer it to its rightful owner.

    I think acronyms are fun, ofri, but YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary).

  • EV, send Muffti a better picture and Muffti will put it up.

    Self Loathing, whoa! But Muffti still doesn’t really think that the representation of the Muffti in the posted pics looks anything like the dude you were making a comparison to. oh well. This was supposed to be more of a light hearted fun post than a real inquiry into the metaphysics of similarity 🙂

  • i agree with Gary H. Shine, Frida, Shakespeare in Love, The Life and Death of Peter Sellers. this man is great.

  • Proud Self Loather, dude, you are funny 🙂 But you do need help. Or some less free time. Anyhhow, Muffti has new EV pics to add for edification. If anyone still cares they can check back here in a bit.

  • I am desparate for some. Please tell Michael to look me up, got to get him the time of his life.

  • But is geoffrey rush jewish? Glad to see that Eric Bana, banadinovich, is…..

  • dfine,

    No, Geoffrey Rush isn’t Jewish. And neither is Eric Bana (he’s half Croatian and half German).