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Frank WeltnerThe site receiving this Hate Site of the Weak award is actually a series of sites. The main one seems to be Christian Identity.

The Grand Muffti’s tireless research aimed at unearthing the ‘best’ in hate sites sometimes runs into the following snag: it’s sometimes hard to tell if the site is a joke or if it is serious. Anyhow, these guys are, if they aren’t joking, totally insane. And Muffti is pretty sure they aren’t joking. Go to the House of Adam part of their series of connected sites and you get the following stark statement of dogma:

Welcome to all pure Sons of Adam, those of you who are without blemish . You are the pure White Race of the House of Adam. You, alone, are indeed true seedline descendants of Adam, the Son of God. Only you are of God, for all the other people on this Earth are of Satan, and they are plotting to kill your seedline, for they hate God, and, therefore, as God is in Adam’s Sons only, they wish you dead.

What are they talking about? Well, the answers can be found in Adam’s Bible. WARNING: it’s very long (209) pages. It’s billed as “…a newer, more divine rendering of the Holy Bible.” Here’s some sample text:

I shall make them think with their orifices, wet with lust, for their minds they have not used for decades.

This leads to a big war and a lot of death, and not so many pure sons of Adam remain. But then things get better:

And in that day of sorrow, twelve women will sleep with one man, hoping for children, to carry on the names of their dead ones

Whoa! A 12-some! That’s hot! Muffti guesses that the only thing better than morning sex is mourning sex. In any case, things go on:

And I witnessed the Jews who went up to London and who spoke with Lord Balfour, whom they enlisted to help them gain a letter of acceptance for a new and unwise Jewish state…

Ok, that was less hot. One last bit for your amusement:

He [son of Adam] mouths the serpent seeded words that kill his mind, reduce him to the low estate in which no mind can think, holding fast instead to two most cunning words, spewed by the serpent seeded lips, “Political Correctness,” meaning Adam must agree to evil and not to do or think that which would cause trouble, not for the
teacher, but for Adam’s sons. The dull edged sounds of those foul words entered Adam’s soul and plunged their poison deep into his veins.

This stuff goes on. And on. And on. For 209 pages. Muffti doesn’t want to ruin the ending. The entire work is written by one Frank Weltner, pictured at the top right of this post. Who is Frank Weltner? A charming fellow who runs Jew-Watch. Part of the duties associated with Jew-Watch involves ‘outting jews’. Why would anyone do this?

I think it is wrong for Jews to hide their background by changing their names and making a fuss about privacy when they only do it to confuse us…Behind our backs, they know who they are and they hire each other without letting us know that it because of their racism, which is unfair to all of the other races. It is, in fact, intolerant and discriminatory of them to do this. There is nothing private about a person who runs for office, works in a corporation or bank, owns hundreds of newspapers, or in any other way is in a position to see, mix with, and deal with non-Jews. We need to be ‘in the know’ about these people. It should be a crime to hide the fact that you are Jewish, because it is a lie which might become a deceitful business practice. After all, we are open about our Christian background, and all Jews need to be just as open about their personal histories as well. Anything else is a form of dishonesty. It is, therefore lewd, disgusting, and deceptive. It should not be tolerated.”

So says Frank (according to Jew-Watch). You can be sure that Jew-Watch is up for a HSOTW award of its own, which would basically make Weltner a two time weiner winner.

Anyhow, there’s more to the site that is actually winning this HSOTW award. Another section of their site is the Serpent Seed Doctrine. Muffti will excerpt some of it (sorry, this is clearly in the wrong order of presentation but whatever. He’s in Arizona, the weather is beautiful and he doesn’t want to be writing this for much longer).

“Adam” refers to the rosy wine red mark of God’s blood and His love for Adam which was always placed only upon the reddening faces of Adam’s true sons to differentiate Adam from all of the other people on Earth–who are the people of Satan…The only people in the world who blush are the Northern European People, for they are the only people true to Adam’s seedline and to no others.

Well, that makes sense! So how did all these other people come about? Well, Eve as you recall ate the apple. Which really means:

Because the Serpent raped Eve, we now have his vile sons around us, those who are the Mongrelized half-breeds of Godly Adam including Negroes, Asians, Arabs, Indo-Europeans, and false Jews who are immigrants from Mongolia East of Russia who falsely converted but lie about their beliefs. They are all of serpent seed, and so they are forever filled with the serpent’s vileness, and they are unredeemable by God.

The story goes on: Cain turns out to be a serpent child while Able is a weenie little pure white guy. Cain, as we know, did Able in. So why are there blushing white people around? Because of Seth. Cain’s mark? He can’t blush!

Enough. Time to enjoy 80 degree weather in February.

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  • You already posted this site three times.
    You are a fraud mutti.

  • Yes, Muffti is indeed a fraud. In real life, he is a white haired preacher leading his own crew of hard-line neo-Nazis. He just pretends to be a Jew so he can infiltrate Jewlicious and sneakily provide links to all these hate sites that would otherwise never receive any attention.

  • bloody ‘ell! The J-watchers… “This is NOT a hate site. This is a scholarly research archive of articles. We Achieved 5 Million Hits Last Year.” So, if you achieve 5 million hits your site becomes a scholarly research one!!!! Is JDate a scholarly research site yet? What I really don’t understand is what are the Elders of Zion doing about these people… I might start believing there are no EoZ at all. In that case, who to blame for the missing socks, then?

  • A fraud mutti? Is that like a fake Muffti, or like Muffti being a fake?

    Muffti is not angry, but he’s going to speak firmly. So look here, TF:
    1) Muffti has NOT posted this site three times. There have been 8 previous HSOTW awards, (one of them awarded by CK) to (in backwards order, except for number 4, which Muffti can’t seem to locate): stormfront, the serbian defense league, VNN (by CK),The altar of unholy blasphemy, Racists Jokes, Resistance Records and NukeIsrael. The site of this weak award is enjoying its first and only showing. (Unless it was #4, which doesn’t seem to exist, in which case Muffti sincerely appologizes. But he’s pretty damned sure this wasn’t number 4, if we didnt’ just skip 4 by accident).

    2) If you want to know the idea behind this series, see the preamble to the first award here. Read it or don’t, believe it or don’t, it’s the mission statement and Muffti is sticking to it.

    3) Muffti has been friends with CK, the original creator of the site for approximately 10 years. So if Muffti is a fraud, then you are one hell of a better detective than CK is since on next to no evidence, shoddy research and sheer disbelief you’ve managed to out Muffti.

    4) It’s downright rude to come to someone’s site and then call them a fraud. If you want to discuss this with Muffti or anyone on the site, go ahead. But to come out and just call someone a fraud? That’s just rude and it’s not appreciated. So please address your concerns respectfully.

    5) Finally, Muffti doesn’t really represent himself as anything but a poster, a grad student and an atheist. So, there isn’t really all that much room to call him a fraud unless you think he’s not one of the three). If you mean that he is not true to the mission statement of this series, Muffti would like to see some real (as opposed to b.s. claims that Muffti has posted this three times) evidence for it.

    Thanks anyways. Muffti is being harsh but he understands your reaction: these sites are upsetting, and though he thinks it misguided, Muffti certainly understands why people might think it is better to leave them unexamined rather than highlight them while subjecting them to ridicule. . Please accept Muffti’s word that he is no fraud. Or Esther’s. Or the middle’s. Or Michael’s. Or CKs.

    p.s. notice that the award is a jewlicious award, not a Muffti award. Everyone Muffti knows who writes for the site seem cool with and supportive of the idea. So if Muffti is a fraud, all the posters here are.

  • If Muffti is a fraud…then…the time we spent together was a lie! The towel he accidentally left in my bathroom means nothing! All this time, he was going through the motions, and it turns out he’s been leading a double life!

    I am shocked. And betrayed.

    The only thing that would satisfy me now is a Scooby-Doo ending wherein thomas franz dramatically unmasks the false “Mutti” to reveal none other than Katie Couric…only it’s not really Katie Couric, it’s Dark Ninja Katie Couric.

  • You already posted this on (scroll down on the site)
    .02.01.06,the other time was a harsher site that was removed quickly.The middle,posted,well maybe he did claim to be atheist.

  • I think someone needs to explain to thomas franz the concept of a “series.” Or at least tell him to actually read posts.

  • TF, I’ve already explained this to you. This is a recurring series, not the same site profiled every week…it’s a shame that there are so many such sites out there, but I’m sure the day that those “organizations” close their virtual doors and choose to embrace all people regardless of religion or race or doctrine or belief, we will retire the series.

  • same site .same pic, see post on o2.01.06.
    besides other negative posts of -the holocast cartoon contest or the nazi pope, I would like to do a feature but on a more postive limelight,-How do I submit?

  • Same picture because this is part a SERIES about HATE SITES. The websites are different. 2.1.06 was about the Neo-Nazi web forum Stormfront, and this is about Christian Identity.

    Geez. Read!

    As far as submission, Jewlicious is written by a small group of editors selected by the two founders of the site, and as such does not accept posts written by non-editors per se. However, if you want something posted, you can submit it to the editors of Jewlicious by using the “Contact Us” form and the Man will decide whether to post it or not.

  • Jeez, so far the comments on this post have been a waste of time and energy. Thomas, try to read before you comment, ‘kay?

  • what, no jooglebomb mention?

    someone sent me a link recently to a page on stormfront which details information about weltner being a homosexual enacting a vendetta against a jewish ex-lover. it went beyond speculation to showing documentation from weltner himself. if i can find it, i’ll post it.

  • In America, at least, I think the Anti Semitism we are seeing more of now, is linked to the general negative political climate, the senseless war in Iraq by bush, the increasing nonsense and materialism, scandals, political corruptions.

    That the Jews are the traditional convenient scapegoat to let out frustrations.

    It is surprising bec. when I made the mistake of moving back here initially some years ago, I thought the Jews were loved, I recall strangers yelling happy Rosh Hashana to us, but then maybe the social climate was more kind at the time.

    Now I see how much better it is to live outside of the USA. I truly envy those of you in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel, who have made this decision and hope you shall stick by it.

  • Guess I jumped the gun-same pics from the old hate site,ok, I see,but different info.Sorry guys.

  • I sent this link to my friend Adam… who happens to be a Baptist minister. Fortunately, this Adam is no bigot though. I think he found it more disturbing than I did. I’m so used to it I have gotten rather jaded by now.

    Ever put up a link to Jim Phelps’s site? (the Westboro Baptist Church) I have a long history with that site. Let’s just say they have no love for me and the feeling is mutual. 😉

    BTW, Mufti, 12 women + 1 man… it would be a 13-some. And it would be pointless. Even two women at a time is overwhelming.

  • “That the Jews are the traditional convenient scapegoat(in the US) to let out frustrations(over Bush’s negative political climate).”

    I do swear Jobber. What the hell are you talking about. The USA is the safest place in the world for Jews, including Israel, and the second most welcome place for Jews, excepting Israel. Some of the reason for the Iraq war was to stabilize the Middle East for Israel’s long term survival which the US is committed to. Who was it that fired the Scuds for god sake. Your comment is hardly worth a rebuttal.

  • Back OT. At the expense of offending some in all faiths(who I really do respect because the very large majority are trying to live their lives morally and right and do so), I believe the problem that creates hating bigoted nut-jobs begins with believing literally that “Adam” existed to begin with. Many ‘stories’ in ancient writings are to be taken as metaphors for lessons in right and wrong behavior for heaven sake.

    Those who still believe, in today’s world of modern science and archaeological facts, that Adam was created as a full modern human, roamed with the dinosaurs, and we all are descended from him and damned by his ‘sin’, are the sort prone to believe or hold other fundamentalist ideas(like my religion is right which makes yours wrong and therefore blasphemous to mine).

    These people are either ignorant of modern facts, or choose ancient stories and modern extremism over reality anyway. Pray for them.

  • No worries, TF. And good point Jude! A thirteensome! Muffti doesn’t know about the pointlessness of it; but he’s sure willing to give it a try in order to see!

  • Not to be a pain, but did NO ONE find this funny:

    Muffti guesses that the only thing better than morning sex is mourning sex.

  • “Muffti guesses that the only thing better than morning sex is mourning sex.”

    Must have missed that one, mufti, cus that is hilarious. You sick and twisted genius.

  • That’s a great religion! I mean it! I’m going to join. Really.

  • Jim R, the war in Iraq was started by bush under completely false pretenses. Not WMD were found, and no link to Al Kaida by Saddam, specifically for Sept. 11. Thus, the war, has no justification, the damage to innocent people I am referring to.

    What went on their before, under Saddam, was a concern of the US, but this was not a reason to go in, without a plan btw, as to how to carry out all the promises made, of stability, of using their wealth for the people, etc…
    Safe for the Jews? maybe at one time, but we are seeing increasing acts of violence against us in the good ole USA. So we are sick of it already capische?

  • My serpentine ancestry sure does explain a few things such as my forked tongue, and the occassional urge to crawl on my belly!

  • Mufti is a cool guy… not perfect, but Jewish, so close enough.

    As for the post, I can’t believe you actually had the patience to read all of that non-sense they write. You are are stronger than me, I would have dosed off after the first paragraph.

  • ‘Muffti guesses that the only thing better than morning sex is mourning sex.’
    Did miss it; funny but would be more wicked if mourning sex (orgies) wasn’t customary in my tribe.

  • Tovya: try giving it a quick read. You will get very angry or you will start laughing, depending on your disposition, but Muffti thinks you are unlikely to dose off. Anyhow, truth be told, Muffti didn’t read it all but scanned for some passages that seemed representative or, at least, funny.

    Joy: is that true? What a cool tribe! Now THAT’S mourning!