Michael lodges formal complaint against winter.

Yes. It’s hailing in Jerusalem. Pea-sized hail is falling from the heavens.

I thought I was moving to a fucking desert!

I have an announcement: the next time of you knuckleheads out there says at any time that prayer for “tal u’matar*,” (even if that is the summer version) I will personally come punch you in the teeth. I will spare no expense. I will find you. You think you’re being all holy praying for weather phenomena in Israel over there in the Diaspora , but you don’t have to suffer the consequences. And you know what? Leave out “mashiv ha-ruach*” too. Geshem we can always stand, but screw you and your blowing of wind. You don’t have to live through it.

And if it snows, may God help you all.

Anyway, it’s February and high time for winter to be over. Why don’t you people pray for some of that, huh? How about some sun? Some warmth? Why not be considerate for a change?

And while you’re at it, I’m out of hummus.

*dew and hail
*he who makes the wind blow

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