Hi, everyone, and welcome back to the all-Producers edition of everyone’s favorite* game show, “Jew, Not a Jew.”

Not even competing is Mel Brooks, where the answer is so completely clear. Jew.

First in the hot seat this week, Nathan “Neil Simon is my homeboy” Lane, star of the Producers, and suspected Jew. (Why, just because he looks like half the people you know? Stop your religious profiling, right now.)

Nate was born Joseph (could still be a Jew…) Lane. And changed his name because the actor’s union already had a Joe Lane on the books. The Nathan is for the role of Nathan Detroit (which Lane went on to play on Broadway). Lane…could still be Jewish, right? Nope:

I’m really an honorary Jew, you know, all the best people are. I really do feel Jewish, even though I’m a Catholic. The way the Church has been behaving, I’m happy to be Jewish. You know, I’ve played so many Jewish characters, it’s been a great part of my life.

Next up, the Eugene Morris Jerome to end all Eugene Morris Jeromes, Matthew “Mr. Carrie Bradshaw” Broderick. What do you think? Broderick’s not a Jewish name, is it? Maybe it was shortened from Brodtzezznksystykowitz. Let’s see:

My mom was Jewish, so some would call me Jewish. My background is very much that style of writing, Neil Simon and Mel Brooks, and “Your Show of Shows” guys are what I grew up loving. So I probably drew on my New York background and my Jewish background for that, sure.”

Ferris Bueller, you’re our hero.

(Hat tip: JTA)

*Everyone’s second favorite game show? “Dead or Canadian.”

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  • Best Jew-that’s-not-a-Jew? Rev. Sheldon — the head of the Traditional Values Coalition … OY!

  • Back from when I come from the extreme right wing groups periodically publish list of politicians and public figures who are “really” jewish. Some even add their “real” jewish names. It is always just a list of guys that they dont like and therefore lable “jew”. Unfortunately i never made to that list! Do you think I am still jewish?
    I am definately not canadian!