Girls’ Night On, the women’s only open-mike performance night, is making a return to the stages of Makor in NYC this Wednesday night, February 1. Be a part of this event, where women rock different genres and styles of song and spoken word, and this year, dance, as well.

Last time, Neshama Carlebach performed. Making return appearances are Chava (see article ) and Nummy Kimmel doing standup and musical covers.

This event’s confirmed performances include a range of styles: Friend of Jewlicious Naomi Less of Less Nessman gives a special solo performance (sometime between 8:15 and 9pm); Jane Babbitt (folk rock player); Rebecca Fishman (whose music event organizer Leslie Ginsparg describes as being a “cross between Billy Joel and Elton John, but more Elton John”); a fifteen-year-old Bais Yaakov student who plays electric guitar; Ashira (a trio of women who have own interpretation of traditional Jewish songs); and original songs by Ginsparg, one of which, she says, is a “empowerment anthem of the Jewish girl who doesn’t fit into the ‘nice Jewish girl’ construct.” Plus, many more performers will sign up at the door…

Wed, February 1st
An open mike night for women, by women.
Act, sing, dance, play, read, joke, filibuster or come watch.
Sorry guys, this event is only open to those with two X chromosomes…
Doors open at 7:30. Event begins at 8:00pm.
35 West 67th Street
Admission: $10
For more info: call Leslie at 212-865-0085 or visit (and tell her you heard about it from Esther at Jewlicious!)

FAQ Sheet available here.

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