Happy Now?Just trying to catch up on a few minor issues here. First of all, 95 comments (and counting) on the woman wearing the I Love Hashem T-Shirt? Some have taken umbrage with the current model Kathleen’s religion. Others simply miss Romy, the previous model. I promise we’re not done with Romy and here for your Romy fix is a pic of her wearing some random t-shirt that was sitting around in a corner. In any case, none of our design shenanigans seem to have hurt us much -we’re in first place for Group A Best Designed Blog at the JIBs, beating out some pretty stiff and talented competition. Speaking of the JIBs, after IsraellyCool Dave caught some nasty ass cheaters stuffing ballots, we suddenly found ourselves pretty well placed in other categories as well. Granted we may have had some help from some nice Jesus folks, but at least we didn’t cheat.

Cheating during preliminary voting is just so stupid. All you need to do is be one of the top 6 in your category to make it to the final round. If you can’t get about 150 of your closest friends to vote for you, then really you should be in another business. I hear plastics is going to be huge. HUGE! Once you make it to the final round though, THAT’s when you cheat like a mofo. Or bribe your visitors with cat pictures to get their votes. Whatever works for you. Anyhow, preliminary voting is still going on, so please, show IsraellyCoool Dave and Jerusalem Post your love and prepare a huge mound of cash vote for your fave blogs today!

Hey, by the way, are you pissed that since you’re not a big important blogger and or don’t live in New York and or didn’t have the $25, you missed that Jewcy Hanukah party we wrote about way back when? Well go listen to it – click here for MP3s of most of the acts – listen to the crowd when Perry Farrel puts on an ELO song. One dude asks “what’s Jewish about ELO?” to which my immediate retort was “what’s Jewish about wearing a shalom motherfucker t-shirt?” Insult the comic dog’s act is also a MUST! Thanks for the heads up bradley. And the MP3s. And for doing all this even though you’re not a Jew.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • If you can’t get about 150 of your closest friends to vote for you, then really you should be in another business.

    Or maybe your blog just isn’t all that good. 😉

  • glory day, romy is back. see what a little pushing can do.

  • If you can’t get about 150 of your closest friends to vote for you, then really you should be in another business.

    By this logic, if My Urban Kvetch and JDaters Anonymous don’t get enough votes to advance to the next round, I’m quitting the blogging business.

    (Yeah, right.)

  • I ahve to admit, this pose is quite different from the last, but welcome nonetheless.

  • Heh. I won’t cheat, and I don’t really want to ask friends to vote. And of course, I’m 7th in just about everything. Ah well! I still think it’s for the exposure… am I naive?!

  • Congratulations – I hope Jewlicious wins. Best blog on the net.

  • you know that shirt that romy is wearing is really disrespectful to our ancestors who were killed because of that term.

  • Tovya: I would urge you to visit christ-killer.com and see why the opposite is actually the case. Do you really think that I would do anything to disrespect our ancestors?

    OK. Maybe that question is best left unanswered …

  • No I don’t hate Jewlicious. I clearly stated that in my post. I simply find a Jewish site endorsing anything called “Christ Killer” as fuel for the anti-Semites.

    Actually, I love to see Jewish sites do well, and I feel the same way about Jewlicious. I hope that clears everything up.

  • I asked a Jewish friend once if the Jews killed Jesus. He said “Yes. And if he returns we’ll do it again.”

  • I should have added to the above, I ask the question with a smile and my friend answered with a smile. We got a good laugh out of it.

  • So we’re defamers of the dead now?
    From the comment section at zionreport:

    You are in bigggg trouble now. Jewilicious is the most elitist site on the Jewish web. WHatever they say, that’s how it really is in all of Judaism and Israel. They are going to rip on you, and all the kids in college will follow them all the way off the cliff of the obnoxious left. Good luck buddy, you the man of the day.

    Jewlicious is a hole… its too bad they are great writers wastng it on celebrity sex lives and what not

    Some say the christ killer shirt gives fuel to anti-semites. Uh… our mere existence gives fuel to anti-semites.
    Some say our time would be better spent attacking missionaries. Talk to that little bitch 50 Shekel, see what he says.

    Whatever. I have my opinion. You have yours. Now I have to go lead college kids off the cliff of the obnoxious left (???). Oh by the way, anyone have any idea who Natalie Portman’s dating these days? Please let me know ASAP!

    Shabat Shalom!

  • History then and now show those with strong religious beliefs of ‘all’ faiths can be dangerous to others, even to those in their own faith.

    People need to lighten up and not take themselves and their beliefs so damn seriously. Be ‘human’ first having a sense of the predicament nature or god(your choice) put us all into, without many clues. And because we ‘are’ human. we’re inclined to disagree on those.

    It also helps to have a healthy sense of humor to help us get through it all. Jewlicious has found a good balance. They get a gentiles vote….for what its worth.

  • CK,
    The ck shirt store seems to be down. Are the Fashion of the Christ shirts still available?

    Oh, and stop talking about my future ex-wife. Now, if only I could Natalie to answer my letters…

  • LMS wrote: glory day, romy is back. see what a little pushing can do.

    Shtupp means ‘to push’ in Yiddish.

  • so i see im back on the site if u could email me yur msn agian id be really happy we got o get togther agian oh and why am i wearing a crist killer shirt?

  • thank you taltman for the free yiddish classes.
    you may want to keep your fantasies to yourself.

  • is that the real Romy? i didnt know she reads the site. does she know hoe popular she is?