The Day After
The Krucoff Bar Mitzvah Party was celebrated last night at Dayla (sp?). Many of Jerusalem’s finest came to party and wish Andrew a Mazel Tov. This was definitely one of the oddest events ever as we all got together – religious, secular, left wing, right wing, Jewlicious, Jewschool, to celebrate the coming of age of Andrew Krucoff – a nice guy and all but basically an invention of certain east coast media institutions. Krucoff is a meme, a cultural icon, representing the present and the future of American Jewry. He came here a total sheigetz and now he has ssome book learnin’ behind him and a bar mitzvah. I don’t know what the future holds for Krucoff but I am certain that Hashem was pleased with our collective efforts – today was the first sustained and badly needed rain in Israel in weeks – the day after the boys first ascenssion to the Torah.

Thanks to everyone who made this happen – Jewschool, Aish Hatorah, Dov Charney and American Apparel, Reb Ezra, Gawker and everyone else who participated in this otherwise nonsensical event. I think Krucoff’s going back to America a better Jew and we are all better for having been involved.

Oh and make sure to see the Bar Mitzvah Video here.

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