I\'m Lovin It
Kosher or not, McDonalds is gross. Enjoy – your arteries will love you!

Tel Aviv has two kosher McDonald’s locations. Problem is that they look just like all the other locations. Potential problem: yeshiva dude comes to Tel Aviv, eats at the kosher McDonald’s one day, and assumes that all Tel Aviv locations are kosher. Wacky treif hijinks ensue.

But when it comes to kashrut, wacky treif hijinks aren’t the fun and games one might expect. So the Chief Rabbi is doing something about it, creating clearer signage for the two kosher locations. The kosher locations will now look different, bearing “new Hebrew-language signs with “kosher” clearly marked in the national colors of blue and white” whereas “the remainder of the some 100 branches in Israel retain the distinctive white, yellow and red signs in English.” (JTA)

So much for the new Israeli cable TV show “Yeshiva Girls and Guys Gone Treif.” And “Israel’s Funniest Kashrut Violation Home Videos.” To say nothing of Ashton Kutcher’s newest show, “Treif’d.”

(Yes, I’m done now.)

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  • U know Esther, I have never been to one of them, and I am in Israel at least a year. Give me a classic Schwarma, any day, day or night. Yeah a post about Israel, there’s hope yet.

  • Now I am really confused… aren’t all chain resteraunts in each city either Kosher or not Kosher?

    Where did you find that pic? Poor kid is the poster child for fast food child obesity…nebuch.

  • What is really easy to focus on is that kid with the funny suit looking like something out of a Morgan Spurlock, of Supersize Me fame, mockumentary. Imagine it be called SUPERSIZE JEWBOY to counter Eric Cartman. I think Kyle is begining to feel beat up over the years. We need a tough new fat Jewish kid to sing songs how holidays are so stupid and the music so ubiquitously piped in and from radio are so gay.

    Look at that kid pound Mcdonald fries like he means it!

    Forget about the kosher bullshit…

    Who cares about that anyway?

  • NBN, I am not sure if you have children or not. Let me tell you, as much as I complain, and can’t really afford the frum lifestyle, when I see my children, I capitulate. The ortho. are right.

    My children are getting an extended innosense.

    If they went to public school, they would be older but not wiser beyond their years. They would know about sex, I mean the doing of it, condoms, preganancy ( a friend of mine who sends his son to PS, 4 girls are pregnant, this is high school), 10 th grade), STD’s, heavy drugs, partying, the whole goth bs. Instead, they are loaded w/ homework, they are learning, making progress, planning their future.

    So Bs or not, this is the only way, if you want to have peace of mind.

  • First of all, just wanted to say there can be no mention of McDonalds in Israel without this classic commercial. Second, Sarah N, I don’t think so. Each and every restaurant has to be certified itself to be condsidered kosher. I believe there is a kosher McDonalds in Ben-Gurion. And dang, eating there sure brought back memories of my youth. Mmmmmm… meat that tastes like plastic. But it’s kosher at least.

  • It’s not just kosher McDonalds that taste like platic. I used to think that the Big Mac tasted like the styrofoam box it came in. Then they switched to paper wrappers. Guess what? It still tastes like styrofoam!