JIBThis is some endeavor, trying to do a review of all the nominees…I chose Best Humor Blog, which has 22 nominees. How the H-E-double hockey sticks did I expect to do this and still pack for my cruise this weekend? The hardship, I tell you.

Well, it’s done. I can’t say it’s completely unbiased, but I tried to be fair and nice to everyone. Because it’s a small blogosphere after all. Here goes…

A Whispering Soul : MCAryeh, a self-proclaimed Writer/Editor/Artist presents an interesting mix of humor, Jewish stuff and personal musings on everything from being a redhead to the prospect of aliyah. He is also one of the contributors to the Muqata blog, which always seems to beg for a “u” after the “q”.

Aaron’s CC: Aaron writes from Occupied Azkaban or something like that. Actually having nothing to do with Harry Potter, this means that he’s in Los Angeles. He originally blogged at Aaron’s Rantblog and Aaron the Liberal Slayer, which scares me a little because I’m a little liberal. Funniest thing I’ve seen over there so far: Condi Rice’s Boot Answers Your Emails. Kind of reminds me of the same spirit as Moments in Punditry As Read By Children.

Because I’m In My Twenties And It’s What You Do – Robbie, a 24-year old Chicagoan, speaks out because, well, see the title of the blog. Read of his exploits at the NAA conference and the HolyLand Experience, complete with turkey legs.

Cox & Forkum – This mega blog seems to be sucking up most of the votes too, last I checked. It made me frightened to have my poor little JDaters Anonymous in the same group. I’m a guppy. Original political cartoons, snarky commentary, a big blogroll and 6811 visits a day. That’s more than Jeff Freakin’ Jarvis. If you need me, I’ll be cowering in the corner.

Fudge – Fudge, not to be confused with Judy Blume’s Superfudge or Ben & Jerry’s Superfudge Chunk, which is not itself to be confused with that Chunk kid from the Goonies, is also a contributor to Psycho Toddler. If I’m getting this right, PT is Fudge’s mom (is that right?)—but now Fudge has flown the coop and is in college and therefore has her own blog. Good post to start with: Year in Review.

Gila’s Big Adventure – Gila’s a redhead, like I’m sposed to be, she’s a Gemini like I am and she lives in Israel, like, um, Jewlicious’s Laya (also a Gemini, but I digress). She seems to have a lovely demeanor, but I’m not sure why this is a humor blog. Gilababe, if you’re out there, send me a link to a humor post, okay?

Israel Stories – Stories about Israel, this blog is aptly named. Relatable for anyone who’s been to Israel, funny in the retelling for those who haven’t been. Try this one on for size, a post about trying to rid one’s yard of cats…

JDaters Anonymous – For the legions of current and former daters of all stripes, people who engage in online dating or offline dating. Recent discussions have focused on whether older men are overlooked by younger women, and whether soulmates exist and what that term means. This site recently launched its own BlogCarnival for posts of a Jewish singles nature. (Disclosure: JDA is an EDK production.)

Jeru Guru – Single, living in Jerusalem, and struggling his way through both. Having recently experienced a harsh, halakhic based breakup, he managed to escape to Hawaii and Vegas over a one-month period. So don’t cry too hard for him. He’ll bounce back and move on, probably with a tan.

Krum as a Bagel – Krum (not the Harry Potter character, at least not as far as I know) likes to ream the Five Towns Jewish Times for their shoddy journalism and writes posts about many topics. See here for his JIB rundown and recommended posts.

Life Of Rubin – Chaim Rubin occasionally sends select bloggers select links to items they may find amusing. So he’s kind of like a Google Alert you didn’t sign up for, but are sometimes happy to get. He writes a lot about music.

Mom with a View – With either the best name, or the best nom de blog, I’ve ever seen, Emuna Braverman writes about the vicissitudes of life, but seems to be housed (or hosted, as we bloggeeks say) by Aish. Whatever that means.

Mrs. Balabusta – She engaged in an “open decrapification” of her desk in advent of New Year’s.

Protein Wisdom – The megablog that beat the gatkes off of both DovBear and me at last year’s JIBs.

Psychotoddler – the begetter of Fudge who has collected some humor posts for us here.

Renegade Rebbetzin – If you don’t know RenReb by now, you shouldn’t even be voting in this awards competition. (Unless you’re voting for me.) But seriously, if you think you’re up on Jewish blogs and haven’t visited the Reb, now’s your chance.

Suburban Hymns – A british mom who has the coolest looking web-counter I’ve seen. She admits she probably has no chance of winning. And she claims 10,000 hits a day. Which btw, is a bunch more than I ever get. I’m jealous.

The Dry Bones Blog – Yaakov Kirschen, he of the famous Dry Bones comic strip expands into blogs. More Kirschen’s always cool in my book.

The View from Here – Is it even legal for me to review Harry’s site? He’s like a member of the not-even-extended family. He regularly goes to concerts and hummus-hunting with our Jewlicious-Jerusalem branch, and has a snarky irreverence that we appreciate here at Jewlicious. Harry and Ziva’s podcast alone may win them the humor category. What else can I say, but to quote your wife: “Oh, Harry.”

The World Through my Eyes — American-born Canadian-bred Ben Lundman’s perspective on everyday life living in Israel and serving in the Israeli Army. Poor guy. With all those affiliations, no wonder Jerusalem being hit by the Yogurt Fairy is blogworthy. Oh yeah, and funny. As a matter of fact, I’m charging our Jerusalem office to recruit this guy for the summer birthright trips. If they’re still kickin’ after the possible bird flu.

This Blog is Full of Crap — …and yet it gets nominated. What’s the meta-meaning? That we are idiots for nominating a blog full of crap? Is it that we don’t notice? Or do we notice and think it is art? Or is it art, but we’re only marginally aware of the artistry? Or are all blogs crap to begin with? I’m confused. Is this almost over yet? My brain hurts.

Yo, Yenta! The offshoot of – or the artist formerly known as— the Jmerica blog covers culture and trends with a Jewish accent and a snarky sensibility and a kickass profile of a single NY Jewish female blogger.

Well, this was a total marathon to write, plus, the WordPress browser crashed twice while I was editing–only because I’m a pessimist and always expect crashes to happen, I had copied the whole thing to the clipboard, just in case. Right now I need a nap. I’m not going to get one, but I still need one.

Don’t forget to vote!

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    ‘Scuse me, “dudes,” but Jsirpicco was the best Jewish blog in the whole freakin’ world. He should be awarded, posthumously for Best Creative Blog Capturing the Jewish Human Heart –

    fix this immediately!

    jsipirroco, zt”l

  • I’m not sure why it got nominated for humour either…perhaps because of my entry entititled “A Perfect Date”…that was pretty funny in realy life anyway…good luck with your nominations

  • PT is Fudge’s Dad… Mrs. Balabusta is Fudge’s mom. The family has 3 members in the Humor category – not bad, eh?

  • Ezzie, I guess that means they’re already certified as funny and should all be canceling each other’s votes…

  • Gila’s Big Adventure used to be funnier…. at the moment it’s a little philosophical, something to do with the major life decisions she’s having to deal with… right, Gils?

    She’s really hot though.

  • The decisions have been made…returning to Israel on Sunday and thanks for the compliment.