His great uncle was Hitler’s right-hand man Hermann Göring. His family blamed their dire financial straits on the Jews:

“We grew up understanding that Israel and the Jewish people are to blame for the fact that our family had no money… When we were little and wanted new toys, our parents said all their money was going to pay the Jewish people.”

And yet, Matias Goering now davens in Hebrew, has been to Israel more than the average American Jew, and communicates regularly with God.

Six years ago, Göring hit an all time low, losing his wife, his child and his job. He prayed to God for help and moments later his phone rang with a job offer. Today

Goering wears a large knitted kippa even in Switzerland. He prays several times a day, keeps some of the laws of kashrut and observes Shabbat. He has also begun to mark the Jewish holidays. His business card features a Chanukah menorah underneath the flag of Israel.

He also wears an anti-disengagement bracelet and is a believer in greater Israel.

Oh, and God speaks to him.

From Ynet

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Laya Millman


  • This is only somewhat surprising as I read he is not the only son/grandson to have dealt with his past in this fashion.
    I for one am not against it at all,in fact i welcome a change of heart even though a few generations ago would have been better.

  • “Our Rabbis taught: the descendants of Sisera studied Torah in Jerusalem; the descendants of Sennacherib taught Torah to the multitude: Who were these? — Shemaiah and Abtalion. The descendants of Haman studied Torah in Benai Berak.”
    — BT, Sanh. 96b

  • I am very glad that Matias Goering has decided to believe in G-d and in G-d’s unity. I am only sorry that he had to lose his job, and his wife until he came to this belief. I welcome him to our faith, whether or not he officially decides to convert. I pray that he re-marries happily and is able to see his child again.
    I only caution him that he has to take the good with the bad ie. if he has a hard time later on for some reason he must not blame G-d.