“I have two boys in my family…”–first words uttered by Dan on the Apprentice. And that’s why he was the first one picked by the dude who’s in Mensa…who keeps mentioning that he’s in Mensa…

It’s possible that none of you know what I’m talking about. But for those who do, you probably already know that this season of the Apprentice features two Contestants of the Tribe.

apprentice dan Unfortunately, because Daniel Brody is married, I can’t make him Single Semite of the Month. A shame, because he’s got the look.

And a look at the video interview over at the NBC Apprentice site shows you that he’s much more relatable than his glamour shot might indicate. Plus, his strong connection to tradition and to family would make him a perfect catch Apprentice. Actually, I guess we’ll see if it does…

Also, Brody is a YU graduate, and according to information on the internet, one of two Orthodox (or at least observant) Jews on the show. But I’m going to go ahead and proclaim him Jewlicious.

apprentice lee As far as religious wannabe Apprentice #2 is concerned, his name is Lee (“Jack and the”) Bienstock and he’s a graduate of HAFTR (pronounced like “after” and standing for the Hebrew Academy of Five Towns and Rockaway).

He’s young–22–and I have to say that his online interview wasn’t really as compelling as Dan’s (see them both at the NBC Apprentice site). But one place Lee beats His Jewish Hotness is in his answer to the following stumper of an interview question:

“If you could be any movie star from any era, who would you be and why?”

Lee said he’d be Robert De Niro, because he’s a great actor who has has the versatility to do comedy or drama well. Dan said he’d be Batman, because then he could get his four-year-old son to eat his vegetables. While this is a most pragmatic and yet whimsical response, I’m going to have to disqualify Dan, because he’s married Batman is not a movie star–he’s a fictional character. Am I being too harsh?

Anyway, should be interesting to see if Jewish practice comes up at all during this season…so far (20 minutes in), no visible kippot. So we’ll see…

In any case, both of them are pretty darned Jewlicious, that’s for sure.

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