Thanks to Kenny for this one. It’s from Megilah 15:

(b) (Beraisa): Rachav incited with her name, Ya’el with her voice, Avigayil with her mention, Michal Bas Shaul with her seeing.
1. (R. Yitzchak): Anyone who says “Rachav, Rachav” will immediately have an emission.
2. (Rav Nachman): I can say it and it won’t affect me.
3. (R. Yitzchak): I was referring to those that know and recognize her.

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  • I would hope that R. Yitzchak was referring only those who knew the ravishing Rachav, since otherwise he would have had an ‘accident’ while telling the other learned elders of the Talmud about the unique properties of her name said twice… 🙂

  • Whoops, some of my post didn’t come through:

    “So intense was the shah’s identification with the Third Reich that in 1935 he renamed his ancient country “Iran,” which in Farsi means Aryan and refers to the Proto-Indo-European lineage that Nazi racial theorists and Persian ethnologists cherished.”

    “The mufti scampered into the Italian Embassy, where he shaved his beard and dyed his hair, and was then allowed to exit the country along with the rest of the Italian delegation.”

  • great to see the jewlicious folk study the talmud on a regular basis.

  • It can’t be read the way you just read something, anything, GM.

  • Latkes: put a few unpeeled baking potatoes and two or even three onions through the Julienne or shredding blade, throw into the bowl with the three beaten eggs in it, dry it up with matzah meal and fry up in a non-stick fry pan with a mesh splatter screen. Much salt.

    Eat hot from the pan. Wash down with sparkling cider.

  • In oil, of course. Any oil, lots of it. Preferably not olive because it has a lower smoke point. Turn once. Use two spatulas. Salt straight from the round box, shake it on liberally.

  • People dry them on paper towels on a platter. Just eat them hot, hot. Keep hot on the warming tray if necessary.