When I first read that headline on CNN I thought, “My God! That President Ahmadinejad has totally lost his mind!” I mean it’s one thing to go on and on about wiping Israel off the face of the earth, but then to run a “How-to” Conference on your genocidal plans? Talk about hubris! Reached for comment, President Ahmadinejad had this to say about his plans:

I’m not saying the Holocaust happened, because it didn’t. But if it did, what lessons might we be able to learn from Hitler’s mistakes? Is there something more effective than gas chambers, which never existed, to kill Jews en mass? Oh and there will of course be a social mixer Saturday night where Beluga caviar and fresh dates will be served, so register early!

Of course Ahmadinejad never said such a thing. The conference isn’t about how to perpetrate a Holocaust even though the Iranians are the odds on fave to be the perpetrators of the next one. The conference will investigate “the scientific aspect of the … [Holocaust] … to discuss and review its repercussions.” Ahmadinejad is on record describing the Holocaust as a myth, so don’t expect the Wiesenthal Center’s involvement in this conference.

Well, oil is at $60 a barrel and despite Iran’s re-opening of it’s uranium enrichment facilities and possession of Shihab-3 missiles capable of hitting Europe, no one’s talking about doing anything more than issuing a statement of criticism from the Security Council. No embargoes, no nothing. Russia and China will keep selling stuff to the Iranians… It’s clear Ahmadinejad can say or do anything he wants. Of course we’ll keep laughing and making fun of him and all… until the missiles start falling. Doh!

Think about that next time you get into your SUV.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • I think not using your SUV is the wrong tactic. I think the write tactic is to get a bigger SUV. I would drive two at once if I could. I figure, the sooner we use up all the oil, the sooner that: a) technology will be forced to develop energy alternatives, and b) we won’t be dependent on the oil rich countries and their funding will dry up.

  • Doesn’t this motherfucker have enough problems in his own country?
    Actually, I think that’s exactly the problem…unemployment and poverty are running rampant in Iran and the lower and lower-middle classes got him elected so he needs a distraction, and what better target than the Jews?

    I guess I should go back to Israel and tell those holocaust survivors I met that the holocaust never actually happened. When they ask me what the fuck I’m on about, i’ll reply “Mahmoud Ahmedinejad convened scientists to prove that it never happened, and Mahmoud is always right”.

    This guy is NUTS

  • Dr. Franciszek Piper is one of the Holocaust experts most directly responsible for the lowering of the Auschwitz death count along with other scholars like Israeli Holocaust expert Dr. Yehuda Bauer.
    This what they concluded:
    “It was decided around 1989 to admit publicly that fewer people died at Auschwitz than had previously been reported. In his book, Auschwitz, –How Many Perished? Dr. Piper concludes that the old Soviet figure of four million is wrong and that the real figure is closer to 1.1 million.”

  • um, just a point of clarification. lulu was talking about the auschwitz death count, not the holocaust as a whole.

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