Wherever you go there’s always someone Jewish, even at a Nirvana mosh pit?

Whatever. Google video rocks. Thanks for the much needed levity.

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  • The last rabbi on the video that is clapping is the Bianer Rebbe, one of the holiest and greatest Rebbes alive. He lives, of course, in the Holy City or Jerusalem, but was born in the USA. He speaks native English and sees anyone. Call his Gabbai to schedual an appointment 02-538-2950…
    Let me know if you go see him, and you can always say that Rabbi Yonah sent you.

  • who is that kid? and did he write that song?
    … woulda liked it better sang by “Neil” from “Freaks and Geeks,” but hey, ya can’t have everything…

  • I’ve been to a Belz tish in Montreal where the mosh was much closer to anything shown in this video.

  • to take gedolim such as reb shmuel auerbach and reb aaron leib steinman and do something like this is laytzanus and a bizayon to yiddishkeit

  • Oh Chazar, I can tell you!

    As it turns out, that song is from some Young Judea camp (Nili I think, but I always forget the name), where The Nucular Jew of Punks used to work. Apparently, Nukes knows who the kid is, too.

  • Joy of Shabbat? Looks normal.

    Doing a dance for joy once a week is cool.
    What is the problem? Do you live downstairs?

    Men need to kick up dust. They are not girls, after all, to sit demurely all the time.

    In FACT there is also some jumping around on my side of the mechitza, too, of a Friday.

    We’re all honoring G-d and rejoicing in life, being Jews, having each other, stuff like that. King David danced. If memory serves, his wife twitted him about it, and he felt that was grounds for getting a new wife. But I am no scholar.