Now that Christmas is almost here…again…I bet I know what you’re thinking:
What do I get for the yeshiva girl who has everything? Let me help you out on that note. First, a few questions.

1- Does your yeshiva girl show you pictures of her most recent desert tiyul wherein a battery of young women are seen wearing sweatshirt hoodies and floor-dusting denim skirts?

2- Does your yeshiva girl fret when you run out to the shore gallivanting around in your speedo and/or bikini, only to be left in her polyester frock, opaque nylons, and loafers surrounded by beach umbrellas as a self-made mechitzah?

3- Is your yeshiva girl sick of ‘women’s only’ swimming hours being just a thin guise for unabashed lesbian cruising?

If so, WholesomeWear may be the perfect gift for your yeshiva girl for the upcoming holiday season. The currently highlighted look is the Skirted Swimmer, a Spandex under garment for maximum flexibility that is joined at the zipper to a looser fitting skirted outer garment. The skirt snaps between the legs for in the water and unsnaps for playing on the beach or going to town without changing.

In the sage words of Paris Hilton: That’s Hot!

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  • not a bad solution. only problem is what it looks like.

    you can’t win.

  • what, youre not going to get kathleen to model one of these?

  • I simply HAVE to put in a plug for some local business. was started by a local MO young woman maybe about a year ago. My wife picked up some nice stuff, as did my sisters, both those who are dati and not. Definitely a step above the clothes in these photos.

  • I grant that they don’t have swimwear, but if THAT’s the only way to make a tzniut swimsuit, then build a backyard pool with a tall privacy fence and grab a bikini.

  • These crotchless tsnius panties that they offer: are they the edible kind?

    And what flavors do they have?

  • My first impression was ‘YUCK’. These thing Just can’t be designed to look “just nice” or what?