Riddle: if a tree is planted in Israel, but you are not there to see it, is it still an awesome gift? Answer: Yes!

The sufganiyot are out (though they have been since Sukkot), candles and oil are available everywhere you turn, and the kids are getting ready to go on vacation. . . again. Hanukkah is definitely coming, but what to get for the Zionist in your life, who is super passionate about Israel?

A tree is a good start (see number 9 for more details). Here are some more ideas.

1. Bejeweled Mask – Israeli law requires one to wear a mask in public. If you have to wear one, why stick with the boring blue surgical style? Bedazzle it or decorate it otherwise in your loved one’s signature style! May we suggest a blue rhinestone Jewish Star for the Israeli flag?

2. Decorated Alcogel Bottle – Grab some glue and foam Hanukkah cutouts and create a festive holiday gift that will be on topic and super useful! You can also use stickers, ribbons, and glitter – whatever makes you feel like celebrating! If its 3 ounces or less it can even be taken on the plane to Israel!

3. A Virtual Tour of Israel – though international tourism has been restricted for now, there is no reason for Israel lovers to stop visiting. In light of the pandemic, Israeli tour guides have done what Israel does best (or one of things it does best!)— innovate! We highlighly recommend tour guide Fun Joel.

4. Comfy Pyjamas – at least the pants – no one will see them on Zoom anyway!

5. Bottles of Patience and Fortitude – well, this doesn’t exist (yet?!), but maybe bottles of some nice chocolate liqueur and prayers for patience will suffice in the meantime.

6. Dreidel Slippers – if we’re spending a lot of time at home, better to spend money on slippers instead of dress shoes!

7. A rapid coronavirus test which could enable your loved one to fly to Israel! As of November 11, Israel has opened its Check2Fly coronavirus testing lab to test those wanting to exit or enter the country via the airport. Results can be available within 4 hours for 135 NIS, and within 14 hours for 45 NIS.

8. A Vine of Israeli Wine! Plant your loved ones a vine of future Israeli wine! Wine on the Vine helps local Israeli farmers turn grapes into barrels of wine, from the hills and valleys of Israel, to every corner of the globe.

9. A Tree – Buy the Zionist in your life a tree in an Israeli forest— it is great for the environment, helps Israel, and helps support Jewish National Fund activities. What could be better!

10. Miracles from Israel – Coffee Table Book This book is the number one Hanukkah gift you can get for the Zionist who has everything in your life! Fresh off the press, the gorgeous coffee table book, is inspirational, informative, and packed with miracles that will do the month of Kislev proud. Even if coronavirus, politics, and any other challenge has got you down, Miracles is sure to give you the boost you need to get into the holiday spirit.

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