That’s it…I’m proclaiming my own series.

One could argue that I already inaugurated this series last week with the story about Lisa Loeb’s quest for a nice Jewish boy. But, due to a lifelong obsession with both archeology itself and Indiana Jones as the hotness of science personified–as well as my own single and searching status–I couldn’t pass up this story (thanks EV for sending the article from the NY Times).

Name: Josh Bernsteinjosh bernstein

Age: 34

Location: Manhattan and a tiny town in Utah you’ve never heard of

Profession/Occupation: President of a wilderness survival school/TV host, “Digging for Truth” (The History Channel)

Assets: Makes archeology glamorous, looks good in a fedora, good upbringing (Upper East Side) and education (Horace Mann, Cornell, studied in Israel), and knows origins of Stonehenge (or at least can read said origins off TelePrompTer…)

Why he might be my (or your) bashert: A Jewish Indiana Jones who’s in his thirties and has his own TV show, Bernstein enjoys the ogling he’s getting, but still wants to be valued for his intelligence:

[…] he’s also hearing from women, some of whom may have seen him in the premiere issue of Men’s Vogue magazine last fall. “I can’t tell you what some of them are saying,” Mr. Bernstein said playfully of those female fans. “They are more lustful than romantic. But my favorites are those who tune in to look but then decide they like the show and appreciate my mind. People are attracted to the idea that I’m not afraid to get dirty and sweaty.”

Why he’s worth getting to know even if he’s not my (or your) bashert: “Reading, watching films, working out and hanging out with his twin brother and 35-year-old stepbrother fill his limited spare time, Mr. Bernstein said.” If they’re both single, this means we’ve just uncovered an additional two single thirtysomething Semites…go us…it’s always good to have a spare…

Plus, the Times notes: ” His mother is a literary agent in Manhattan.” Good to know, NY Times. Good to know…

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