Even if the Zach Braff and Mandy Moore engagement turns out to be a rumor, we need to face the facts of life in this 21st century: intermarriage is a very real trend…we may not like it or encourage it, but we need to figure out how to handle it, as an issue itself and for the family, community and educational issues it raises.

If I were in NYC the week after President’s Day instead of in California basking in the afterglow of the JTB2 conference (not too late to register!), I’d put on a sweater over my turtleneck, then a hoodie over that, and finally my winter coat…put on gloves, scarf and hat, and head to the JCC to see my Jewish Week editor Gary Rosenblatt moderate “Mixed Marriage, Mixed Message,”a free panel discussion on outreach to the intermarried:

At the heart of the conversation will be questions about whether and how the Jewish community should reach out to intermarried families. If this is an issue you care passionately about, we encourage you to attend.

Panelists are Paul Golin, from the JOI; social psychologist Bethamie Horowitz; and Steven Bayme, a founding member of the “Jewish In-Marriage Initiative.” (Read about the In-Marriage Initiative’s “attack” on the JOI here.)

To register, click here.

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