And a Jewcy time was had by all. Esther and Muffti reunited over cocktails….

jewsin\' and boozin\'

EV and GM agreed to disagree on everything regarding Jewlicious and Jewschool except whether or not they disagreed or agreed (it was a little hard to follow…)

Valley of the Jews

And Esther met the “father” of Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog….

…and when he dove into his bag to get Triumph for the picture, she told him not to bother because “writers don’t get enough props for what they do.” While she doesn’t regret giving Smigel his due, she does wish she had a photo with the poochie as well. Maybe next time…

More recaps of the event to come, here, and at My Urban Kvetch…so stay tuned!

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  • GM…you looking good. I like the short haircut. Reminds me when George Lynch cut his hair short. The guitar playing was still blazing, but he didn’t look like he stuck in a time warp.

  • And Dina, in all fairness, the celebrity is really the dog. Who manifestly did not look homeless. However, the T.I.D. does remind Muffti a bit of a canadian puppet character known as Ed the Sock. Ed is a sock puppet who smokes a cigar, and insults everybody. Anybody know which came first?

  • Muffti and I can agree to disagree to agree that I look like an effete Victorian in photographs.

  • Mufft and EV didn’t really disagree on very much, Esther’s contentions aside. Muffti just figured that being an effete Victorian was what cool New Yorkers do these days.

    All in alll, however, Muffti was just happy to see Jewschoolers have a good time.

  • Agreed. EV thinks Esther was exaggerating — you know how writers are — and EV was more than happy to supply a coupla smiles, albeit effete and dainty, for the jewlicious flashbulbs. Although EV doesn’t know how to kick this third-person habit, as it is infectious and oddly edifying.

  • I don’t think Victorians wore cool specs like that. And it sounds like Proud Self-Loather’s an EV fan, regardless of any perceived daintiness…But believe me that these pictures did none of us justice. We were fierce members of the mobile media: EV’s specs, Muffti’s pecs and my boots that were made for walking…so clear we were among the most glamorous of the blogerati…

  • Live the 3rd person dream, EV. A piece of advice from the Grand Muffti: it helps a bit to have a name that you can use the definite article before, i.e. ‘the EV’.

  • Oh, EV, don’t say that. I’d still do ya.

    Then again, I’m a MAN, BABY! YEAH!!

  • Esther — as you know, Proud Self-Loather has been a fan for a while. He’s very proud. And self-loathing.

    Muff — God, I’d love to go with “the EV,” but I just don’t think I could handle it. I think it’d be the first step towards megalomania, drug overdoses, crack-ups, etc., and before you know it I’d be screaming “You’re all Jews, I love you Jewish people, Avinu Malkeinu, Avinu Malkeinu, Jane Says she’s through with Scorpio!!!” just like the alarming Perry Farrell last night.

  • Heh…well, yeah, if you will turn into Perry, the Muffti advises you to drop the 3rd person immediately. Unless you have a Jane’s Addiction phase first, whcih would be pretty cool.

  • Grandmuffti, there is no fairness when it comes to pictures with celebrities.

    I took a picture with Gregg Allman (sigh…) and he looks homeless and I look obese. Do I show the picture to the whole world anyway? Yes. But everyone says the same thing, “is Gregg Allman homeless?” I rest my case. 🙂

  • Jane’s Addiction…ahhhhh. Was their ever a better a band in the 90’s…

    ah, yes actually…my bloody valentine. but they’re goyim.

  • muffti you don’t look at all as I imagined you – the “muffti” thing had me picturing someone much more portly and mideastern-looking. Is it my screen or do you have an auburn cast in your hair?

    Neither of you looks Victorian or effete in the least.

  • Well, the ‘Muffti’ thing came about in a very non-regional sort of way. Muffti’s a Canadian Ashkenazic boy and is only portly when he gets to lazy busy to hit the gym. His hair used to be blonde but has been slowly getting dirtier over the years.

  • How come Esther and Mufti don’t get married? What’s up with that? Two nice people, alone in the big city…(unless it’s an age thing…)

    What’s missing from this picture…OH…I KNOW!!!

    Oh. right. Sorry.
    Jspirpicco, zt”l

  • Jsirp, unbeknownst to most shadchanim, just because one person is male and the other is female and they are both single doesn’t mean they should get married. However, those superbloggers do look very attractive together.

  • Chuztpah! You actually agree, then!!!
    Jsirp NEVER says stuff ‘just cuz’ – I saw a flach of possiblity. Duh!
    Anyway, as they used to say on SNL
    Jsirpicco is STILL DEAD, zt”l

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