Me to Makolet Guy: Excuse me, is this soup Parve? I can’t tell by the hekscher.
Makolet Guy to Random Chassid: Ayzeh yofie! She asks if it’s parve! Can you believe? What a good Jewish girl she is, and in this part of Tel Aviv! Where they all act like goyim, where you tell them something is Parve and davka they won’t buy it. Doesn’t it warm your heart? Can you believe it?
RC to MG: (shrugs, leaves)
Me to MG: Thanks, but, um, I’m just a vegetarian.

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  • How funny. Israel is the land of Milk and Milk- thank goodness for the “parve”

  • My haircutterwoman once told me that she was thinking about getting a piece of lace to sew around the bottom of her skirt because it didn’t quite cover her knees. She’s the equivalent to a baalat teshuva…but she’s Catholic.

  • But wait, O ye vegetarians. Could not something parve still conceivably be boiled in fish juices? Really, you’re only safe with kosher dairy. And if you’re vegan, then tough tofu, don’t even take kosher into consideration. Right? Or am I missing something?

  • As a long-time vegan and all-the-live-long-day lifetime Jewess, i thank you for this fantastique post. I CAN TOTALLY RELATE!!!