Israeli violinist Miri Ben-Ari played a brief set amidst tuxedoed and gussied-up young Jews in their 20s, 30s and 40s at the Friends of the IDF Young Leadership Casino Night Gala in NYC last night. The set included her trademark fusion of classical violin and hip-hop, including a riff on Bell Biv Devoe’s #3 hit, “Poison.”

(The photographer probably would have had better pictures if she hadn’t been drinking so heavily and forgot she had a camera until the last minute. But at least she now possesses the secret knowledge of how to post photos to this site.)

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  • talent,culture zionism…blah blah blah…tell us what we really want to know: were their any straight, single men there that look as good in a tux as they do in jeans? (Shell-shocked ex-IDF troopers excluded) Inquiring minds want to know! Did you get any phone #’s? Share the wealth!

  • There were many, many good-looking men and women in attendance. Lots of jewelry and makeup on the women, very snazzy suits on the men. Phone numbers? Not a one. Well, unless you count the people who want to be quoted in the article I’ll eventually write about the event…

  • Where can I find her music? … & where can i sign up that photographer? btw, on a digital camera, you can delete the pics that don’t come out well & take another one.

  • Her music? Here. TFink, heh heh. Unfortunately, you can’t use a digital camera to travel through time to an earlier part in the performance when you might be able to take a better picture. Look, I got the triumphant violin-air-fist pump…that’s gotta be worth something.

  • I had an awful night on the blackjack tables there. My company even sponsored a table. As I was getting hammered and watching my savings dwindle, I turned to my boss (one of the sponsors) and said, “Uh… You think I can get a raise? I should have a good hand coming up soon.” No luck.

    Admittedly, I did listen a bit to Miri Ben-Ari. It kinda made me feel… weird? The rest of the music that night was like an SY wedding in Deal or a Persian wedding in Grea Neck. Same people, too!

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