“Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is suffering from a massive brain hemorrhage and is undergoing major surgery… ”

He is currently undergoing emergency neurosurgery in an effort to stop internal bleeding in his brain.
According to a medical expert, the procedure is life threatening. Asked what are the chances of surviving this type of surgery, the doctor replied, “Let’s be optimistic, some people survive it.”

The prime minister’s close associates said of his condition: “Hope for a miracle.”

Indeed. Refuah Shlema in the biggest way. Stay tuned for more updates when available.

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  • Regardless of what you think of his policies or anything else, he’s still a Yid and we should daven for him. His name is: Ariel ben Devorah

    “The prime minister’s condition is life-threatening, with Chief Rabbis Yona Metzger and Shlomo Amar requesting prayers on his behalf, Ariel ben Devorah.”

  • For those wishing to pray for the well-being of Ariel Sharon:

    Son of Samuel and Devorah Scheinerman, so his Hebrew name:

    Ariel ben Shmuel (v’Devorah)

  • Taltman… on prayers for refuah it’s custimary to use the mothers name… fathers name is used for Aliyah to torah and after death…

    For now while he’s still fighting use: Ariel Ben Devorah

  • Praying for Ariel Ben Devorah, and for the nation of Israel.

  • PM Sharon Out of Surgery
    09:51 Jan 05, ’06 / 5 Tevet 5766

    (IsraelNN.com) Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef announced at about 9:30am Thursday morning that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has come out of surgery which lasted seven hours.

    Sharon is being moved to a neurological intensive care unit. His condition is reported as very serious.

  • Ironically, after the first stroke he was put on blood thinning chemicals that made it harder to stop the bleeding this time… according to Israel Radio.

    They keep stressing that Olmert and the Knesset are all in their places, that the government is still functioning and stable.

  • By the hand of G-d and no other hand !… 3 years shy of age 80 ! …. PM, popular and working until a few weeks ago… !

    Even his fat belly is defiant: no starving Jew, he.

    He’s almost 80. This is not a tragedy. Just a sorrow. It is normal.

    If he had been an angel, it would have been too hard to go on, so G-d saw to it that he was not an angel.

    G-d doesn’t run out of leaders. We can be calm, and persevere. This story, our story, is not over.