Hate Sucks

The Altar of Unholy Blasphemy aren’t out to expel anyone from a country or kill anyone. At least as far as Muffti can tell. These guys may qualify as a hate site by the letter of the criteria, not the spirit. But boy do they dislike theists! And that’s what makes this, Hannuka and Christmas time, the perfect time to showcase them on the H.S.o.W. Witness an excerpt from the section ‘Sodomize Jesus Christ’:

Priests are afraid, too, but they know how to get what they want because it is simply a commodity, an object, as they manipulate it. Priests are often twisted sick men…nihilistic enough to execute sins of pure corruption, such as sodomizing young boys in the confessionals, which has occurred in over four billion cities within the last two years. We believe that every priest around you needs a good dick in the ass, which is something you can give him!

Four billion cities in the last two years!

Their advice?

Fight back and reject their ideas and have total uncaringness (dissonance) to their needs. We have needs beyond what this slaughterhouse breeding ground of a society can provide; we know we are only here to support the parasites in control. Fight back and blaspheme their holiest ideals: purity, submission, duty. Distort all image to which they demand obedience. In your heart provide the virus that will resurrect your spirit.

For what it’s worth, though, they aren’t very violent. If anything, they seem pretty chill about their belief that our species is weak, disgusting and undergoing self-genocide. They know that people will think they are kooks. They suggest:

You will face adversity, as we have. Christians will claim that you are evil, on drugs (they may have a point here), and a Satanist; Jews will scream about “AntiSemitism” while continuing to murder their neighbors who are Arabic Semites. Face the accusations with pride and explain that you think their religions are inane and not a logical or emotionally productive approach to reality.

Hey, wait, that’s what Muffti thinks!

Anyhow, as Muffti said at the opening, these guys are only a hate site because, well, they hate some stuff. Muffti will close with a short bit of their ‘incantation’:


My spirit is greater than his

I will crush him

I will end the aeon of the herd

Die, Enslaver

Die, Jehovah

You whore of fear

Spiritual Corporation

I mock you now
Weak in the land of the weak
…(it’s quite long)…
We will rise
In the anger of formation
Primordial vengeance
Upon all evolution
Our sins are ripe
Eyes furious in hate

The throne tumbles
We are one.

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