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With little fanfare and hooplah, American Apparel has opened its newest store in Tel Aviv. Located in Dizengof center, the store has been open since Sunday and according to staff has been doing boffo box office. Dan Abenaim, an employee from Montreal charged with AA’s expansion into Israel says that they are hoping to open 3 more stores in the very near future, including one in Jerusalem. American Apparel boss ‘s uncle is world-famous architect Moshe Safdie, a man whose imprint on the city is rivaled only by King Herod – consequently, a Jerusalem store would be particularly appropriate.

American Apparel’s Dan Abenaim scouting for new locations in Jerusalem.
American Apparel has been expanding like mad lately. There are already over 100 stores in 25 states and 13 countries and Charney plans on adding at least another 50 stores within the next year. American Apparel is now the largest clothing manufacturer in the US, specializing in form fitting, unbranded, soft cotton apparel for men, women, children and dogs. As one article states:

Although the company primarily sells unadorned wardrobe staples, what sets the company apart is its vertically integrated, socially conscious approach to clothing manufacturing — and the fact that everything is made in the United States, in the company’s Los Angeles factory.

American Apparel’s manufacturing ethos can help assuage consumer’s guilt about buying apparel manufactured in 3rd world sweatshops, but the facts clearly demonstrate that it makes great business sense. Will this resonate with Israeli consumers? I asked Yoram who was shopping at the Tel Aviv store with a friend, what he thought:

I love the colors and the clothes are sexy. I am sick and tired of all the stupid ugly clothes made by Fox and Castro. They want me to pay 50 shekels for a shirt that says Fox? They should pay me to advertise for them!

Well, behatzlachah American Apparel. Welcome home! Please be successful and instill a new design esthetic in Israel – please no more t-shirts with idiotic, non-sensical or totally inappropriate messages. Like that guy at the shuk with the ever so clever “5uck My d1ck” t-shirt. He’d look so much better in the M434 Melange Jersey Short Sleeve Gym T-Shirt – might I suggest it in a whimsical two tone eggplant? And when it gets chilly at the shuk he ought to top off the shirt with the Jewlicious Israel approved 5455 California Fleece Track Jacket. I have it in a subdued black but shuk dude might want to try a daring raspberry, Michael’s fave.

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