Hate Sucks

The recipient of the HSOTW this time around is none other than White Revolution, a white power newsblog that is kind of like the anti-Jewlicious. It doesn’t seem to be very well read, at least if the 0 comments on every post are a telling indication. And they have been around for a while. A long damned while. Their archive stretches back to 2003. However, they chug along posting on a nearly daily basis.

What sort of posts? Well, here a few recent headlines:

– A Spreading Disease in Our Society
– “White Supremacy” is a redundancy
– “Holocaust Denial” Laws
– Irving rolls over and pees on himself to placate jews, still gets three years in prison.

To get a sense of their point of view, here are a few choice quotes:

We just saw a non-White writer complaining about “white supremacists.” That’s like moaning about “wet water.” Of course White people are supreme. Who would dare to claim otherwise?…As for the most famous non-White, the Jewish/communist “hero” Albert Einstein, he didn’t actually invent the theory of relativity [1]. Like many Jews, he borrowed or stole bits and pieces of White ideas to become a “genius.”

Great. Now these guys are probably going to accuse Muffti of not being original in his hate site posts. Like many other Jews, he just went to white sources and stole their literature! Oh well, in that vein, here’s some more:

The Invading Hordes of non-Whites have destroyed the property value and the very existence of this once magnificent building. Many other large cities have had similar problems with ever increasing numbers of non-Whites. More cities and more areas will soon look like this: a burntout husk of what was once a magnificent culture. At this point you would think, that it is obvious to all, that the non-Whites cannot handle the responsibilities that have been given to them. How did this come to be acceptable?

Well, many types of pre-employment tests are now illegal in America, thanks to various, Jewish-pushed “civil-rights” laws and/or lawsuits brought by Jewish “civil-rights” attorneys. Many pre-employment tests were found to “discriminate” against non-Whites, or women, or midgets, and so cannot be used by an employer today except under certain, government-approved guidelines [1]. What’s that?…the government has no right to tell private business owners how to hire people? Gee, that sounds…logical. Wasn’t logic outlawed years ago?

Anyhow, you get the picture. They don’t like blacks, they don’t like gays and they sure don’t like Jews, though they keep suggesting that somehow Jews were smart enough to take over America from the inside and then let people of other races destroy it. There is also a nice little dating site that they started. And by little, Muffti means little. It’s called ‘Selectively Single’ and it currently has 2 members, one male and one female. So, with any luck those two lonely birds will learn a nice word known as ‘default’ and get together. The really ironic and funny thing is that at the top of the Selectively Single page, you find the following words of introduction (emphasis Muffti’s):

See why is the fastest growing relationship site on the web. Take the Personality Profile and get instant, objective feedback on yourself and how you relate to others. The Personality Profile begins the exciting journey toward finding your true love.

Oh well. It’s probably still better than Jdate and Jmatch. (zing! Don’t go apoplectic CK!) Truthfully, Muffti feels a little leery about berating people for running sites that try to exclusively bring one type of people together with people of that same group (go ahead, y’all, give Muffti flack but surely you can see the mild tinge of hypocrisy).

In any case, White Revolution is a cleanly designed site run by self-congratulatory haters who bemoan how awful things are for white people. Stupidly. Here’s an excerpt.

e seek a paradigm shift in our values, a revolutionary worldview in our people, and a fundamental change in the form and focus of our governing bodies. The government of the United States of America, as well as all other formerly White controlled countries, seeks to deny Whites the right to White neighborhoods, White communities, White schools, White associations, and all other cultural tools necessary for the survival of our race. We recognize that so long as the news and entertainment media around the world are controlled by an alien race and their collaborators, who use their power and influence to control public opinion and the electoral process, there is no possibility for Whites to democratically regain control of our own destiny.

Luckily they aren’t into guns or violence:

When some people think of revolution, they think of guns and bombs and hand grenades. But for us, at this stage of the revolution, our weapons of choice are the pen, the leaflet, the keyboard, the videocamera, and every other weapon of mass construction which allows us to reach out to our people and awaken them to the dangers which threaten our very existence. The time may well come when we will communicate to our enemies in a manner which they will find unambiguous, but for now we must lay the foundation and create the support networks which will be necessary for any future endeavors.

Sure thing guys! Let us know how that all works out for you! Perhaps at some point someone will actually bother show up and read your words of brilliance, maybe demonstrate some support by leaving, you know, one damn comment?

Muffti recommends reading some of the stories they give a view into the mind of a white power type who is actually fairly articulate (even if not really all that bright).

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  • Did anyone even consider that the reason that there aren’t any comments on their blog is because the Jews control the internet along with the rest of the world and are deleting the comments even before they are even written. Get with the program you guys!

  • Wow. Einstein denial. That’s rich.

    Usually, these folks just use Einstein to blame us as a people for creating nuclear weapons. Just another, part of our elaborate plan…

  • This is way beyond hatred since the majority of the writings belong to one individual and are mostly jewish bashings. This is a psychological displacement where the purpose is to avoid having to face reality thus by using this theory the individual can vent their anger to one group of less threatening people rather than face the real case. This way they will not feel responsible for their actions and will feel safe.

    They believe by repeating their vermon they’re actions will get done. During the 30’s Hitler had a huge following not by repeating but because it was seriously depressing times and people need a strong leader. They don’t realize their tactics do not work and they’re own comrades are sick of them too and often ignore or delete their writings. They often support suicide bombers and the arabs. They blame the government and Israel. This cognitive reasoning in one brain is astonishing. The delusion mind theinks all the world problems will be solved without Israel or without Bush.They do not realize the real evil will not go away. Id have more respect for a real neo nazi as we all have some prejudice in our bones but this person is more on a lunatic level.

  • goof work! Is that a typo? or do you think Muffti is (and you’d be right to think it) a goof? 🙂

    Atheologist, Muffti tips his hat to you as fellow atheist. He likes your blog. Nice comments from all the rest of ya!

  • Muffti,
    you like to brag about your being an atheist. We are proud whatever you desire. At least we know your not on the white power side as they follow Hitler who was very religous. Hitler really strongly believed in always having many affairs
    on your wife if you are married. I wonder how many so called nazis really follow that doctrine.

  • Gil, Muffti isn’t bragging. He’s just saying, but thanks for your pride! Muffti is certainly not on the white power side. As for White Power types having multiple affaird, by teh looks of hte selectively single site mentioned in this power, they look like they are having enough trouble getting laid at all, enver minding finding multiple partners!

    Yikes, sorry dude, but this is an ongoing series…

  • The Revolution was some of the corniest writings I have read yet. It doesn’t matter how strong the writings are or the reasons since the logic is so flawed and out of whack there is no desire to debate.
    We just have a good laugh and move on.

  • I’m always amused at the paradox that pop-culture America complains about how the “White Majority” controls the government and holds down other races, but these Racists complain that its the other way around. Huh.

    Just a thought, but maybe ya should link to these sites with rel="nofollow" so we don’t up their search engine rankings.

  • here’s a nomination for future hate site of the weak. http://www.puritanboard.com/forum/index.php
    Take a look at http://www.puritanboard.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=32
    At least they don’t hate just Jews – they hate everybody.
    They aren’t really Puritans either, they hate them too..
    They’re a bunch of angry Presbyters. If you try to join tell them you’re a Presbyterian saved by G-d’s grace (replace – with a vowel), are studying Calvin (without Hobbs). I’m not sure whether it would help if you said you thought Luther was right about the Jews.