Oy! Oy! Oy!I was just, you know, thinking about stuff. Like all the lawlessness and anarchy going on down in Gaza lately. We have Kassam rockets flying willy nilly, otherwise kindly foreigners getting kidnapped, including the attempted kidnapping of Saint Rachel Corrie’s parents, the Police leading loud demonstrations and taking over the Raffah border crossing in protest against the growing lawlessness that they are supposed to prevent, etc. etc. Israeli editorials have opined that this lawlessness is happenning by design – that given the likelihood of a Hamas victory in the upcoming elections, Fatah and the Palestine Authority wish to scuttle the elections and use the widespread anarchy that they have created in order to justify this.

Reuters: Gunmen shoot at Palestinian minister’s home
Washington Times: More Anarcho Terror in Gaza
Globe and Mail: ‘This is the way to hell,’ Palestinian warns

So with all this anarchy stuff going on, I gotta ask – why aren’t there any good Palestinian punk bands??

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  • The Dead Mohammads
    The Clash [in the Middle-East]
    Black, Green, White, and Red Flag
    Ramallah Dolls
    And of course, I Hate you, Die

    Kind of off topic, but can someone explain why people keep stampeding at this Hajj pilgrimage? I mean, I understand the desire to rush and throw stones at the Devil incarnate, but why, why, why does this shit keep happening year after year? Isn’t there some sort of organization that could take place?

  • I’m guessing the accidenct at the Haj take place because of sheer numbers. I think they said 2 million people attended this year.

  • Yeah, it’s kind of tough to get a stable, orderly, bourgy country going after 40 years of IDF occupation and Israeli oppression. That’s a good one about the punk bands though. You should try some Auschwitz jokes. Now that’s great material!

  • yeah_dog: Hey, balance dude! There’s really no comparing the Holocaust to the West Bank and Gaza. I am certain the inmates at Auschwitz would have LOVED to be oppressed by zee Germans the way the Palestinians have been “oppressed” by the IDF. Tool.

  • Encino Yeled, I’ll explain it to you:

    It is considered a great honor and mark of distinction if you die on the Hajj; sort of like being a ‘shaheed’. Therefore, there are those on the Hajj who might do otherwise risky things, in order to allow fate to work as it will. In’sha’allah. And that is why it happens year after year, and no one really cares too much.

  • Taltman, thanks for your insight. And that is a very fucked perspective on life. Living to die while the rest of the world is dying to live.

  • I didn’t compare the Holocaust to the West Bank and Gaza. I said the writer should try some Auschwitz jokes. Because it’s great material.