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Not all hate sites are poorly designed, massive repositories of rantings and ravings by a small (sometimes single membered) group of lunatics designed to communicate a message to others of their ilk. Some are not-so-badly designed, massive repositories of rantings and ravings by a gigantic group of lunatics designed to communicate many messages to others. Stormfront is one of those places. Stormfront used to be a gigantic hub of white power, skinhead etc. information. Now they have reinvented as a gigantic message board where white power types can come around, leave messages, get advice, air their rantings, give a shout out to their peeps etc.

Some main categories include: Dating advice, Hurricane Stories, Ideology and Philosophy, Poetry, Quotations, Homemaking, Self Defense, Opposing Views and Strategy and Tactics. Each of these has threaded messages you can peruse. Here’s a sampling. From the ‘Poetry’ section:

Lily White Ass
What Did You Do In The War,daddy?
Prison Blues
He Only Speaks German
Oklahoma Wheat fields
Heart to Heart

OK, that wasn’t very good poetry. From the ‘Ideology and Philosophy’ Section:

…I think what’s important is that white nationalists infiltrate the republican and democratic party because it’s impossible to have a third party at least in the long run. Just infilatrate, like the communists did the democrat party, like the NeoCons did to the republican party…Just go to your local republican office and attend a few meetings. Make friends with a few, volunteer to help out with things. Help out on some campaigns and then run on a non-racist platform. You think Jews run on a pro-Jewish platform? They’re smarter than that, why don’t we do it?

Hey, they think we’re smart! From the ‘Dating Advice’ Section:

I am sorry to say that another potential relationship is down the drain. I really thought there was something there too, but it seems that something got in the way again…Of course, I could never discuss the issue [of white nationalism] with her and perhaps make her understand now, since she appears to be afraid of me.I am deeply saddened by these turn of events. The world is crazy when you can treat a girl with honor and respect and still run them away because you love your race… HER race! Does she not love her race? WTF? Argh!

[n.b. This thread had the title ‘White Nationalist = Creepy?’ One can only marvel at the amazement these people show that a group who feels discriminated against in a country dominated by white christians and openly threaten, taunt and sometimes assualt people not of their kind is sometimes considered creepy and not eligible for dating by people who ‘don’t love their race’].
One last one. From the ‘Events’ section:

Houston is a desert of WN activity. I can count the number of WN’s I know here on one hand and most of those aren’t worth knowing.

The Grand Muffti was just in Houston, actually, and he’s glad to hear that if he gets hired there, he won’t have to make his way through creepy swarms of WN activity.

Of course, the Grand Muffti is picking from a few highlights. The odd thing about the Stormfront board is just how mundane a lot of it is. In a way, it makes these Jack-Abram-offs people look much more human to the Grand Muffti than they would have otherwise. It’s hard to read the following and not resonate with the humanity of the writer (From the ‘Talk’ section, in a thread entitled ‘Who Was Your First Kiss?’:

My first kiss was a little boy called Wesley. He had freckles and dark blue eyes and black hair. We kissed in a cubby house we had made at some church function and wouldn’t let the other kids in. He went and stole a whole carrot cake and bought it back.

He was a good provider.

That’s soooo cute! How about (from the same thread):

Lee Ann Sams. She was 6 at the time. Man she was cute. We also went to the same grade school, high school, & college together. We dated in college also. I’ll never for get her for that. She really kissed me before I did her. I was kinda shy at 6 years old. I do see her from time to time when I go back home she is a wonderful lady. It did just not work out for us.

C’mon, that is compelling stuff. (Maybe the Grand Muffti has a heart after all!) The Grand Muffti is so in the spirit that he’ll say right now: first real kiss was Inge at Summer camp and Muffti was about 11 or 12. He thought that it was really gross at the time and later used copius amounts of mouthwash. And while the Grand Muffti is telling this story, he is startint to wonder why Israeli issues manage to dominate the American political agenda?!? OOPS! See, the Grand Muffti is already talking like a white nationalist! In all seriousness, though, reading through some of the site reminded Muffti that WN people eat, sleep, try hard to date, breath, excrete and communicate just like everyone else. Which, ironically, makes their outlook on life all the more tragic.

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  • I just like the fact that they don’t consider Jews as white. It really gives me the kind of personal affirmation that I need to fulfill my lifelong dream of, to quote Gil Scott-Heron, “strolling through Watts in a red, black and green Liberation jumpsuit that I had been saving for just the proper occasion.”

    It’s because I’m colored, isn’t it?

    The revolution will not be right back after a message about a white tornado, white lightning or white people!

    Also, your little logo broke the post format, you fucking Nazi.

  • By the way, those cute little girls in the banner you posted are Prussian Blue, a lovely little singing duo with lyrics like “If the White men won’t battle for Life and Race/ The women and children, the Terror will face…”

    Their extra-creepy site is at
    http://prussianblue.net/ if you’re interested…

  • I love you guys, but you should really stop giving these low-lifes so much publicity. Let them rot in white-land, and forget their existence.

  • You told me twice mufti, I’m flattered.

    Either way, outside of the CK shirts, you guys aren’t so bad. Jewish success is a beautiful thing.

  • One more thing, thank you for always being so cordial towards me. It really says a lot towards your character. While Jewlicious may not get my hechsher, I’ll certainly give it to Mufti for always being polite even when he disagrees with me. Thanks bro.

  • Sorry for the double commenting and thanks for the compliments (he thinks they were compliments. Muffti is never sure when people are being sarcastic). Lucky for atheist Muffti, he don’t need no hechsher to feel good about what he does 🙂

  • No, I mean it, it was not sarcastic. Please accept my gratitude. You are a decent person, that’s a great trait. Be proud of yourself (but don’t get a big head because of the kavod I have showered on you). Just know that a ‘right-wing fanatic’ like myself actually has the ability to respect someone one the opposite end of the spectrum.

    To be Jewish is to be happy. Thanks again.

  • Muffti’s, err, Jewlicious’ pleasure. Anyhow, the feeling is mutual. And Muffti’s head is staying sufficiently small.

  • I feel the love here on Jewlicious. And the heart. (Yes, Muffti, the heart.) And that’s what combats these sites, which endorse large-scale hate, and worse, poor and uncompelling writing.